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How to Make Good Money Playing Poker This 2021

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How to Make Good Money Playing Poker This 2021

Many people are entertained by poker games, whether they are playing or spectators of intense competition from other players. Poker is an exciting card game that requires knowledge of the game and strategies to win the game. 

You need to find ways to outsmart your opponents and work your way up in eliminating everyone on the table. There are many strategies that you need to learn in playing poker. This is important, especially for players who consider playing poker as a way of making good money. 

Many poker enthusiasts learn many things from watching professional players playing in major tournaments. Some would use poker apps or play online with real players and real money. Playing poker normally involves money, and its primary objective is to win all the pot money and be the last player standing. 

People can definitely make money from playing poker, and you can also make a profit while having fun with the game. Here are some factors on how to make good money from playing poker.

Earning Money in Playing Poker Online

Playing poker online can also generate good money if you can win in a poker tournament or any cash games against players from around the world while you are in the comfort of your home. You can also play whenever you want, choose your preferred online poker room, and try to win against good players online.

Follow these procedures if you want to start playing online poker:

  • Search for an online poker site, register your information, and make your deposit.
  • Try to increase your bankroll by joining poker tournaments or good cash games.
  • Observe the game carefully and develop your skills to help increase your rate in winnings.
  • Repeat the second and third procedures before withdrawing your winnings.

Once you finish making your withdrawal, you can come back again to study the game and play better. You can expect to play against better and experienced players the next time you log in to your account. This is a good way of knowing different types of poker players and knowing the signs of how they deal with the game. Here are some of them:

  • Notice that some players may limp most of their hands preflop.
  • During the showdown, they may showdown many trash hands like J4o or T5o.
  • They tend not to fold their draws against large bets.
  • They use a lot of emojis, cursing, or rabbit hunting in chat rooms.

Observing how these players act during a poker game will help you increase your winning rate. Online poker games show an estimated 90% of money winnings by players are from recreational players. This is a great opportunity for you to increase your poker winnings. You can take advantage of the bonuses offered by online poker sites, which are free money for online poker players.

Earning Money in Playing Live Casino Poker

The concept of online poker is obviously from live casino poker games. Playing live casino poker is different from online poker games. You need to travel to be physically present in a casino and be able to play. Most players in a land-based casino have to wait for an available table to start playing. You will also have the chance to witness all your opponents’ reactions during live hands. Live casino poker games can give you an advantage in many ways. 

Playing poker games aims to increase your bankroll while improving your winning rates by studying the game. You can enjoy your card session more when you cash out your chips or keep your bankroll as casino chips.

Select the Right Poker Game for You

There are many game formats of poker for both online and land-based casino poker games. Selecting the right poker game for you can impact your progress as becoming a consistent winner. Many successful players started from tournaments or freerolls in casinos, but most would prefer cash games from land-based or online casinos.

Here are some advantages of playing cash games:

  • You can choose when to start and end your game session.
  • There are games always available compared to scheduled tournaments.
  • There is a little difference in cash games than in tournaments.

During the early days of online poker, the game format that players could use was the Full-Ring No-Limit Hold'em. Today, it only exists in live poker, which makes a 6-max poker the game to play. You can also play at micro stakes online if you are a new online player. These levels can give you a great poker experience without risking a significant amount of your money.

You have limited options in playing live poker. The smallest game that you can play in a casino is the NL200, but not all casinos offer this game. You also need to prepare yourself for a costly game if you intend to buy a full 100bb stack to play in land-based casinos. The gameplay is much slower in playing full ring tables, which can be good training for you if you are starting out in playing poker. Slow gameplays are also great opportunities to study the betting rounds and formulate your strategies for your next game.

Game Selection Importance

Selecting a suitable poker game for you is important in developing your playing skills. You need to choose the game with the highest expectation, which can help you in improving your winning rate through your increased technical skills. Becoming a better player will give you a great advantage over other players, and you start earning more money in playing poker.

Follow these game selection process to help you with playing poker better:

  • Check your location about regulations on land-based and live casinos. 
  • Gather information about rake options on how they can consume your winnings.
  • Check various poker games regularly and take note of the games that you think you can have an advantage in increasing your winning rates.
  • Record your playing sessions for both land-based and online poker and sort the best games for you.
  • Play more games following the initial procedures to increase your skills.

Find Underskilled Players to Play Against

Playing poker is all about good strategy, knowledge, and experience. One of the best ways of winning poker games is finding an underskilled player for you to play against. It would be easier for you to study their moves and know how to counter them in order to win. 

If you have great skills and are still playing against better players, your chances of winning are low. It will be hard for you to earn money by playing poker. You must observe how poker players play at a particular table before sitting down. 

You can start with poker games with low stakes or the smallest poker table available in any land-based casino. This will help you identify players who are making erroneous moves during the game. 

If you are playing online poker, you may use a Heads-Up Display (HUD) to identify loose players. Over 35% VPIP (voluntarily put money in pot) players play too many hands. Sometimes these players tend to be passive with their game.

You may also want to try different types of poker tables and software once you experience a HUD in online poker. There are many poker software available in the market that can help you search for good games. But for live poker, you cannot track the percentage of hands of every player. Instead, you can observe the behavior of recreational players that shows:

  • Staggering in an unopened pot preflop
  • Instead of a 3-betting, they call raises preflop
  • Calling several streets with bottom pairs or medium post-flop
  • Exposing garbage hands during a showdown
  • Posting their Blind out of position
  • Buying in for not greater than 100bb

These procedures may help you in recognizing a weak poker player. Once you are sure of their weak capabilities, ensure that you can get a seat on their left at the poker table. This strategy will help you decide better after them on every hand. You must capitalize on every mistake in the game session.

Playing Good Poker

Playing poker means you need to make better decisions than the other players at the table. Making wrong decisions is sometimes unavoidable, even for some experienced poker players. Good players learn from their mistakes and try to avoid making them in their next sessions. Mistakes would normally happen in every poker session, and it determines who would win eventually.

Players who learn from their mistakes have an advantage over losing or break-even players. They utilize these mistakes in making better decisions in every situation they may encounter. These players would win by playing good poker with fundamentals and capitalizing on their opponents’ errors. You need to understand the theory of poker and use it to gain an advantage over other players.


Playing poker can help you earn good money, especially if you know what to do with your gameplay. There are many factors that can affect your game results, which you should learn which ones to avoid. Making money in playing poker is about a disciplined approach and the ability to control your game properly.

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