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How Electronic Table Games are Changing the Casino Landscape

November 1, 2019 3180 0
How Electronic Table Games are Changing the Casino Landscape

Electronic tables games (ETGs) are all the rage right now in Korea, with Interblock first introducing their ETGs last year in Daegu Casino. This trend is revitalizing Korea’s casino industry by providing unique bonus mechanisms and analytical software that make casino games more attractive to the millennials in the age when it has become harder and harder for casino operators to reach out to the younger generation. 

The Changing Times

Back in the day, it was hard to find a table where one can spend $1 for blackjack or $5 for baccarat. With the introduction of e-tables in casinos, it has become a commonplace. In fact, e-tables are prominent fixtures in casinos, and it is no longer about the price, with some high-limit players enjoying the stadium gaming set-up than a roundtable one. 

Electronic gaming tables have tons of games available for play. This includes Ultimate Texas Hold’em, Dragon Bonus Baccarat, Four-Card Poker, DJ Wild Stud Poker, Blackjack, and even Roulette. While they offer the same casino games found in regular tables, millennials dig the electronic games more. In fact, 20-somethings prefer ETGs over slot machines, and this market is driving the growth. 

The Adrenaline Rush

ETGs are popular among the younger generation of gamblers because of the pulse of excitement it brings. If you go inside an electronic gaming club, you will see an incredible mixture of gaming, clubbing, and chatter that seem to excite young players. The new arena has opened a new put for the ETG industry. Automated menus to stadium seating, gaming is on another level. 

Electronic gaming tables seem to have tapped into the mindset of the players today. They no longer wish to be placed in a sad casino corner. They want to be seen in action, like how esports players have millions of audiences when they play in tournaments. Players have access to their own monitors, and they have the liberty to toggle in several games like Baccarat, Blackjack, Craps, and Roulette simultaneously without downtime. All these they can do with a DJ blasting music, lights continuously changing, and a video wall in the background. Dealers here do not need to have the skills, as they are more of entertainers since the console does the job for them. Often, dealers engage the players to gamble more. 

Electronic Table Games (ETG) Introducing New Concepts

Some casino operators report losses because they can no longer attract the younger market. However, the introduction of electronic table games into casinos have introduced a new concept that would appeal to the younger generation. Slot machines are not attractive to these inexperienced gamblers, but when it becomes incorporated into a device that has other gaming features, it can somehow grab their attention. 

Incorporating Multi-Game Terminals

Casinos are now contemplating providing gaming tables that would allow gamblers to play a wide variety of games on one table. They no longer have to transfer tables if they want to play poker and blackjack, making their lives easier, thus attracting more players.

Virtual Reality Gambling

While live dealer games offer the same exhilarating experience of playing in land-based casinos, it is not enough for demanding millennials. They are technologically-driven. And this is something that casino operators are slowly understanding. To cater to the millennial market, they have to introduce new technology into their casino games, and of the latest techs that they should include is the use of virtual reality. Several casino game developers are now making their foray into virtual reality. NetEnt already launched VR versions of Jack and the Beanstalk. PokerStars also released its virtual reality poker room. 

By 2020, as much as 37 million individuals will own a VR headset, and if casino operators would want to get at least half of that number, they have to double their efforts. 

Mobile Gaming Expansion

While several brick-and-mortar casinos have already offered mobile gaming for their customers as a means to provide convenience and mobility. Mobile gaming would do well with millennials who like to multitask. Some gamblers would want to play blackjack or poker while they are out partying with friends. By offering mobile gaming, casinos can provide the millennial generation with their gambling needs without causing them to FOMO. 

Voice Controlled Gaming

Younger gamblers are said to be lazy. Well, with the advent of technology, you can’t really blame them. Technological advancements such as voice control (you know – Alexa, Echo, Siri) will allow the younger gamblers to take control of their gaming experience. Casino operators can take advantage of this technology to enable gamblers to verbally control their betting actions on electronic table games, poker, or slots. Tables with voice control can also provide players with personalized experience such as ordering food and drinks and even hailing a cab or calling valet service. 

Can Casinos Still Attract Young Gamblers to the Fold?

Casino operators are in luck, in the sense that they have tons of options at their disposal to attract young gamblers. In recent years, slot machines have undergone innovations to become more technologically appealing to the inexperienced players. If you think about it, most of them exerted efforts to keep up with the times. However, their advancements weren’t enough to convince young gamblers. The main problem lies in their lack of features. Slots do not have the skill and interactivity that video games can offer players. 

Millennials have, at a young age, been exposed to console games that challenge their thinking process and improve their skills. Slot machines of today are based on luck. They would only have to spin the reels, and luck favours them. While this gaming method has attracted previous generations of gamblers, it is not as exciting as the new generation of players would want it to be. However, with the growing popularity of electronic table games with the younger generation of gamblers is a good sign that all is not lost for casino operators. They still have a fighting chance to attract new players into the fold. They just have to do it as fast as possible.

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