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14 Biggest Sports Betting Mistakes You May Be Doing [Tips Inside!]

June 5, 2021 2 0
14 Biggest Sports Betting Mistakes You May Be Doing [Tips Inside!]

Sports betting is a fun way of gambling especially for those who are sports enthusiasts. Gamblers know that betting depends purely on chance, and anything can happen. But sometimes, there are strategies formulated so that you can increase your odds of winning. People who are math wizards and seasoned gamblers have an advantage over those who are new to gambling. 

Most gamblers are eager to win big in the fastest way they could, and most of the time, they end up betting erroneously. There are many stories of players throwing away their bankroll without understanding their chances in gambling. To avoid this, here is a list of the most common mistakes in betting. Read on and try to learn them.

Sports Betting Mistakes to Avoid

Not Controlling Your Bankroll

Every gambler should be mindful of their bankroll because it is the most critical factor to avoid committing sports betting mistakes. Experienced gamblers would always say that you should only bet on what you can afford to lose. But many people are still using their personal savings without thinking of how much it would cost them in betting, and only realise it when everything’s gone. 

To avoid this mistake, open a separate account that you will only use for sports betting while keeping your other account strictly for your savings. This practice will save your finances even if you lose in sports betting.

Delusory Assumptions

Even successful gamblers would not lie about the fact that sports betting is purely by chance. You can do some strategies to increase your chances of winning, but it doesn’t give you a guarantee that you will succeed with every bet that you will make. 

To start your sports betting, try avoiding having delusory assumptions that luck will always be at your side and make plenty of easy money.

This type of mindset will put you in a dangerous situation where you would pressure yourself on getting that win, which would eventually lead you to increase your bet some more. Having delusory assumptions also affects your mental health as you lose the essence of having a fun betting experience. 

Try to practice being realistic with your expectations by setting achievable goals, play moderately, and have fun experiencing the thrill of sports betting.

Uncontrolled Wagers

Another basic mistake by those gamblers who are into different sports which they think is better wagers with those sports. This concept would result in multiple betting slips because of the gambler’s interest in many sports. 

All sports have their own way of betting options. It is best that you remain to a single sport that you know best to avoid this sports betting mistake.

Loyalty to a Team

Most sports fans would have their loyalty to a single team and give their support all the time. This also goes for gamblers with sports betting, where they have high hopes with their favourite team to provide them with their desired winnings. But in sports betting, a bettor should also expect that every sports team has their lousy season and seems to be in a rough spot with their every game.

Try to refrain from exerting your loyalty to your team, especially if they are on a losing streak. Your emotions may lead to an empty bankroll, waiting for your team to win.

Betting With Eyes Closed

If you are new to sports betting, it is imperative that you gather all the information about the whole process. You should do your research first about the team that you want to bet on to help you make the right decision on sports betting. There would always be an element of chance in sports betting, but with sufficient details about the team and the sport, your level of chance decreases.

It would be best to know about the players, injuries, managers, rivalries, suspensions, home / away data, and their style of play. Betting blind is when gamblers (mostly beginners) would just choose their favourite team to bet on. Sports teams cannot always give a guaranteed win, which means betting on them blindly without doing proper research is not the best idea.

Betting Just Because

Most gamblers went through this stage where you just have to place your wager on sports betting because you need to. There are moments when your favourite sport for betting isn’t available, and you are still itching to try your luck at that time. You can’t help but browse your bookmaker’s homepage and look for other smaller leagues to satisfy your hunger for sports betting, even if you are not yet familiar with that team.

This is one of the sports betting mistakes that frequently happens on gamblers who are plainly having fun with betting just for the sake of it or simply out of boredom. As a gambler, you should always remember that you are betting real money and should have proper allocations. Try to avoid gambling on an impulse and be patient with your sports betting.

Neglecting the Value

‘Value betting’ is the term that includes betting on a higher probability of winning than what the odds reflect from the bookmaker. This means that you are betting with a higher percentage of winning. 

If you are new to gambling, value betting can be sometimes difficult to understand, and it is usually the seasoned gamblers who apply this. It is best that all gamblers should practice value betting to help them increase their chance of winning.

No Strategy

Every sports game requires sets of strategies in order to beat the opponent and the game itself. Gamblers who play sports betting must know the right market for them, whether they should choose an accumulator or single betting, or whether to go for in-play or pre-match. These are some of the factors that have an impact on your chances of winning in sports betting.

Having a good sports betting strategy is essential, and every gambler should take their time in developing and practising a good technique rather than rushing to place bets. 

Utilising Accumulators Only

Accumulators are one of the types of sports betting where it features the high risk/high reward framework that gives sports bettors the thrill of the game. But it can still be challenging to obtain a win, which makes it one of the sports betting mistakes that you should avoid if you are solely relying on it. Large and daring accumulators should have a maintaining balance to have controlled betting that can save your money. You may also find a reputable bookmaker that provides an acca-related feature that has a money-back bonus if you get all the accumulator wins.

Getting a Loss Back

Every gambler wants to win and it pains them every time they lose. Their hopes are high with that important win, but not all good things will go as planned. Losing a bet can be tempting to get it back as soon as possible, also known as chasing a loss. This habit is very dangerous to gamblers who want to get their loss back, which they intend to do immediately, which makes it even worse. It would be best that you learn how to accept the loss and know when to quit.

Prolonging the Cash Out

Your favourite team has a winning streak, but you are still looking for more. You can sense that you have bigger opportunities to win some more if your team continues with their good plays and waits for bigger cash out.

Large winnings can be tempting to go for more, but greed can destroy you in an instant. Cashing out your winnings can save your finances as you control every event with your sports betting.

Placing Your Bets Under the Influence

Probably the most common sports betting mistake would be placing your bets while under the influence. Drinking and betting do not mix well, and it adds more complications as it blurs your focus on sports betting. Try to bet some other day if you are drinking to avoid risking your money with gambling.

Sticking to a Single Market

Many people would stick to a single market when betting because they are comfortable with it. This is ideal for gamblers who have this working for them, but it would also be beneficial to explore different markets and be adventurous.

Sticking to one market can be a minor mistake, but you might miss out on what the other markets may offer or even obtain better results. 

No Records

Gamblers that do not keep track of their finances, bettings, winnings, and losses may be wasting time and money without the knowledge of whether they are still earning or not. It is one of the biggest sports betting mistakes you can make! It is imperative that every gambler should know how much money they deposited in their accounts, which type of sports and markets they are interested in, and how much they won or lost in sports betting.

Keeping track of your betting history in detail will help you determine which direction you should choose. There are bookmakers who can provide players with detailed information about the activities, which can be useful for gamblers who consider their data as a vital weapon for their gambling.

Final Thoughts

Sports betting is a fun and entertaining form of gambling where there would always be wins and losses. This list of sports betting mistakes will be enough to help you maximise your winnings and save your finances. In reality, there will always be mistakes that will happen, but do not lose hope and enjoy the ride.

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