Where To Live in Vietnam

Where To Live in Vietnam

Vietnam is a lovely country to live in. Its unique culture, outstanding living conditions, and progressive economy make it an ideal place to call home. The country’s charm attracted many foreigners to call Vietnam their second home.

What Are The Best Cities in Vietnam?


Saigon is the place to live if you crave an activity-packed lifestyle. It is not the country’s capital city but it is still full of life. The city is your choice to address if you want a perfect mix of work and play. There are plenty of job opportunities in the city and there are also lots of entertainment options.

The city also boasts of great shopping, loads of transportation options, and is highly accessible. For a large city, the cost of living is still acceptable.

Nha Trang City

Located south of Vietnam, this coastal city of Nha Trang City boasts of stunning scenery. Just imagine waking up to towering mountains that descend into a deep blue sea, that’s Nha Trang living. Gazing out into the horizon will give a tranquil view of fishing boats and their tiny flags waving into the sky.

The beauty of the city is not unknown to many and this has resulted in several constructions. It can get busy especially during rush hour but it is still a more laid back option than Hanoi or Saigon. If you are a beach person, you might want to consider living here.

Many foreigners, Russians in particular, have taken great interest in Nha Trang that they already have an established community there.

Da Nang

If you are looking for a balanced lifestyle in Vietnam, Da Nang is the best city to live in. It is clean, accessible, and organized. It is also along a beach with the Han River running through the centre. There are also loads of amazing restaurants and nightlife. Its cuisine is also one of the best in the country.

The great thing about Da Nang is its people. They are super friendly and are always willing to lend a helping hand whether you be a local or a foreigner.

Da Nang is not very touristy so it does not get too busy or noisy. It is also one of the safest cities in the country, with only minimal petty crimes not like Saigon, which is rife with snatchers and scammers. It is also close to Hoi An, about half an hour away. Hoi An is a nice place to explore, particularly its old town, which is a UNESCO heritage site.

Since it is rural, many foreigners may experience a bit of a language barrier.


Is It Cheaper To Live In Vietnam?

While the country is rapidly progressing, it remains an affordable country to live in. Compared to the West, almost all of the items sold here are priced at least 50% cheaper. It is even cheaper to live here than most Southeast Asian countries.

The most expensive city to live in is Ho Chi Minh, seconded by the capital city of Hanoi. Still, many enjoy a comfortable lifestyle by spending only about $1,000 a month. A lot of Westerners residing in Hanoi report spending only $500-600 a month. Those who want to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle would spend about $4,000. A luxurious lifestyle means access to a large and furnished lakefront home with regular meals at top-rated restaurants and periodic travels throughout the country.

Smaller cities and towns like Hoi An, Vung Tau, Da Nang, and Nha Trang, the cost of living is almost down by half. A monthly budget of $1,000 can already provide you with a comfortable home, with complete utilities, regular groceries, housekeeping services, dinner outs, and occasional entertainment. You can even choose a home within walking distance of a beach.

While Vietnam is an affordable country, the cost of living will still depend on your lifestyle. If you often buy imported products, then you might have a higher cost of living as they are more expensive than locally produced goods. Adapting to the local lifestyle can significantly lower your monthly spending.

Is Vietnam A Good Place To Retire?

Yes. Retiring in Vietnam is a good choice. The country has lots of seaside cities that have high standards and low cost of living. Spending your golden years near a beach or an ocean is good for your health. Vung Tau is Vietnam’s first seaside resort. It has become home to many expat retirees. In here, they can truly relax and not scrimp on their lifestyle. They can enjoy the fruits of their labour in this resort town. A monthly budget of $3,000 will already give expats a luxurious lifestyle in this city.

While Vung Tau is not the cheapest city, it has become a magnet for many expats for its great and reliable infrastructures. The roads are passable and well-maintained, has new divided highways, and parks are pleasant and have exercise equipment.

Expats also find Vung Tau a safe city. Petty crimes are almost non-existent. There is no need to lock their helmets because they are sure that no one will attempt to steal it. The abundance of activities in the city is also a major draw. Locals and expats are often seen flying kites, jogging, and surfing. The constant sea breeze and amazing weather of the city have made it a perfect spot for kite flying. Every year, the city hosts the International Kite Festival, which is always well-attended by enthusiasts and tourists.

Thousands of expats now reside in Vung Tau, occupying the lower end of the peninsula close to the CBD or Back Beach.


What Are The Best Places To Live For Expats in Vietnam?

Expats are flocking to Vietnam for obvious reasons. It is an accessible country with a progressive economy and cheap cost of living. For a few dollars, many expats benefit from an amazing year-round tropical climate and enjoy modern conveniences.

Ho Chi Minh City

The largest city in the country, Ho Chi Minh is densely populated. While the city is often busy, it is still well-organized. Those who live here can access modern comforts 24 hours a day. Home to 12 districts, the city offers a huge selection of local amenities ranging from parks and museums to shopping malls and nightlife.

It has also one of the best transport systems. Its underground train connects all districts. The city is perfect for expats as there already exists a stable and well-established expat community to help them become familiar with Ho Chi Minh and Vietnam as a whole.


While Hanoi is the country’s capital city, it less modern than Ho Chi Minh. The city boasts more of the country’s history and culture. The city has cooler weather and is easily accessible to northern Vietnam provinces like Ha Giang, Ninh Binh, Sapa, Cao Bang, Mai Chau, and Ha Long Bay.

Since Hanoi is still an urban city, the cost of living is not far from that of Ho Chi Minh. While not as modern as the former, Hanoi also offers lots of shopping and dining choices, nightlife, and parks.

Many of the expats in the city live around Dong Da District or Tay Ho.

Hoi An

Those who prefer to live in a small town, Hoi An is a great choice. It has a beautiful old town, with lantern-lit alleyways. The place is famous for its Tra Que Vegetable Village where all organic herbs and vegetables in local dishes are grown.

This tranquil town is also accessible to the beaches of Cua Dai and An Bang. It is also only a half an hour drive to the city of Da Nang, in case you need to make a city run.

Hoi An has a low cost of living. Many expats spend about $400 a month and still live comfortably.

Ha Long City

This city is a bit underrated. While it is not a popular choice among expats before, the city is now gaining some recognition. It is home to the Ha Long Bay, a popular tourist spot. Despite this, the city has maintained its serenity and tranquillity. If you prefer living far from the chaos of the city, you might want to take a good look at all the housing options in Ha Long City.

Mui Ne

The city of Mui Ne is a great address for expats who want to live an adventurous life. The coastal city offers splendid resorts, breathtaking beaches, and challenging sand dunes. Living here is synonymous with living in a paradise. This southern city is a luxurious escape from all the hullabaloos of life. Expats make a good living here by setting up bars and restaurants as it can get busy here especially during international kite festivals.

Da Lat

This quaint city is for the expats who cannot let go of the cool weather they were used to. Da Lat has a cool weather year-round, as it is located at an altitude of 1,500 metres. Most of the locals and expats living here enjoy nature and the fine cuisine. Highly influenced by the French, most of the architecture in the city follow the colourful French architecture.

Nightlife is not much but the restaurants here are heavenly. They also have parks, supermarkets, and cafes to make your time worthwhile.


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