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Securing the Coolest Mahjong Sets Ever Made

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Securing the Coolest Mahjong Sets Ever Made

What makes mahjong set the coolest ever? Is its price? Is it the material it is made of? Or is it the unique things that you could do with it? In terms of value, mahjong sets that have the most value are those that are made from unusual or rare materials such as ivory, jade, or hollow tin tiles. Some Bakelite mahjong sets can also be worth hundreds of dollars provided the set has 16 or more flower tiles and are the enrobed type. Mahjong is one of the longest games played in Asia, as it is still continually played by many.

Ivory vs Bone Mahjong Sets

Before we enumerate the coolest mahjong sets ever made, let us first discuss the type of materials most sets are made of. When you look at the market, most of the sellers and manufacturers label their sets as either bone or ivory. A number of individuals think that their set is made from ivory because the seller told them so. However, having a set that is not made of ivory does not make it less valuable. There are other mahjong sets made of bone and bamboo that are even more valuable than those made from pure ivory.

One might wonder what makes bone mahjong sets more expensive than ivory ones. It all boils down to the carving and design on the tiles. If you would look back at the history of mahjong, 1920 can be said the golden era of mahjong. During that time, China was still a poor country with a short supply of ivory and even bone. Most of the Chinese mahjong designers and carvers imported bone from Nebraskan ranchers who sent high-quality bones. These carvers and designers were able to create beautiful mahjong tiles that are indeed masterpieces.

When buying bone sets, one must look at the Haversian system or the small channels in it. When it comes to ivory, it has Schreger lines or cross-hatchings which can be seen depending on the area of the tusk the pieces came from.

Enrobed Tiles

As mentioned earlier, enrobed tiles are much valuable than regular mahjong sets. These enrobed tiles are Bakelite tiles that have a lighter interior framed with a darker tone. Sets like this are already rare since no one makes them anymore so this can only be seen in old and vintage mahjong sets.

Framed tiles are probably harder to make and requires immense craftsmanship. Since enrobed tiles are rare and in high demand, they are pretty expensive.

Coolest Mahjong Sets

Mahjong maybe Chinese in origin but its popularity has spread not only in Asia but around the world. It has taken a lot of form such as mobile and in online casinos. Still, nothing beats the thrill of playing the game live with a group of noisy friends and colleagues happily mixing and stacking the tiles in order.

The game is pretty old but it does not mean that it can no longer appeal to the younger generation of today. Mahjong enthusiasts even take pride in how they can maintain the pristine condition of their sets, similar to poker collectible sets. The following mahjong sets are surging in popularity and have become highly coveted for their design and craftsmanship as well.

World of Warcraft Mahjong Set

Who says eSports and RPG enthusiasts cannot enjoy playing mahjong with their friends? They even do it as a true blue fanatic of both the games. This set is perfect for the big fans of the WoW since the entire set is made up of World of Warcraft theme. It comes with a World of Warcraft placemat, chips, and tiles. As an additional bonus, it also comes with a unique Horde or Alliance dice.

World of Warcraft Mists of Pandaria Mahjong Set

Yes, most of World of Warcraft fans are huge mahjong players too. This particular set is the first World of Warcraft Mahjong set to become available in the market but it still has a huge fan base. The entire set is based on the Mists of Pandaria expansion that comes with themed tiles, chips, and discs. The playing mat features the map of Pandaria, which is really cool.

Diablo III Mahjong Set

Whilst it does not require mahjong players to be huge fans of Diablo III to play, knowledge of the game certainly helps as the whole set come with a Diablo-themed play mat, dice, and chips. It also comes with a special bonus handheld Black Soulstone artefact perfect for superstitious players as it brings lots of good luck.

Nintendo Mahjong Set

The set may look nothing special at first glance but a closer inspection will show that the discs come with Nintendo stamps, making it a perfect collector’s item. This set is perfect for those who collect and play Nintendo games.

Pokemon Mahjong Set

Yes, Pokemon is a big hit and the mahjong world has joined the bandwagon. Those who want to become a Pokemaster should find a way to catch this special limited edition Pokemon Mahjong set, which was only sold in Japan Pokemon Centre. The tiles have Pokemon characters, making it a perfect item to complete a true Pokemon fan’s collection.

Facebook Mahjong Set

If you are one of those who spend hours browsing through their Facebook feed, this mahjong set is perfect for you. Players can enjoy hours of fun with their friends and colleagues playing with the social media platform’s themed mahjong set. The tiles have Facebook-stamped tiles and the site’s signature white and blue colours.

Automatic Mahjong Set

One of the must-have for mahjong players who do not want to waste their time rearranging the tiles, this automatic mahjong set is the one they should have at their homes. These automatic mahjong sets are one of the coolest mahjong sets since it allows the players to just relax whilst waiting for the machine to do everything for them from mixing, rearranging, and stacking the tiles. They simply have to put in the tiles into the machine and the rest will be done by the machine.

Guinness Mahjong Set

Another one of the coolest mahjong sets it the Guinness Mahjong Set. This special limited edition set comes free for every purchase of a Guinness Foreign Extra Stout and Guinness Draught in a Can. Players can enjoy a round of beers whilst playing this black tiled mahjong set.

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