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Guide to Online Casino Games in Malaysia

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Guide to Online Casino Games in Malaysia

Belonging to the most vibrant and entertaining countries in Southeast Asia, Malaysia is a country with a longstanding gambling tradition. While the government ban gambling activities for its Muslim citizens, authorities are yet to aggressively enforce this. The fascinating country rich in history, culture, and heritage attracts tourists not only for its amazing beaches and historic landmarks. Many foreigners visit the country for its gambling industry.

It is legal to engage in online gambling in Malaysia as long as players are not Muslims. The country even has one licensed land-based casino located in Genting Highlands, Pahang. Non-Muslim residents in Malaysia are free to gamble all they want. They can choose from a wide variety of table and card games, which can range from a traditional card game to a Las Vegas style of casino games. Players from Malaysia can wager in any casino game, slot machines, lotteries, and even horse racing.

Began in 1969, Malaysia lottery grew rapidly becoming one of the most popular games in the country. Horse race betting is another famous betting option for Malaysia citizens. It has actually evolved to become a lucrative gambling activity authorized and regularized by the Malaysian Racing Association. There are only three major race tracks in the country including Selangor Turf Club, Perak Turf Club, and the Penang Turf Club.

As mentioned, Malaysia is home to one legal brick and mortar casino – the Casino de Genting. The lavish casino is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and offers an interesting array of casino games like Casino War, Stud Poker, Roulette, and Blackjack. The casino has more than 3,000 gaming machines and over 500 table games available for non-Muslim Malaysian players. It even has several restaurants and tons of other entertainment options.

Still, many Malaysian players are not satisfied with the gambling options they have at their disposal. There are still a lot of things they look for in a casino. This is where online casino games roused the interest of many. Many foreign websites that accept Malaysian players give generous bonuses, daily promotions, and the possibility of placing bets on international sports. A large percentage of these online sites also give players better odds and fairer play. Internationally licensed online sites offer fully licensed gameplay allowing players to bet safely and securely.

Online Casinos for Players from Malaysia

While it is legal for non-Muslims to gamble, the Malaysian government is not open to granting any license to any online casino in the country. This means local players will have to visit an online casino based abroad. It is a good thing that many international sites are open to accepting Malaysian players to engage in online casino gambling regardless of their religion or faith.

Those who are keen on using foreign sites for gambling must remember that the government might be tracking banking activities. It is not wise to use credit cards or debit cards to fund online gambling site accounts. The best approach to fund accounts is through the use of e-wallets or electronic wallets. Some online sites accepting Malaysian players also has a discrete billing feature so banks or card issuers will not be able to block or decline any transactions with the website.

Malaysian players on the go can still enjoy gambling at their own time through mobile gambling. Many Malaysians prefer using their smartphones to place their bets. All they need are a stable internet connection and a funded account and they are good to go. They can play poker at a restaurant, bet on roulette at work, and even enjoy a round of blackjack at home.

Another advantage of playing in online casinos is the wide range of entertainment opportunities. Players can choose from Sic Bo, Poker, Roulette, Slots, Bingo, Keno, and so much more without having to move around. One can sit comfortably in their homes and enjoy plenty of casino games without interruption.

Choosing the Best Online Malaysia Casino

With the popularity of online casino in Malaysia, many websites welcome players from the largely Muslim country. The sites offer hefty bonuses and other promotions to entice the players to sign up with them and become a loyal player. However, there are also some operators who take advantage of eager players. When choosing the best casino, it is best to do due diligence especially since if you are playing for real money. Choosing the best online gambling site depends on the personal preferences of the players. Some websites do not offer bonuses but have better odds than most. Others give their loyal players generous bonuses. Players should choose the casino where they feel comfortable and safe while playing. Still, online players must still apply the following tips when choosing a casino. This is especially useful for beginners.

Play Only on Certified Online Casinos

It is not enough that you choose an online casino that accepts players from your country. Make sure that the online casino you choose has the proper certifications and licenses. Playing it safe with regulated online casinos ensure that your money is safe as these sites are often monitored for fairness and reliability.

Don’t Be Distracted by Bonus and Promotions

One of the common mistakes of first time online gamblers is by taking the bait on bonuses and promotions without reading the terms and conditions that contain bonus eligibility. Players should take the time to read the fine print and make sure that the casino welcoming Malaysian players also grant bonuses. Some bonuses are offered only to players from other regions. Many players lose on this technicality. So think ahead and be vigilant about special promotions.

Check Customer Support Services

Players often overlook the importance of a responsive customer support service of an online casino. Most players get frustrated from sites without a reliable customer support. Remember, these sites are located abroad. It is important that you have several means of contacting them should a problem arise. It would also be beneficial to play only on sites that have a 24-hour customer support. Many gambling sites are from countries with a different time zone, so it is best that you can contact them at a time that is most convenient for you.

Malaysia Online Gambling Facts

Is it legal to gamble online in Malaysia?

Gambling is legal in Malaysia for non-Muslims. Under the Sharia Law, Muslims are forbidden to gamble. The same law applies even if you are a tourist. Many of the Malaysian players use overseas online casinos when they want to wager online. Since local authorities cannot really regulate these international casinos.

What is the legal age for gambling in Malaysia?

In Malaysia, the legal gambling age is 21 years old. However, a number of online casinos already welcome players aged 18 years old. Players must be ready to present a valid identification card when signing up with an online website.

Can I play in online casinos using Malaysian ringgits?

Yes, there are a number of online gaming websites that accept Malaysian ringgits. Some players prefer this because they do not have to shoulder exchange fees and deal with conversion rates. Keep in mind, though, that some top-rated websites do not allow players to wager using Malaysian ringgits. Players can deposit in Malaysian ringgits, the site will automatically convert this, and users can place bets using accepted currencies that can be Euros, Pounds, or US Dollars.

How can I fund my online account?

While the Malaysia government may seem lenient in implementing their gambling laws, they can also be unpredictable. To avoid getting into trouble with the authorities, Malaysian players should fund their account through electronic wallets or wire transfers. Playing using cryptocurrency is also an option if the casino accepts this mode of payment. Bitcoin payments and withdrawals are faster, more secure, and allows anonymity of players. Gamblers can also earn by timing the withdrawal when bitcoin prices go up in the market.

How are online gambling sites regulated? How can I be sure that my money is safe?

These online casinos are mostly located abroad and beyond the jurisdiction of the Malaysian government so should a problem arise, players cannot seek help from the local authorities. Good thing that most of these reputable online casinos are regulated and have licenses from their home country. There are usually regional gambling commissions and licensing bodies that issue certifications on the fairness and security of the sites.

Will the government tax casino winnings?

At present, the Malaysian government does not require its citizens to pay taxes on their casino winnings. The authorities only require the casinos to pay taxes on whatever profit they make.

What are the popular games in online casinos for Malaysian players?

Malaysian players prefer to wager on similar games popular with players from other countries. Many of the players from Malaysia play blackjack, bingo, baccarat, slot machines, and roulette. A lot of the gamblers also love the live casino feature of most gambling websites, as it gives them a unique casino experience at the comforts of their homes.

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