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Different Types of Poker You Should Be Playing (Part 2)

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Different Types of Poker You Should Be Playing (Part 2)

Poker in Cambodia is often untended by casino operators, and it only plays a small part in the gambling industry. But it has been consistently progressing, though more gradual, both in the underground and legal settings. There are so many casinos in Cambodia. However, only a few are catering poker. Some have hosted poker like Poipet or Bavet but never permanently or consistently. Cash games are accessible at any time, starting from $1/$3 blinds.

Despite the implementation of the gambling law, there are still establishments in no less than 13 different cities in Cambodia, who cater to the game. For this region, poker players can always hope for the progress of the game, like some different poker game versions. 

2-7 Triple Draw

2-7 Triple Draw uses blinds but no community cards, it’s straightforward and fundamental. It is the best lowball game of all poker variants. Here are the basics:


  • The objective of the game is to produce the highest possible five-card low hand.
  • Straights and flushes count, and aces are highest. The best hand is unsuited 2, 3, 4, 5, and 7.
  • The game uses a dealer button and blinds the same as in Texas Hold’em.
  • All players are dealt five cards and betting begins with the player to the left of the big blind. 
  • Each player is allowed to draw up to five new cards after the betting rounds.
  • 2-7 Triple Draw has four betting rounds, and three draws and with fixed betting restraints.
  • Players left in the final round must show down their cards to determine who wins.

2-7 Triple Draw Advantages

  • Lowball games like triple draw are a fun way to heat things if Texas Hold’em is getting boring.
  • 2-7 Triple Draw is a bluffing and mind games.

2-7 Triple Draw Disadvantages

  • Online games are available since live games are scant.
  • There is a no-limit version for the Triple Draw.

No-Limit 2-7 Single Draw – The most popular lowball game in poker game versions, but it is not the most fun version of 2-7. There is more bluffing and action in the No-Limit 2-7 with a single draw. Betting and raising at any amount is allowed with one draw and two betting rounds.

Five-Card Draw


Just like Hold’em, Five Card Draw uses blinds and a dealer button.

  • Each participating player receives five cards, and the first round of betting starts with the player to the left of the big blind.
  • A player can exchange any number of their cards for new cards, starting with the player to the left of the dealer after betting.
  • After the draw, another betting will be available, starting with the player to the left of the dealer.
  • Any player left at the final round must show their cards, and the winner will be the bearer of the best five-card high poker hand.

The Five Card Draw is the higher version of the 2-7 Triple Draw with their similar rules.

Five Card Draw Advantages

  • You will have a difficult time playing if you are easily threatened by bluffing or calling bluffs.
  • Five Card Draw is a mind game poker variant, and there are no community cards.
  • You can gain an advantage by reviewing the strategies of each player.

Five Card Draws Disadvantages

  • The same with 2-7 Triple Draw, online games are always available.

Perfect Locations to Play 5-Card Draw – Since the live draw games are becoming much less popular, the best place to play is online.

Chinese Poker

Chinese poker is among the unique poker game versions, which requires more effort to learn.


  • Chinese poker requires only four players per game.
  • A player is dealt with thirteen cards and must arrange them into three different poker hands as possible.
    • The first hand, or top hand, must be the lowest-ranking poker of the three and is made up of three cards.
    • The middle hand follows in the ranking, it must be higher than the front hand, and it is composed of five cards.
    • The bottom hand is also composed of five cards, and it is ranked the highest hand of the three.
    • The scores of the players will vary against the corresponding hand of the rest of all the players.
  • Before the start of the game, all players must agree on a dollar value per point. One point corresponds to each winning hand against each player.
  • Other players play with special royalties for scooping all three hands.

Chinese Poker Advantages

  • Easy to understand and play with lots of action.
  • You get 13 cards to look at strictly one at a time in Chinese Poker.
  • Very similar to Pai Gow Poker.

Chinese Poker Disadvantages

  • The scoring can be very confusing for first time players.

Open-Face Chinese Poker

This version of Chinese Poker has more sweats and even more gamble. Here are the rules:

  • Instead of receiving all 13 cards at once, every player starts with five cards and build their first three Chinese Poker hands.
  • Each player then draws one card from the deck per turn and continues to construct their hands.
  • The game gives you more decisions and excitement since you have to draw each card one at a time
  • There are way more decisions since you have to draw a card one at a time.



HORSE is an acronym that contains five different poker games. 

  • The HORSE games are:
    • Hold’em
    • Omaha Hi-Lo
    • Razz
    • Seven Card Stud
    • Seven Card Stud Eight or Better (Hi-Lo)
  • Every game played for one orbit before proceeding to the next deal.
  • All games are with a discussed fixed betting limits in HORSE.

HORSE Advantages

HORSE is a game for people who have a lot of knowledge and strategies about poker. Unfortunately, HORSE is not a beginner-friendly poker variant.

  • It has a wide variety of selections of fixed-limit games from Hold’em.
  • With a solid strategy, you would be able to get an advantage from the other players.

HORSE Disadvantages

  • This poker game version may be slow and tedious for some people. They would prefer Pot-Limit Omaha or No-Limit Hold’em.

The best place to play HORSE is through online games. There is a lot of micro-stakes cash games at HORSE, tournaments, and sit and go’s.

Famous Chip Reese HORSE Win

The World Series of Poker offered an individual $50,000 buy-in HORSE tournament in 2006. The event is to determine the very best mixed-game poker players in the industry. The competition was the most significant buy-in in WSOP history, and 143 players participated. Chip Reese and Andy Block reached the finals and battled for the $1.7 million jackpot prize. The two players lasted for 12 hours, and Reese emerged as the greatest mixed-game player in history. It was a world record for the most extended heads-up battle ever at the WSOP. Sadly, Reese passed away the following year.


Badugi is another one of the extraordinary poker game versions that use a unique hand ranking system. It is a lowball game, but it has some extra added features that differentiate it from other poker variations.


Badugi utilizes a dealer button and blinds like Hold’em.

  • Four cards are facing down for each player.
  • The player seated to the left of the dealer gets to bet first and moves clockwise.
  • Players can replace any number of cards for new ones after the betting is complete.
  • After the final betting round, there are a total of three draws allowed. Any player left n the hand must show their cards to know who wins.
  • The objective of the game is to have the lowest unsuited, unpaired hand.
  • The best possible hand is Ace-2-3-4 of all different suites, and aces are low.

Badugi is a bit difficult game and takes time to feel comfortable playing it. It has several similarities to 2-7 Triple Draw; however, the hand ranking system is unusual.

Badugi Advantages

  • It is essential to know how to bluff and play aggressive that makes it an entertaining poker game.

Badugi Disadvantages

  • There are no community cards to assist you with what the other players’ have, much like the different versions of draw poker.
  • Badugi is mostly an online or home game. Live Badugi game may be hard to find.

Baduci (Badeucy)

A combination of 2-7 Triple Draw and Badugi, this is one of the poker game versions that is even more fun to play. Here are the notable features:

  • Each player gets five cards and follows the 2-7 and Badugi game format.
  • Half of the pot goes to the best 2-7 lowball hand and the other half to the best Badugi hand.
  • The four best cards are to determine the players’ Badugi hands.

Gambling in Cambodia

The border casinos in Cambodia enjoy a lot of popularity because visiting gamblers are most welcome to participate in the action. Most of Cambodia’s neighbor countries contribute to influencing many people to continue playing poker and other listed casino games. Poker is a fascinating game to play, but different poker variants spice things up for poker players.

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