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Here Are 6 Things You Should Know About Online Slots Tournaments

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Here Are 6 Things You Should Know About Online Slots Tournaments

The online casino industry is a booming business as it gains more and more users each year. New players would always want to explore a variety of games offered by operators and find ways to earn money. Online casinos offer fun and exciting games to gamble such as online slots tournaments and online slots. These games are among the most popular options in either land-based or online casinos that players choose. 

If you prefer playing online slots tournaments, make sure you gather enough information and strategy before playing. Here are some of the things you should know about the game.

How Does It Work and How to Play Online Slots Tournaments

Casinos are full of special events and one of them is the online slots tournaments. Online casino operators see great opportunities in gaining more clients through the popularity of online slots tournaments. If you are feeling lucky, you can always try the slots tournaments and try winning the jackpot prize.

Slots tournaments have a series of events where players compete for a prize offered by the site. In this set up, online slots players will compete to put their name on the leaderboard. Once the competition reaches its end, real money winnings will be shared among the winners. In some cases, winners can win a minimum of $1,000. That’s why this is an ideal mode of play for those motivated to earn big bucks when playing online slots. Some online slots operators provide different prize pools and may also offer cash, event tickets, casino credits, and other exciting prizes.

If you decide to enter and play the online slots tournament, you need to sign up first before you start a specified slot game. All players will obtain their definite time frame to use their credits. If you have the biggest winnings, then you will be the tournament winner and get the grand prize.

Depending on the site, newbie players can first join a free tournament to get a feel of the game. Once they are familiar with how the game goes, they can choose to pay an initial buy-in fee to join a paid online slots tournament. This buy-in money will be used as the prize pool for a particular tournament. 

For instance, a tournament with a buy-in fee of $200 with 200 players will have a prize pool for $40,000. This can be divided among the players, wherein the Grand Prize winner can get $10,000, second place will get $5,000, third place will get $2,500, and so on. If you have been playing online slots for a while, joining online slots tournaments could be a lucrative way of varying your gameplay. The great thing about the game set up is that prize pools are often generous and can be sometimes converted into holidays and other perks. 

Varieties of Online Slots Tournaments

There are several varieties of online slots tournaments that come with different options available for all players. Here are some of the options you can choose:

  • Buy-In and Freeroll – slots tournaments variety with or without entrance fee
  • Extender – players are allowed to purchase add-ons to improve their scores
  • Scheduled and Sit and Go – has a fixed start and end
  • Survivor Slots – slots that have several elimination rounds
  • One-Shot – events that have only single elimination
  • High Rollers – VIP members’ event who favor high stakes
  • Comped – almost identical with high rollers, a player can join with comp points
  • Reloader – tournaments that allow rebuys, where players can purchase additional funds to start over

How to Win in Online Slots Tournaments

Plenty of slot players depend on luck when playing slots tournaments, but there are some strategies that you can do to have a better chance of winning.

  • Play with enough budget
  • Learn to play with precision by practising before the start of the tournament
  • Observe a consistent playing speed
  • Everytime you win, don’t waste time celebrating

Strategies You Can Use for Online Slots Tournaments

Playing online slots tournament may require speed to increase your chance of winning. Here's how you can increase your chances of winning: 

  • Bigger betting sessions: Playing fast will help you win, especially if the tournament counts scores based on wins or stakes. This will give you more wagers and high possibilities of winnings with increased betting sessions.
  • Learn to activate bonus features: Scatter symbols, free spins, wild symbols, and more! Get a feel of your slots game. Know what combinations will activate bonus features. The key here is to play more because it will help you increase your chances of hitting a bonus feature that can improve your chance of landing on the leaderboard. However, you must be wary of playing fast when you are signed up for a buy-in tournament. Take note, the trick is to spin the reels to maximize your point-racking stand. 
  • Activate Quickspin: Since most online slots tournaments are time-based, it will significantly help you to enable the quickspin feature. This will speed up the game reels animation, reducing the time it will take you to spin the reels. Giving you an advantage when it comes to tournaments with time limitations. 
  • Scratch the spin: Another strategy to quickly finish the reel animation is by pressing the spin button, which will cancel the spin and let you play faster. 
  • Use the spacebar: If you are playing using your desktop or PC, you can change your settings that would allow you to use the spacebar to spin the reels. This will also allow you to maximize your time in playing the reels. 

Are There Online Slots Tournament Rules to Follow?

Yes. Since online slots tournaments have been getting a lot of traction lately and prizes can really go up to thousands of dollars, setting up rules and regulations has been a priority for many casino operators. While online slots tournaments rules vary from one casino operator to another, here are the most common ones: 

Selection of Slots

When choosing the slots to play, take note of the qualified gameplay. In general, only selected games will count in pushing your name on the leaderboard. 

Time Limitation

Events would have certain time limits. Keep this in mind because once the event’s time is up, all leaderboard prize positions will automatically be paid out. You wouldn’t want to play needlessly if you know that you will not qualify for a leaderboard prize given the time limit. 

Wagering Requirements

Make sure to read the fine print. Always put it on top of your mind that casino games with huge prizes and bonuses would often come with a minimum wagering requirement. In many cases, wins will come with a wagering requirement that you must fulfill before you can even cash out your money. 

Settling a Draw

In case there is a draw on the leaderboard, most casino operators would award the prize to the one who was able to score the highest one first. 

Minimum Bet Level

Online slots tournaments will often have a minimum bet level for a spin. Check this out first because spins below the set minimum level will not count towards your leaderboard position. 

How to Choose the Best Online Slots Tournaments Casino

One way of gauging whether an online casino has the best online slots tournament is the frequency of their tournaments. The best ones would usually host once a month tournaments because they want to make sure that everything will run smoothly and that they can provide generous jackpot prizes to their players. 

More than choosing the best online slots tournament casinos, your focus should be the one that actually matches your playing goals. You have to make sure that the casino can provide you with the best casino gaming experience while keeping up with the wagering requirement. 

Don’t commit the mistake of haphazardly joining online slots tournaments without doing due diligence and researching player reviews and recommendations. Sign up with recommended and highly reputable online casinos. You may not know it but some scam casinos can rig a slot tournament in their favor. So, choose wisely. 

If you are mostly playing on your phone, it would also be ideal to choose a casino provider optimized for mobile gaming. This allows you to enjoy online slots tournaments wherever you are and whenever you want. 


Online slots tournaments are aplenty. They are a great way to ensure that you can have a fun time playing online while enjoying lucrative prizes. Hopefully, this exhaustive guide can help you better understand online slots tournaments and their gameplay so you can maximize your winnings. Once you are ready to give it a go, don’t hesitate to try your luck. 

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