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How to Bet on Wrestling: 4 Best Tips for Winning

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How to Bet on Wrestling: 4 Best Tips for Winning

Many people wonder how wrestling betting is possible, knowing that this sport is famous for entertainment purposes. The entertainment industry somehow developed ways of betting on TV shows like Dancing With The Stars, Game of Thrones, Big Brother, and many more. Professional wrestling and other wrestling organizations that produce events fall under the entertainment industry betting. 

There are many mixed opinions about betting on wrestling, especially on the WWE, which we all know is scripted but not fake. It is a surprise to many that you can bet on wrestling, and this article will enlighten the idea. Read on to know more on how to bet on wrestling and get tips to increase your winnings.

Betting on Wrestling

Yes, WWE is scripted, but not a fake entertainment show. People are wondering how sportsbooks can offer to bet on pre-determined results, which means several people in the organization will know who will win. The history of pro wrestling has many upsets, like what happened between Team Hell No defeating the Rhodes Scholars at the Royal Rumble. 

You may also wonder if people in the organization can bet for themselves since they already know who will win in the matches, which is why sportsbooks limit the amount that people can place their bets. They follow a rule of allowing a maximum risk of betting, especially for the people who are “in the know.” Sportsbooks also primarily use pro wrestling as a loss leader, making money from bettors. 

Where to Bet Online Wrestling

The ideal betting site for Americans is BetOnline, which provides more versatility in betting on wrestling and keeps the lines up quickly. You can also gamble at Bovada as they also offer to bet on pro wrestling when they start. This website was the first online sportsbook focused on major wrestling events such as the WrestleMania and Royal Rumble. Bettors can also use 888 Sports to bet on wrestling events. They offer different prop bets and futures from various pro wrestling betting.

Betting Guides for Specific Leagues

AEW: All Elite Wrestling started in 2019 and became the biggest competitor of the WWE. This online sportsbook offers monthly events and optimal betting strategies different from the WWE. 

MLW: Major League Wrestling is another popular promotion that utilizes YouTube for its content. There are also many ways to bet on MLW PPVs that offer various betting options for different events.

NJPW: The New Japan Pro Wrestling started in 1972, and people can now place their bets online. The league showcases individual matches and tournaments such as the G1 Climax.

NXT: NXT was primarily WWE’s developmental league until it became an independent promotion. The next generation (NXT) features different events like the NXT Takeover and Wednesday Night Wars, which generate excellent TV ratings and a lot of betting options.

ROH: Ring of Honor started in 2002 and has many betting options like the other wrestling leagues.

WWE: The World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. is the most popular wrestling league on the planet. There are indeed few promotions in the market that you can find to place bets. The WWE provides betting options for different pay-per-views and other major wrestling events.

Are Wrestling Matches Fake?

Most people have the perception that wrestling matches are fake. Wrestling matches are scripted but not fake, which causes many bettors to think that it would be unfair if members of the organization would place their bets also. They would easily win their bets because they would know the results of the upcoming matches.

Every organization member would only keep the results private within the WWE’s inner circle. Although there are still some leakages of the scripts and results, sportsbooks would advise bettors of the inflated betting lines, which means you must be aware of the difference between sports betting and entertainment betting. You will not be able to maximize your bankroll if you pursue your betting strategies in the entertainment industry.

Entertainment Betting Limits

Sportsbooks always limit the amount of bet for each bettor playing on a particular entertainment event. They would usually set a limit of $100 for every wager, which will protect bettors from people with information on matches. This limit will prevent bettors from people with large bets and the correct information about the matches.

Earning Money on Betting on Wrestling

If you want to bet on wrestling, you need to study the betting odds first and look for matches that have underdog odds of less than +250, an indication of a good bet that you can make. Oddsmakers do not have the inside track information on match results and the handicapping of the available wrestling knowledge to the public.

Bettors can also profit from choosing the winner in a triple-threat, battle royal, royal rumble, or fatal four-way matches. Participants in these events will be plus-money, and these matches have many flashy “finishes” that writers create for their superstars’ protection and to win the title from the crowd champion.

Tips on How to Bet Online

The most straightforward bet you can make with wrestling is placing a wager on who will win the match. Bettors can bet on wrestling events, such as the Royal Rumble or a triple threat match. They can also bet “the field,” which makes your bet much safer with stronger players.

Prop bets are also available with the WWE Championship event, which allows bettors to bet when a champion loses on events before the title match. Bettors can also place their bets on a wrestler that will win the next championship.

Winning Every Bet

At some point in your betting activities, you will experience having straight wins and earn a few bucks than what you expect. You would sometimes wonder if sportsbooks will notice this and would ban your account for suspicion. Sportsbooks know that many people can have strategies on how to bet on wresting, which is why they set limits on the bets. Still, pro wrestling is challenging to figure out and bet on, where many unexpected events happen. 

Strategies on How to Bet on Wrestling

If you have the urge to pursue a successful betting on wrestling, you need to consider having long-term plans to ensure that you won’t lose significant amounts of money for not preparing for this venture. WWE would usually follow through with the results of major events, which is enough reason that you should have a mindset of the booking group and know the results afterward. It is also essential to know that WWE would always has short-term plans as part of its marketing.

Why Should You Bet on WWE?

Wrestling is one of the unusual sports to bet on, considering it thrives in the entertainment industry and would have scripted shows and match results. There are many betting markets that are already available for betting on wrestling, and bettors can earn money from this. Despite the lack of widespread appeal as a major sport, the WWE has a huge fanbase, and many people enjoy betting on their major events. Here are more reasons why you should consider betting on the WWE.

Value: Betting on WWE provides excellent value because bookmakers do not spend much time setting precise lines. The company puts a limit on the amount that high-rollers can bet, while recreational bettors can still have a sensible amount of bets that have good odds. 

Entertaining: WWE is all about entertainment, and that’s what bettors also get aside from earning money. Although the events have pre-determined results, bettors experience a fun time watching who the winner will be. 

Low Risks: If you want safer betting, the WWE would be the ideal place for you to play. Sportsbooks will not pay much money if they find leaked results. It sets lower limits to prevent bettors from having too many risks and affects every bettor's strategies on how to bet on wrestling.

The WWE creates high value and low risks in betting, which is an excellent setup for many bettors. This organization is a good place to learn how to manage your bankroll correctly, especially for beginners. Experienced gamblers can also boost their bankrolls using these low-risk bets on the WWE.

WWE Types of Bets

There are many ways people can bet on WWE events and brands such as Raw, NXT, and Smackdown. Here are some types of bets on WWE that you can choose.

First Time Winner: Betting on wrestlers without a winning record yet.

Appearance Bets: Betting on wrestlers who will first appear in the show.

Longest Ring Time: Betting on a wrestler that has the longest match time inside the ring.

Bout Outcome Bets: Betting on how the winning wrestler will win, such as pinning, submission moves, DQ, and many more.

Elimination Bets: Betting on a wrestler that will lose first, especially in the Royal Rumble event.

Final Thoughts

Betting on wrestling is another fun way of gambling involving athletes that are entertainers. This sport offers many opportunities to develop your skills and strategies in betting. This sport allows you to earn money through betting and have a grand time watching the exciting matches.


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