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How to Play Online Poker with Friends

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How to Play Online Poker with Friends

Curious about how you can play online poker with friends? Find out here.

A lot of people in the world recognize the game of poker. It is one of the most famous card games by professional card players and ordinary poker enthusiasts. Poker is readily available almost everywhere in the world, may it be in land-based casinos, online casinos, or at home, people can easily access the game anytime. The game brings out the best in you in terms of analytical skills in strategies, dealing with psychological matters, and discipline with money.

There is a growing number of poker players who would want to play online poker instead of going to land-based casinos. Online poker gives players the advantage of playing the game anywhere and anytime you want with the use of your PCs or mobile gadgets.  They can even play while they listen to a podcast. These online card rooms can produce all circumstances to make the game very true to life for poker players. 

If you are a die-hard fan of poker, you would want to play with your friends online. There are lots of platforms that offer online poker in the gaming industry. You will learn how to stay socially active and keep updated with your friends while you try your best to make money while having fun.

There are online poker options that offer free and no cash outlay platform, which brings pure entertainment, especially when played with friends. To get things started, here are some pointers on how to play online poker with friends. 

Available Online Poker Apps

There is no question that smartphones and other mobile gadgets are considered part of our daily essentials for work, finances, household, and leisure, which is why game developers prioritize creating apps for these gadgets and with easy procurement. Many poker players nowadays prefer playing through their devices because it is more practical.

Creators of online gambling sites generated a multiplayer mode for poker because the game involves more than two players to play. Online poker apps also permit players to join in poker tables with their friends. Here are some of the online poker apps available.


PokerStars is one of the largest online poker rooms in the industry, and this mobile app has high-quality functionality with the same features as PC or browser versions. The app operates smoothly on any smartphones, in which after you download the software, you need to initiate a “home game” to become the host for your friends and create an account in which you can register for free. During registration, the app will require you to give your email address and other information to create your login. 

In a multiplayer poker match, you should create a new private game, which you can choose the players who you would want to be your opponents. In creating a private game, you have to access the games manager menu to generate a new game, and your friends should do the same. You will have to send and accept invitation codes to start the multiplayer poker match, which you have to remember in learning how to play online poker with friends.

Players will enjoy other types of poker that are available in PokerStars such as horse, two types of Omaha, 8-Game, three types of the drawn game, and many more. You can also create your tournaments in which you can use real money or not.


Casual players will appreciate this online poker because it is in its simplest form that comes with a chat function. You need to send an invite link to your friends, and the poker match will launch from there. Downloading any app won't be necessary for this simple game. PokerNow.Club gained a significant climb in popularity because of its simplicity, that sometimes it can be tough to join in a table, especially on weekends.

888poker App for Smartphones

888poker also offers multiplayer functions on its platform. This app is available for download in Android and Apple OS and also needs an account creation, which is a requirement in creating new games to play with your friends. 

This app can also host tournaments for small groups of poker players. 888poker is so easy to use, and players can choose the type, tournament time, and several other opponents.


Blockchain.Poker is an online poker game that doesn't need downloading. You can play anytime with your internet connection. The site doesn't have a presentable page, and others claim that they were having difficulties connecting in the private table. 

Pokerrrr Free Software

Pokerrrr is one of the well-known poker apps that is for mobile gaming purposes. Its primary target is to capture smartphone users for both Android and Apple OS. This platform allows players to create their own private poker clubs that can accommodate upto two thousand members. Players are also allowed to become the owner and manage a club with the privilege of using exclusive tools. This platform also has a chat feature for easy communications with players.

Prominence Poker

Prominence Poker is an online poker app that you can download for free from the Xbox gaming network. This old Xbox game lets you generate your own character which you can use for playing in exclusive games. You should also create a private game first and send an invitation code to your friends in the Steam network.

The visual graphics of the Prominence Poker is really presentable and its venues are amusing but it is not compatible with Macs. You should also deposit €5 into your Steam account to be able to play with your friends.

Online Poker Games without Download Platforms

Some poker players would prefer to just stay on the website to play their game. Lucky for these people, there are lots of available platforms that cater to these services. It will not ask you to download on a device or a computer. A player will have to visit their website and choose the preferred game and run it in a web browser. Platforms with this type of service are the 888 poker, 9 stacks, PokerStars, Fable Casino, and so much more.

Poker Face

Poker Face is an online poker app that is downloadable at no cost. It is readily available for Android and iPhone phones which you can play live video poker with upto four of your poker buddies. This app can accommodate all five small video windows of players on the screen which can communicate with each other the whole duration of the game. Poker Face app can be close to playing the game in person because you can see all your opponents' eyes and know who's bluffing or not. This is one skill that you have to be good at, and one of the tricks on how to play online poker with friends.

A good reminder to players who will use Poker Face – it requires you to permit them access to your phone's contacts. You need to provide your complete address book for you to send invites to other players. 

Many Options for Online Poker in Cambodia

The online poker sites that are available in Cambodia are also the ones used by locals of the European and Asian countries. These sites offer a variety of languages and currencies but don't support Khmer and Cambodian currency, which imposes a problem on how to play online poker with friends. 

Replay Poker

Replay Poker offers its website as a place to play poker with friends and have acquaintances with other players from any parts of the world. Unfortunately, this platform doesn't support private tables as of yet. They responded with the players' requests on providing this feature, and they are considering adding the private tables soon.

Ring Games

Ring Games is a website that provides unlimited empty tables for poker players. You can choose your own table and invite your friends to play with you there. 

There will be instances that someone will occupy a vacant seat in your table, which they might have accidentally not noticed. 

Sit and Go Tournaments

Some poker players would prefer a tournament for just themselves. Sit and Go (SnG) offers such an option on their platform. You and your friends need to register first, then choose from a variety of available tables in the SnG lobby. 

If you want to join a multi-table tournament, there are plenty of scheduled events that start every 15 minutes. These tournaments are always available even if you miss the start of one event. 

Poker Leagues

One way of learning how to play online poker with friends is joining a player-managed league. You will be able to find these leagues that some group of players created. Poker leagues have their own scheduled date of play each week. 

If you want to manage your own league, you must give your time and dedication to make it work. You will need constant communication with your members through chat messaging or forums.

There's No Stopping Poker

Our technology today can almost provide us with everything we need whenever and wherever we are. There are many ways to play online poker with friends and information is always available on the internet. Be aware of the game's legalities when it comes to playing the game in certain countries. Nevertheless, poker players are thankful that online poker creators are not stopping on improving their services.

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