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Basic Casino Etiquette: How to Behave Properly in Casinos

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Basic Casino Etiquette: How to Behave Properly in Casinos

If you played your first casino games via desktop or smartphone, you might not have any idea about the subtle casino etiquette dos and don’ts in a land-based casino. While the primary purpose of a casino visit is to have fun, there are some unspoken rules every gambler needs to follow to ensure an enjoyable experience. 

What Should You Not Do in a Casino?

Etiquette is something you don’t think about too much, but when it is lacking, you’ll notice it immediately. You may forget about the ten individuals who hold the door open for you, but you’ll likely pay attention to the one who lets it slam in your face.

Your location often dictates the proper etiquette, and casinos have their own set of etiquette rules. Unfortunately, people break those rules of etiquette far more often than you might realize. So to help you familiarize yourself with proper etiquette, here’s a guide on how not to behave in the casino. 

Don’t Violate Personal Space

Casinos are usually jam-packed with players, especially when you’re at table games like craps or blackjack. You’ll inevitably bump into each other or brush arms when a ton of people crowd around one craps table. However, it’s worth noting that accidental touches in a crowded space are different from intentional violations of someone’s personal space. 

In some instances, the casino gets so busy that you need to get close to get a spot at the table. However, if the table is so jam-packed you’d need to lean on someone else to get in, then proper casino etiquette is to just find a different table to join. If you can’t find an available table, you could always pick a different game. 

Don’t Ignore or Poke Fun at Other’s Superstitions

Gamblers tend to be very superstitious individuals. It’s usual for them to buy stuff like a particular slot machine is hot or cold. Some roulette players believe they can predict which number the ball will fall on by looking at patterns. Another example is craps players who never say the number seven because by doing so, the next roll will allegedly land on seven. 

Don’t be the person that tells everyone in the casino about why their superstitions are wrong. At the end of the day, it all comes down to the luck of the draw or dice roll. For many gamblers, superstitions are part of the fun. Even those who don’t believe in luck or patterns still join in the notion as it adds to the excitement of the game. 

Never Mistreat the Casino Staff

While gamblers are usually nice to the casino staff, you’ll still encounter some disrespectful players. These are the individuals who yell at the dealers as if they have something to do with them losing. Some even demand to speak with the pit boss. More often than not, their lack of casino etiquette earns a security escort as they’re asked to leave.

It’s awful to see those kinds of people, but it doesn’t happen very often. However, some subtle and acceptable actions aren’t really okay. Using pet names to refer to the casino staff is also a type of mistreatment. However you do it, disrespect is still disrespect.

Don’t Abuse the Privilege of Smoking

If you’re a smoker, the good news is some casinos allow smoking in specific areas. It’s nobody’s place to decide what you put in your body. However, non-smokers are entitled to an opinion as to what affects their bodies. Not all neighboring gamblers are okay with inhaling secondhand smoke, so it’s proper casino etiquette to ask if they would be put off by your smoking.

Don’t Give Unsolicited Advice

Another proper casino etiquette is not to give gambling advice unless asked. This is not to question your knowledge or expertise, but rather strongly advising you against sharing unsolicited advice. Similarly, your criticisms and opinions of fellow players are unwelcome. It’s best to just keep the criticism to yourself.

Proper Etiquette to Know Before Going to a Casino

For first-time casino goers, casinos usually have cameras all over the place, along with security guards walking around. You don’t have to worry about that. To guide you, here are some simple casino etiquette rules you can follow:

Forget the Phone

Talking on your smartphone is distracting to other players, not to mention rude. More often than not, the croupier will ask you to turn your phone off or take your call away from the table. Also, avoid taking pictures or recording videos. Most establishments have strict policies against such behavior. It sometimes leads to confiscation or even security escort out. 

Dress Properly

If you want to belong, dress for the occasion. You don’t have to splurge on fancy clothes, just dress properly. Many big casinos in Las Vegas allow sandals and Hawaiian, but many others don’t. Always check with the casino first so you won’t have to go back home to change.

Drink Responsibly

Sure, casinos are a fun place to chill out and have so much fun while gambling. But here’s a word of caution: don’t let the booze get the better of you. Of course, you don’t want to take the fun out of your and the other players’ experience. 

Learn To Tip

Unless you’re gambling in a country where you can’t tip dealers, it’s expected that you do so. How much you’re going to give is entirely up to you. You don’t have to be pressured to gift a hefty portion of your stack if you win big. 

Put the Money on the Table

If you wish to purchase more chips, don’t give the money to the dealer directly. Instead, place it on the table. The dealer will take it and give you the corresponding number of chips. Always remember how much money you can afford to bet and lose to avoid stress.

Keep Your Cool

It’s normal to feel aggravated after a heavy loss. However, blaming a rigged game or the dealer is wrong. One of the best casino etiquettes is to be gracious in defeat. Don’t make a scene. That will only make you look even more like a loser.

Enjoy the Game

While it may seem a bit too much at times, your casino visit should be fun and chill. Relax, take it easy, and always have a good time. If you’re a newbie, don’t worry! Every player had to start somewhere. If you’re having difficulty, don’t hesitate to ask politely. 

Understand Hand Signals

Learning verbal commands wouldn’t be enough, especially when playing blackjack. You’ll have to master your gameplay by using hand signals to tell the way you wish to play your cards. But it’s not that hard. It depends on whether the cards have been dealt face up or down. 

For face up, tap the table for “hit” and wave your hand over the table for “stick.” If it’s “double,” put your matching bet next to your original wager, then hold up one finger. Do the same action with two fingers for “split.” Now for cards dealt face down, lightly scrape the corner of the cards using your cards for “hit.” For “stick,” use one hand to slide your cards underneath your bet. 

Final Thoughts on Casino Etiquette

Casino etiquette might not be the first thing that comes to your mind when you enter a casino, but they are essential. After understanding casino rules, the next step is to learn basic casino etiquette. That is to avoid glances from your fellow players and wide-eyed glares from the dealer. Best believe following these no-brainer casino etiquettes can help make any casino trip a little smoother.

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