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6 Proven Casino Strategies for Newbies

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6 Proven Casino Strategies for Newbies

While online casinos are a great form of entertainment, the fact remains that they are in business to make money. And their profit comes from players like you. If you’re a beginning gambler looking for proven casino strategies for newbies, you’re at the right place. In this online casino guide for beginners, you’ll discover how to play casino games and win. 

Proven Casino Strategies for Newbies

Before anything else, note that the following casino strategies for newbies will not turn your loss into profit. Instead, they can only minimize your losses. So without further ado, here are some proven casino strategies for newbie gamblers:

Decide Whether You’re a Specialist or Generalist Casino Gambler

Your casino gambling journey starts with a simple decision: are you a specialist or generalist casino gambler? Casino gamblers either play various games (generalist) or just a single game (specialist). Truth be told, most players are losing more money than they win. And unfortunately, that is the case for both groups. 

Before you decide which casino gambler you are, it’s worth noting that casino games inherently make winning difficult. Meaning, you have to master the game you’re playing before you get any realistic winning chance. And the fastest way to become a master is to pour all your time into the game. Of course, the game choice is also crucial. 

If you’re still undecided, check out this list of the best casino games for beginners. Or, if you feel like sports betting is for you, here’s a sports gambling for beginners guide. 

Do the Math 

Another effective casino strategy for newbies is to use simple math. Many people either don’t care much for it or just flat out hate using it. But here’s the thing. Casino gambling is almost entirely math-based. The combination of these two things is what makes casinos so lucrative. 

As a beginning casino gambler, it is essential to learn how to use some simple mathematical principles. Don’t worry. You don’t have to like or be good at math to master these principles. You can start by learning what house edge and percentage return to player (% RTP) are. After that, find out how you can use these figures to your advantage. 

For reference, % RTP is how much of the money you wager the casino returns to you. On the other hand, house edge refers to the percentage of the money you bet that the casino keeps.

Learn How to Predict Losses

Now that you know how to use simple math, the next thing on this casino strategy for newbies list is predicting losses. Here you can use either the house edge or RTP percentage to determine how much you’re going to lose. To calculate your losses, you need the following:

  • Your average wager size
  • RTP or house edge percentage
  • How many bets you’re going to make

Know How to Find an Advantage

Casinos profit from the house edge. That’s why every casino gambling activity comes with a mathematical advantage. And only a few casino gamblers have learned how to win in the long run. One of the casino strategies for newbies is to play games with the highest RTP. 

Beware of Casino Traps

Casinos are racking up profits each minute they’re open. As mentioned previously, they do that mainly by only offering games with a house edge. But that isn’t the only way these establishments make money. 

If the casino is offering something, the odds are pretty high that they have a way to earn from it. That includes comps programs and free drinks. Those are good, but here’s a casino strategy for newbies: don’t drink so much that it’s already clouding your judgment. Also, don’t play longer to get more comps. 

Employ Strategy Shortcuts 

Whichever casino game you’re playing, it’s essential to learn the best strategy. There’s a simple shortcut you can use to make things easy for you. You may get a strategy card that contains how to play casino games and win. 

The most popular strategy cards you can find are for blackjack or specific video poker variants. Meanwhile, games like craps and baccarat have a less complicated strategy. Therefore, you won’t need a strategy card. 

Finding the best casino games for beginners starts with determining whether it has a strategy component. If it does, then you need to learn how to use the best strategy. That’s online gambling for beginners. 

How Can I Increase My Chances of Winning at a Casino?

Regardless if you’re sitting down to play craps, roulette, slots, or whatever low house edge game, you’re going to lose. Although the odds are against you, don’t dampen your spirit. 

If we’re talking about casino strategies for newbies, knowing you’re bound to lose lets you concentrate on something different. Instead of feeling bad about your loss, you can try to boost your winning chances. That way, your emotions won’t get the better of you, and you can make more intelligent choices. 

Other proven winning casino strategies include taking your time, choosing the perfect game, and finding the best machine. It’s also important to know when to bet the max or walk away after you win. 

What Is the Easiest Way to Win Money in Casino?

If the reason you’re reading this list of casino strategies for newbies is that you want to win money quickly, here’s the thing. Casino gambling involves the risk of losing your hard-earned cash on an unpredictable outcome. That is regardless of whether you gamble at a land-based or online casino.  

But there are some things you can do to make winning money in the casino easier. Firstly, stop second-guessing yourself and take the least possible risk. Smart casino bankroll management skills are also a must. Ultimately, all the casino strategies for newbies mentioned above are helpful. They can boost your winning chances and make winning money easier. 

What Is the Best Time to Go to the Casino and Win?

Like many other aspects of casino gambling, the best time to play depends on your preferences. That can encompass factors like your chosen game, jackpots, the time of the year, as well as the casino’s location and opening hours. 

There’s no cut and dry answer to that. You have plenty of options as to the best time to visit a casino, depending on why you enjoy going in the first place. If you love the hustle and bustle, Saturday night is your best bet. However, if you want peace and quiet, you can’t go wrong with an off-peak time. 

Best Casino Games for Beginners

Every gambler has their go-to casino game. But if you’re a newcomer to the gambling scene, proven casino strategies for newbies involve an intelligent game choice. So, how do you choose the best casino game for beginners? Well, that depends on your skill and preferences. However, you have to remember that you’ll be playing with real money and without do-overs.

This list will help you choose which casino game to start with. The following games can help get your feet wet before proceeding with the high rollers:


It’s impossible not to notice slot machines—bright lights and sound effects throughout the casino floor. Some of them even feature your favorite movie or TV shows. They give you never-ending bonus rounds and progressive jackpots. You can select from hundreds of slot games. Even better, none of which require much skill, making them the perfect casino games for newbies. 


If you can count from one to thirty-six, then you can, without a doubt, play roulette. The rules are easy to understand, and it involves hardly any strategy. But just because it’s simple doesn’t mean it’s not fun to play. There are various ways to make your bet, and the payout for each varies.

Video Keno

Another casino game for newbies that takes no effort to learn is video keno. It’s perfect if you want to make your bankroll last longer rather than burning it up in the first five minutes. When playing video keno, you’ll start by selecting the odds you’d want to bet against. You may pick up to ten digits, but some number sequences payout better than others. 

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