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How to Dress for a Casino Night

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How to Dress for a Casino Night

Whether you’re a seasoned or novice player, you’re expected to dress for a casino night a certain way. Not all casinos have a specific dress code, but most have rules on what you should or should not wear. Some land-based gambling establishments are requiring that male guests wear a blazer and tie while women guests dress in a decent evening outfit.

Just to be clear, you don’t have to show up in a casino in a fancy, expensive suite. Just be presentable and enjoy the night. In this article, you’ll learn more about how to dress for a casino night.

Do Casinos Have a Dress Code?

If you watch a casino scene in a gambling movie, you’ll notice everyone is sporting designer tuxedos and fancy dresses. But in reality, that’s not what you’ll see in some random brick-and-mortar casinos. Casino dress codes have drastically evolved. They have become more relax. 

As a casino guest, you’re expected to dress a certain way. You must follow the casino dress code out of respect for the casino and other gamblers. While some casinos let you wear what you’re comfortable in, other gambling venues have a specific dress code. And that is particularly true at upscale casinos. 

How Should I Dress for a Casino?

Whatever the occasion, knowing how to dress for a casino night is proper casino etiquette. If you want to fit in, feel comfortable, and make a lasting impression on your next casino trip, this guide to casino dress codes was made with you in mind. Below are some steps on how to dress for a casino night:

Research the Casino Dress Code

First things first, do your homework on your casino’s dress code. As mentioned previously, not all casinos were made equally. For sure you don’t want to end up red-faced or unable to enter a casino for wearing a pair of sneakers or the wrong type of jacket.

You’ll usually find anything you need to know on the casino’s website. If that doesn’t work, try emailing or calling to ask. Remember, some higher-end casinos can be strict. Avoid being that person who didn’t get the memo.

Check Out Photos

If you’re still in doubt, most casinos have an online photo gallery. That will give you a glimpse of casino staff and patron outfits. From there, you’ll get an idea of how formal the casino area, bars, and restaurants are. You may use it to find inspiration for how you’ll dress for your casino visit. 

Browsing through photos will also help you discover how upscale the casino is. Coming in overdressed as the only individual wearing a tux or evening gown is just as embarrassing as realizing you’re the only one without a dinner jacket. 

Use Your Network

When deciding how to dress for a casino night, the context of your evening also matters. If you’re going with friends, find out what they’re going to wear, so you’re all in sync. You may also turn to social media. Ask your Facebook friends, check out the latest Instagram photos at your casino, and see how celebrities dress for a casino. 

Moreover, YouTube may also come in handy. Several giant casino companies post bitesize clips about etiquette and dress code at their establishments.

Have a Plan B

Firstly, ask yourself what you’ll be doing at the casino and afterward. Of course, it’s fun to leave things open-ended and see where the night takes you. However, your attire should be appropriate. 

When in doubt, it’s always best to have options. Bring spare clothes with you. That way, you won’t have to party wearing high-heels after a formal dinner or sport a jacket to enter fine dining if hunger strikes. If you’re worried about carrying them, many establishments have locker rooms where you can leave your change of clothes or shoes. 

Decide if You Have to Buy an Outfit 

After researching how to dress for a casino, ask yourself: do I need a new outfit? But be warned, your budget for a classy evening at a casino can multiply if you add a new piece into the mix. 

Another tip: buying at an on-site casino store can be expensive. So if you have a tight budget, that’s worth looking around. Remember, you don’t always need to buy something new or expensive. You may rent an outfit, borrow from a friend, or check your local charity shop for a great deal.

Don’t Forget the Shoes

It goes without saying that your pair of shoes is a crucial part of your overall look. Wear shoes that match a tux or a suit. However, you don’t have to wear anything you’re uncomfortable with. When planning how to dress for a casino trip, always adhere to the dress code. 

Flats are as valid as heels and probably more flexible even in a formal setting. However, you’d do well to avoid flip-flops, sandals, boots, sneakers, and whatnots. It’s best to keep those for the gym and beach. 

Make Sure You Are Comfortable

The key is to try everything on in advance. That way, there will be no surprises on the evening of your casino visit. Limping around the venue in uncomfortable shoes or outfits is a recipe for disaster. It’s the fastest way to ruin the evening, regardless of how good you look. 

Casino resorts can be very spacious, and the night may be long. Therefore, make sure that you’re comfortable. But just to be clear, comfy doesn’t mean wearing jeans, sportswear, lounge pants, and stuff like that.

What Not to Wear to a Casino?

By all means, steer clear of colors that don’t match your skin tone or hair color. You have to check your wardrobe to see if your outfit is appropriate. Decide on a budget with that in mind. For sure, you don’t want to splurge on designer items and have a limited budget on games and drinks. 

The majority of land-based casino establishments won’t normally exclude you if you’re not dressed to the highest degree. However, they discourage super-casual outfits. Some general tips will save you from making any major mistakes when planning how to dress for a casino. The following are the most common no-nos:

  • Flip flops
  • Shorts or sweatshirts 
  • Overly revealing clothing
  • Torn or dirty clothing articles
  • Clothes with offensive slogans or images 
  • Casual clothing (especially when looking for some high-end casinos or VIP lounges)

Differences of Dressing for a Casino Day and Night

Daytime casino dress code is usually more casual than the expected night outfits. If you’re planning on going to a casino during the day, wearing casual pieces like trousers or jeans is fine. But once the sun sets, wearing t-shirts or shorts is inappropriate. Therefore, it’s advisable to opt for a collared or button-down shirt instead.

When deciding what to wear for a casino night, it’s best to check in advance what the atmosphere is like. That will save you from the hassle of queueing only to end up rejected on your way in. Remember that the more upscale a casino is, the fancier you’ll have to dress.

The Bottom Line

If you’re going all out and shed a lot of money, you can probably show up in practically any clothing article without the blink of an eye. However, note that some gambling establishments are strict regarding how they want you to dress for a casino visit. As a casino goer, you need to abide by the casino dress code at all times.

Depending on your plan and what type of casino you’re visiting, varying dress codes may apply. Now that you’ve read the dos and don’ts of dressing for a casino, you should be all set.

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