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Bogus Gambling Advice That Will Burn Your Bankroll

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Bogus Gambling Advice That Will Burn Your Bankroll

When your hard-earned money is on the line, it is crucial to tell bogus gambling advice from good ones. If you’ve been to a casino at least once in your life, you’ll know that the gambling world is full of self-proclaimed gambling gurus. Visit any casino, and you can hear individuals giving all sorts of advice. They will say practically anything to convince themselves that their strategies are the best. That’s all well until other people start to heed their “wisdom” and pay attention to their delusions. 

Gamblers are prone to give unsolicited (and often bogus) gambling advice about pretty much any sports bet or table game there is. They love sharing some theories even if those notions lack substance and validity. While a few people do have something helpful to say, many are just trying to spout words of wisdom on betting but aren’t winning gamblers themselves. Taking some bogus gambling advice can cost you money. The general rule is to avoid taking gambling advice from anyone. 

Bogus Gambling Advice to Ignore at All Costs

In some instances, you can consider taking advice from, say, poker legends and those who always win at casinos. You only have to filter out which nuggets you should take to heart and which ones to ignore. Here are some examples of bogus gambling advice:

“You’re Going to Win Eventually”

Sure, your bad losing streak will eventually end, and playing long enough can win you a few hands. However, thinking that you are due for a win is ridiculous and problematic. The house doesn’t owe you anything. Don’t expect some gambling gods to snap their fingers and hand-deliver you some massive wins.

Remember that gambling, particularly at popular casino table games, is often completely random and beyond your control. If you’re losing money at an alarming rate and already using up your bankroll, don’t just wait for your losing streak to end. 

“Raise Your Bets After a Loss”

Another piece of bogus gambling advice is to increase your bets after a loss. Cold streaks are common in table games, and it is hard to rationalize if you’re a newbie gambler. Don’t go into thinking that the casino is cheating or the deck is stacked against you. These are false and baseless ideas. The worst thing you can do during a cold streak is to double or triple your bet to recover your loss faster. The truth is you’re only adding fuel to the fire.

Instead, allow yourself some time to examine your strategic approach to a game. There’s a good chance you can determine the issue and make adjustments. To properly overcome a losing streak, make sure you’re betting consistently, and your bankroll can outlast the bad cards. Cold streaks will eventually end one way or another. 

“Don’t Gamble. You’re Only Going to Lose”

Many professional gamblers have already debunked this bogus piece of gambling advice. Just because casinos make money on losing players doesn’t mean everybody loses. You’ll find several players with unbelievable luck and end up hitting massive jackpots. Others are just so skillful and know how to play smart and win at specific games.

Moreover, about 20 percent of players leave the casino richer than when they arrived. It just goes to show that the said advice is erroneous. Of course, you’re going to lose, but not all the time. After all, gambling involves luck, smarts, and skill. Having all those boost your chance of going home a winner.

“Gambling Is Pure Luck”

As mentioned previously, gambling has other elements besides luck. Having luck on your side gives you an edge, but that’s not the be-all and end-all. Gambling involves knowledge and skills. Learn how to read the signs and know when to continue playing or go home. If you want to win the game, you must know how to play it right. Use your brain, be strategic, and make sound judgments. 

“Beginner’s Luck is Real”

Sorry to break this to you, but there’s no such thing as beginner’s luck. Your first casino trip might score you some early wins. However, some experts think it only happens because newbies play without pressure. But that’s not to say that all gamblers should play carefree. Every table game at the casino has a house advantage. Learn the ropes of the game and become a smarter gambler.

“You Can Beat Online Blackjack by Counting Cards”

Card counting in blackjack depends on the cards left in the shoe or deck. The house edge increases when the remaining cards have more low cards than high cards. However, when the remaining cards have more high cards than low cards, the house advantage becomes lower. 

When playing online blackjack, the software shuffles the cards after every deal. Meaning, you’re playing with a new shoe or deck on every new hand. Therefore, you can’t beat online blackjack through card counting. 

“This Slot Machine Is Due for a Big Win”

Perhaps the most widespread bogus gambling advice you’ll hear is that slot machines are due for a jackpot. Slot machines appeal to old-school and newbie gamblers who don’t bother to try their luck at the tables. As you mindlessly pull the levers or press buttons, you start to believe that you’re due for a big win. 

More experienced slot players wait for someone to stand up from a machine that’s on a losing streak. For some gamblers, slot machines reward those who stay long enough. Well, it can happen once in a blue moon. But remember, slots are entirely random. So, never assume they will miraculously reward you with a jackpot. 

“Try to Trick the Dealer to Get Bigger Payouts”

You can read several guides that advise you to trick dealers into paying you out more than you should win. These include sneaking an extra chip onto a bet after you win, wagering with stacks of tokens of varying denominations, or removing a chip after a loss.

But truth be told, all these suggestions are cheating and unlawful. Of course, anything that encourages you to cheat is bogus gambling advice. In many gambling jurisdictions, getting caught means jail time. Cheating is different from advantage play. Card counting using your mind in blackjack is legal. The casino won’t put you in jail, but they will kick you out. 

“Play Skill-Based Games for Long-Term Profits”

Some gamblers will strongly advise you to play skill-based games to make money. It is not entirely a bogus piece of advice. Skill-based games give you a realistic chance to make money, but your winning odds are just as good as your skills. In skill-based games, you’re competing against fellow players instead of the house edge. Only a small commission or “rake” on every bet goes to the casino.

You can make hefty sums of money, assuming you’re better than the competition. But if you’re an average player, it can result in more massive losses than just playing house-banked games like blackjack or baccarat. You can still play poker or sports betting if you’re up to the challenge. However, you must hone your skills to profit more. 


Learning some gambling tips and tricks is a great way to boost your winning odds. These help you make wise decisions and place the right bets so you can win more money. However, you can’t take each and every piece of advice at face value. 

You can find all sorts of bogus gambling advice online and in casinos. And following one can cost you your hard-earned money. Some bogus gambling advice has the ring of truth since they depend on somewhat valid statements. But the problem is that they often ignore other gambling aspects. 

Buying into some of the bogus gambling advice mentioned above might be fun, especially if it convinces you to repeat the mistakes that most savvy vets advise against. Some are harmless in nature, but others can be dangerous to your financial and physical wellness. 

So, before you enter a casino, make sure you have a clear mind. Don’t fall for any of this bogus gambling advice. Manage your casino bankroll smartly and never assume you’re due for a win. 

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