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7 Video Poker Mistakes You Might be Doing

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7 Video Poker Mistakes You Might be Doing

Casino gambling and losing go hand in hand. Although some games offer a better return than others, you’ll still end up losing money in the long run. Video poker is one of the lesser evils if you know how to play it right. And luckily for you, you can easily avoid the most common video poker mistakes.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie or you’ve been committing the same video poker mistakes for years. The good news is it’s never too late to make a change for the better. Now is the best time to start taking the first steps towards improving your overall game. If you wish to up your game and enjoy fruitful results, this article lists some video poker mistakes you should avoid.

Video Poker Mistakes to Avoid

Enjoying a smooth video poker experience starts with picking the right game, employing the best strategy, and enhancing your overall game plan. When you know what to avoid, a better casino experience will follow suit. So if you want to upgrade from beginner to expert in no time, check out the following video poker mistakes:

Neglecting the Need for Practice

Regardless of how much faith you have in your knowledge of video poker variants and strategies, you must take the game seriously. That is especially when you’re new to video poker. Don’t make the costly video poker mistake of overlooking the need for practice. 

If you’re an online player, you have the luxury of playing for fun until you master the game and your strategy. There’s no point to waste your bankroll while you’re still learning the game. Unless you’ve practiced enough, don’t play for real money just yet. 

Take advantage of the “Play for Fun” option online casinos offer. Most sites won’t even require registration for you to try out the games in fun mode. Meaning, you can explore any video poker variant without wasting your hard-earned cash. 

Not Having a Strategy or Using the Wrong One

The nice thing about video poker is that you have a chance to tilt the scales in your favor. The game does include an element of luck, but your decision-making significantly impacts the outcome. That’s why one of the worst video poker mistakes you can do is simply depending on luck or not using a strategy. 

When you have a good strategy in place, you can decide which cards are worth keeping and which ones you must discard. Using video poker strategies is extremely easy. You can find numerous websites with charts or applications you can install on your gadget. That will help you play for better payouts and make quick decisions.

But before you adopt a strategy, make sure that it corresponds to the video poker variant you are playing. Otherwise, you’re making a terrible video poker mistake. Note that you can’t use the same strategy for all games. That’s not how it works. 

Poor Bankroll Management

Another very common video poker mistake is mismanaging your bankroll. In fact, a lot of gamblers are struggling with this issue. Players who have good casino bankroll management skills have proven to be more successful. 

Before starting your video poker adventures, set a budget. Determine the amount you are willing to risk before you go ahead and make real-money bets. What’s even more important is to adhere to the limits you’ve set. Never chase your losses.

Regardless of the results, video poker is more of a source of entertainment than a means to make money. Sticking to your budget will save you from racking up debts and let you enjoy your time. Another useful tip is to avoid max betting if you’re still learning. It’s best to take smaller risks and enjoy decent payouts while you’re still learning.

Not Making a Max Bet on Progressive Video Poker

One of the most common video poker mistakes among newbies is not betting the maximum number of coins. Unfortunately, this is a huge missed opportunity. Say the video poker variant you’re playing has a massive progressive prize for those who can get Royal Flush. In that case, you will only be eligible to get the jackpot if you make a max bet. 

Moreover, even on non-progressive video poker games, not wagering the maximum amount is a no-no. Even without a jackpot, making a maximum bet lets you enjoy a hefty payout for Royal Flush. If you’re after good payouts, don’t make the mistake of not going for the maximum amount. You’ll surely regret not taking home the jackpot just because you bet four coins instead of five. 

Not Concentrating When You Play

This video poker mistake applies to land-based casino players. While it’s true that your goal is to have fun while playing, you shouldn’t lose focus if you want to enjoy a fruitful experience at the same time. 

Talking to other players, drinking too many cocktails, or going through as many hands as possible can result in you making mistakes. And that can cost you a big price. For sure you don’t want to end up losing money instead of taking home generous winnings. Also, by consuming too much alcohol, you may ignore your bankroll limit. 

Not Checking the Pay Table

The pay table is the most vital piece of available information. It tells you exactly what to expect from video poker in terms of potential prizes. Even better, it also happens to be free.

You’ll be surprised at how many players put money into a machine without checking out details staring them in the face. Casinos usually place seemingly identical machines in a bank. However, the pay tables may vary significantly from one game to the next.

When playing a specific game, your goal is to find the machine that offers the largest possible winnings. In case you didn’t know, you can’t do that without examining the pay table. Therefore, that should be your first order of business at all times.

Believing in Gambling Superstitions

Falling prey to gambling superstitions is another video poker mistake to avoid. As far as superstitions go, the gambling world is full of them. Some of them sound harmless. However, you must avoid anything that takes your mind off the cards. 

Be careful also as some gambling superstitions are more detrimental. For instance, some players think always drinking a certain alcoholic beverage at the casino can be your lucky charm. As mentioned previously, consuming too much alcohol can cause you to make poor decisions. 

Other gambling superstitions include selecting a game because it’s due to pay out, playing a “lucky” machine, or that warm coins result in better winning chances. 

The Bottom Line

No one is immune to video poker mistakes. However, you’d do well to know what to avoid when playing the game. Having a thorough understanding of the best games for you will significantly improve your gambling experience. Besides merely enjoying the game, having the right strategy in place and adhering to it will lead to a fruitful play. 

And before you start playing with real money, practice everything you know. That way you have a game plan for every scenario. You can make the best betting decision on video poker. 

Ultimately, even if you ignore any of the aforementioned warnings, make sure to always set a budget. That doesn’t only apply to video poker. When playing any type of casino game, sticking to a budget can save you from trouble. Forget about chasing your losses. Once you’ve reached your spending limit, just walk out of the casino. 

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