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13 Tips for Managing Multiple Online Casino Accounts

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13 Tips for Managing Multiple Online Casino Accounts

How do you successfully manage multiple online casino accounts? Here’s a rundown.

Many people find online casinos as their means of experiencing leisure and gaining profit. New players would carefully study the mechanics of playing on an online casino and learn different strategies to win. There are seasoned players who share their experiences with new players to help them win casino games and enjoy the benefits of maintaining a reasonable winning rate. 

Players who want to increase their success will find more ways to build their careers as gamblers. One of the best ways to do this is to have multiple online casino accounts, where a player can have more opportunities to gain more profit with different sites. 

Finding online casino sites and registering can be easy, but there are many various benefits that you can get in managing multiple online casino accounts. This would mean that you can have a great value for your gambling finances and have an excellent overall gambling experience.

If you want to know more about handling multiple online casino accounts, read on and find out the critical factors for a successful gambling career.

Search for Safe Gambling Sites

Before you start gambling in online casinos, make sure that your money and personal information are safe. Many safe online casinos and betting sites have legal documents and are serious about their customer’s welfare. Their legitimacy enables them to offer real money gaming and betting, which gives them a good reputation in the online gambling industry. You must verify the gambling sites you want to venture with your gaming to assure you of avoiding fraud.

Create Different Passwords and Use a Password Manager

People who use multiple online casino accounts tend to use one password for all their online casinos because it would be easier to remember. They would also use the same email for their online casino accounts, which also has the same password they use for their email address.

It would be unwise to use this idea because you are risking your online casino accounts once one of them is compromised. You need to create different secret codes and use password managers to organize your details. Many free password managers are available to help you increase your protection, especially with the involvement of money.

Most internet browsers have integrated software that can help you manage your passwords and contains many cross-platform programs that you can use on your PC, desktop, smartphone, or any other mainstream platform. It will only take a few minutes to set up your details and organize everything. Some people use a simple notepad file to store all their passwords and protect them with one password. This can also be a safe option for using and protecting your accounts.

A Workable Bankroll

One of the most important things you should do in managing multiple casino accounts is by having a workable bankroll. You have to prepare yourself for this challenging task, especially with the many gambling sites you are dealing with. A well-managed bankroll will allow you to allocate a part of your finances for every casino account you have. It would be easier for you to use your finances for sports betting or other casino games and utilize the amazing promos from the online casinos.

Here are some suggestions that can help you manage your bankroll well when having multiple casino accounts:


One of the best ways to manage your bankroll is to use a reliable e-wallet that can support your betting and other casino games. You can find many service providers available in the market with reasonable terms for their customers. Some of the popular options are PayPal, Neteller, and Skrill.

E-wallets also give you the option to link your bank account or another debit/credit card. It provides easy transactions with most of the gambling sites that recognize their services. But you should be aware that some promotions are not available for certain e-wallets, and some countries have stricter restrictions for them.


Cryptocurrencies today gave people so many advantages in managing their bankrolls for their multiple casino accounts. Users of cryptocurrencies enjoy fast payments, low or no fees, high limits, and more promotions. Cryptocurrencies are now accepted in most casinos, poker rooms, bookmakers, and online casinos.

Create Your Gambling Email

Another wise thing to do if you have multiple casino accounts is to create your gambling email, exclusive for your gambling transactions only. This is an important suggestion to increase your protection against theft and fraud. Your email for gambling can also protect your identity, which can prevent hackers from attacking your accounts and finances. 

You can also subscribe to any form of newsletters and other promotions, which would flood your gambling email inbox and not your regular email account. It would be nice to open your inbox from time to time and not miss out on important news or bonuses.

Multiple Deposit and Reload Bonuses

In choosing online casinos you want to have an account with, find out if they have bonuses relative to your bankroll. Make sure to take advantage of their smaller offers and not waste your deposit bonus. Once you increase your bankroll, you may consider their larger bonuses and participate to get more profit from them.

Identical Games and Offers

Having multiple online casino accounts will also give you numerous games and offers, sometimes becoming repetitive. You need to develop a system to help you avoid engaging in identical games and offers. This means that it will be easier for you to clear a casino site’s bonuses.

Access to Many Different Games

Online casinos work with various software companies that provide many different types of games. Having multiple casino accounts will allow you to try many different games that feature unique graphics for players’ amusement.

You can take note of the games and their variations that you enjoy playing. Sort two or more online casinos that offer the type of games that you want to play to give you the satisfaction of enjoying the game while gambling.

Test the Casinos First

Before you register to an online casino, you can have a trial first and determine if you will have a good time making an account with them. You can compare online casinos with the games that they offer, processing times, promotions, customer support, fees, banking options, and more. You must find out if these casinos have positive results before making your initial deposit and spending your gambling activities with them.

Another option in testing casinos is to play multiple games simultaneously and compare their performances that would best satisfy your game requirements.

Casino Themes

Online casinos invest heavily in in-game themes to attract more players to register an account. Search for reviews and forums to find out which online casinos have the most entertaining themes. You must be having a good time playing the games they offer.

Game Varieties

Identify the games and their varieties that you would like to try, then find two or three online casinos to try them. This will help you in choosing which casinos will work for you. Casinos may have the same games, such as blackjack, poker, and slots, but they differ in in-game varieties, which most online players love to experience.

Try New Casinos 

Trying new online casinos might mean you will skip their bonus offers if you opt to deposit less money and make sure that you feel comfortable playing casino games with them. By this time, you should have an account with a legit online casino, and you can capitalize on their bonus offers and promotions. You must have around 80% of your finances with a legit online casino before you search for a new casino to try out. It would be best to deposit 20% or less with a new casino as part of your research and study. 

Be Ready to Lose Big Bankrolls

Joining multiple online casinos will also increase the risk of losing big money, especially if the casinos are from the same mother company. If the company encounters major problems, your bankroll will also be at risk of getting affected. Make sure that you do enough research first before engaging with multiple casino accounts. It would be best to compare casinos and determine which ones operate better. Search for at least two casinos with different owners or operators and verify their legitimacy. 

Spending Less Money

You will spend less money if you have multiple online casino accounts. This will compromise your chances of earning points and other VIP rewards because these require more effort to earn. You can skip multi-tier VIP programs and still earn points with casinos that have points and cash back programs. Some casinos allow you to earn multipliers for cash or points. It will increase your chances of earning more money and make you stay on that casino site.

Final Thoughts

Not all players will have a problem spending their money with multiple casinos. Those who want to increase their finances should always err on the side of caution, so they don’t lose significant amounts of money. These suggestions can help you manage multiple online casino accounts and increase your winning rates as well. The idea would be not to rush into things and take your time in managing your accounts.

Do you have multiple online casino accounts? How do you manage them? Let us know in the comments!

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