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Bizarre Casino Locations That You Should Know

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Bizarre Casino Locations That You Should Know

With its diverse geography, Malaysia offers a variety of reasons to explore their country. Provisions of hotels and other entertainment structures are available in places you will surely enjoy. For one, the famous Casino de Genting, which is situated high above their mountains, is an integration of a hotel and casino at its finest. It is one of the clear examples of bizarre casino locations, which gave us enough reason to uncover the top bizarre casino locations all over the world, and here are some of the extreme casinos ever built.

Bizarre Casino Locations in the World

A Casino Built on a Puddle, Illinois

The Rivers Casino in Des Plaines stands on a puddle in a very creative and fascinating way. It operates just like any other casino, and it entirely complies with the law. Though under the Illinois state law, they only allow riverboat casinos to operate on water. So the owner of the Rivers Casino built the casino on a puddle, which is a small ditch of water. It was a smart idea for the owner of the casino to provide a creative way to operate a land-based casino and not break any laws of the state at the same time.

The Rivers Casino is strategically in a location that is just a few miles away from the downtown area of Chicago and O’Hare International Airport. It was only opened in 2011 and provided 1,000 slot machines and around 50 casino table games that present roulette, poker, blackjack, and baccarat.

Casinò di Venezia, Italy

In the captivating city of Venice, lies the oldest casino in the world – The Casinò di Venezia, established in the year 1638. The casino will treat you with an exceptional experience that no other casinos in the world can match. You can enjoy a simple walk down the cobalt streets, smell the gentle breeze from the sea, and fall in love with the cityscape of one of the most lovely cities in the world. Then take a stroll inside a historic casino that offers excellent entertainment since the period of Charles II of England. It features spectacular Venetian architecture and a luxurious and overwhelming interior as a treat for its guests since the 17th century.

Casino Palais Savarin, Prague

Situated in a fairytale-like city of Prague, near the gorgeous Casino Palais Savarin, this remarkable old casino attracts both gamblers and tourists. Although, this casino is a bit small and it cannot accommodate large groups of people because of its limited space. The casino also houses only a few games, but still, it offers a subtle charm to attract the guests.  

The Holland Casino at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

While waiting for a flight in the Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, you can have a small drink and a game of blackjack inside the Holland Casino to kill time. The casino doesn’t host a lot of games, but it gives you reasons not to get bored while waiting for your flight. The Holland Casino took advantage of an opportunity to run a business inside the airport and entertain people.

X-Train Casino on the Rails

The X-Train Casino offers passengers a chance to play while on the road and gain some profit from it somehow. The casino is complete with its services, and it provides beverages, food, and you would feel you are inside a genuine casino. It is a must-try for gamblers who seek a casino that has more to offer.

Casino in the Clouds

The Casino in the Clouds is a prototype of a fully operating casino designed exclusively for airplanes, created by AirJet Designs and Designescence. The Casino in the Clouds is a first-class flying casino every gambler would want to try. It offers a luxurious experience, excellent interior design, bar, and games.

Minecraft Casino

Online casinos provide players with convenient gaming experience. Programmers had an idea of integrating a casino in one of the most popular online gaming. You can now find a real casino inside the World of Minecraft. It is a replica of a real land-based casino that offers popular casino games with a detailed interior to make you feel you are playing inside a real casino.

The Virtual Reality Casino

The Slot Millions is a virtual reality casino that provides a real-life experience of a land-based casino where you can walk through it and play with all the games, see and interact with other players, and have fun just as you would in a real casino. This VR casino offers an opportunity for you to experience what a rich casino would. Gamblers may consider this as the future of the industry.   

The Haunted Casino in Las Vegas

The famous Bally’s Casino in Las Vegas has a reputation of being a haunted place. There was once a casino in the 80s that burned down, where they built the Bally's casino. The incident has recorded many dead people and left several people injured. There were sightings of spirits, ghosts, and poltergeists over the decades. 

The Macau Palace, Macau

One of the most well-known casinos in the world, The Macau Palace, has a unique architectural design and a captivating location. The casino is floating on the sea, giving its guests an unforgettable experience. The James Bond movie “The Man with the Golden Gun,” featured the Macau Palace, which started to become a legend that it is today. The casino embraced thousands of fortunate guests in the late 90s and became a distinctive casino in history. 

Imperial Hotel in Cripple Creek, Colorado

The Imperial Hotel in Cripple Creek is one of the scariest hotels in the world. The urban legend states that one night, the slot machines inside the casino started dispensing coins out. The event was never made clear, and it remained a puzzle. This incident wasn’t the only mysterious event that happened. Many guests described ghost sightings. Most of them were the ghost of the previous hotel owner.

Casino Goa

The Casino Goa is a casino that operates on a yacht that offers a truly splendid experience. The deep blue seas and warm climates will make you enjoy more when you sip your drink and gamble. Either you win or lose on Casino Goa, you will surely go home with a big smile on your face for an invaluable experience.

The Basement Casino North Cadbury Court

The North Cadbury Court building has a basement casino that provides all exemplary tables and casino games, just like a regular casino has. The casino lies in a 16th-century building in the beautiful English countryside where you can have a distinctive casino experience. This casino has separate poker rooms and low ceilings that promises a classy time at this classic English building.

Sun City Resort, South Africa

The Sun City Resort gives you a chance to catch sight of the exotic and wild animals during your stay. It would be more inviting to experience this during your break from the casino games. The casino gives you an assurance of a fun experience as you play your stakes at the tables and explore the most exotic wildlife and experience the best tourist attraction in South Africa.

Prairie Knights Casino and Resort

The Prairie Knights Casino and Resort is in one of the most bizarre locations of casinos. It is situated in North Dakota, surrounded by its grating nature. The casino offers luxurious rooms, bars, and a diversity of games to choose from and place your bets. The Prairie Knights Casino and Resort gives you a relaxing time in a remote and isolated paradise.

The Desert Cave Hotel, An Underground Casino

The Desert Cave Hotel is an Australian casino situated deep underground, chiselled out of a mountainous desert, and provides an otherworldly gambling experience. The casino offers many classic table games, slot machines, and an elegant interior for gamblers to enjoy. The Desert Cave Hotel is for adventure-seekers, and you would even say it is one of the bizarre locations of casinos in the world.

Resorts World Genting, Pahang, Malaysia

The definition of secluded best describes the location of the Resorts World Genting. The casino stands on the highest altitude of the Pahang mountains, surrounded by exotic flora. The famous World Genting founded this extravagant casino. Everyone is welcome to visit this place, whether you are a gambler or not, to experience the breathtaking view. It will surely give you an unforgettable trip to the mountains.

Constructing Extremely

Gambling has become one of the most liked ways of entertainment for the past centuries. It has become a profitable business in the world during the 20th century. For years, it has muddled through to establish itself as an illustrious pastime for people. Gambling became so popular, and it is now a common thing for casinos to provide other forms of entertainment such as sporting events, concerts, and shows. 

Hotels also integrate casinos to provide more than just playing your favourite games. A casino hotel lets you dine in elegant restaurants, enjoy the swimming pool, drink cocktails, watch some shows, and much more. Casino operators tend to be more extreme by providing bizarre casino locations. It is a guarantee that gamblers will surely enjoy their stay while placing those bets.

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