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Winning in Vietnamese Casinos: Tips and Tricks for Expats

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Winning in Vietnamese Casinos: Tips and Tricks for Expats

Visiting Vietnam will always take you to unexpected routes since the country is home to some exotic food offerings and exciting places to see. One of the highlights of any expat’s visit to Vietnam is to explore the growing business of gambling. Ho Chi Minh City is one of Vietnam’s most prolific areas for gambling. The city is filled to the brim with casinos and gaming centres that cater to foreigners and expats looking for some form of enjoyable entertainment.

Betting in casinos is always tricky. It is, almost always, expected that guests will never win against the house. Still, there are some tips and tricks one can use to somehow win against the house edge. Of course, the top tip one should never forget before entering any casino in any place to make sure never to bet more than they can afford to lose. Money troubles always stem from being too confident on the table and betting more than they can handle.

Tips and Tricks for Winning in Vietnamese Casinos

1. Remember the saying, “The house always wins.”

Keeping this fact in mind will help you win. House edge is ever present in any casino game. This simply means that whenever you place a bet with a 50% chance, you only get back somewhere from 49% to 47% and not the entire 50%. For example, flipping a coin in a Vietnamese casino and betting $10 will only give you a payout of $9.75 if you win. If you lose, you lose the entire $10.

How can you win by knowing this? You have to know which games have the best odds or the ones with the lowest house edge. Some experts advise beating the odds by going big. It can be a bit frightening, particularly for newbie bettors and even the hardiest punters still get crazy when they bet big. However, betting on a game more and bigger will somehow remove the house edge. Keep in mind that bigger and less-frequent wagers will often keep your stake intact.

2. Free Drinks.

Vietnamese casinos or any other casinos often provide their guests with free drinks. Some would grab every opportunity to grab as many free drinks as possible so that the money you lose on the table somehow ends up in your tummy through free drinks. Others believe that casinos offer free drinks to their guests so they can become pretty drunk and lose inhibition, bet more, and let the casino earn more money.

Don’t play into the hands of these casinos. Stay on top of your game by grabbing some of those drinks, stay sober, and focus on your bets and stake. The free drink strategy is tried and tested by casinos all over the world. Even the classiest casinos in the world know their guests well – provide them well and they will pay well. Remember, the more you drink, the higher the chance that you will lose your head and loads of cash.

If a casino offers you free food, grab it by all means. However, don’t let it fool you into thinking that it is okay to lose money because the casino fed you well. Also, watch out for exciting deals from the casino. Say, you lost a certain amount of money, ask whether they can give you free accommodation already.

3. Choose the best games to play in.

What is the best casino game to play whilst in Vietnam? Our bet is on Blackjack. The game is pretty easy to play. It has a simple concept – you simply have to beat the score of the dealer without your cards going beyond 21. In this game, you can win back your stake and even double it up. This is one of the best ways of winning in Vietnamese casinos.

Still, Blackjack still has a house edge – roughly around 2% which can be applied over time. For some quick cash, Blackjack is the best casino game to play in a Vietnamese casino. Vietnamese casinos offer Blackjack games with a minimum bet of only $10 so it is indeed a fun game to start your casino journey in Vietnam.

Casino games have corresponding house edges. Choose the ones with the lowest and play well.

4. American Roulette vs. European Roulette

If you want to try your luck in roulette, do you know the best way to go? Some experienced punters know that a gambler should never play American roulette if they can choose the European wheel. The two games are quite different since the European version only has one zero and the American one has two – a zero and a double zero. This little difference is actually crucial as it shunts the odds of the roulette further into the house.

There are, in fact, some casino players who never go inside a casino with an American roulette as they consider it a strong indication of the attitude of the casino – a place that would really maximise its take from its guests.

Expats visiting Vietnam are quite lucky to have European roulette in almost all of the casinos in Ho Chi Minh City. So, whilst there, grab the chance to bet on the European wheel.

5. Don’t get distracted by the addictive and wholly entertaining slots.

Slots in casinos are easily their money makers. The bright lights and loud noise attract both experienced and newbie gamblers. Casino players always end up losing money when they play slots. It is addictive and often cost many gamblers loads of cash. If you love playing slots, better play in machines with a progressive jackpot. You can also opt to play online slots to regulate how much money you can only bet.

Overall, winning in Vietnamese casinos is easy if you know how to limit your bets. Betting within your stake and having a fun and entertaining time will surely make you a winner no matter which casino you go to. Playing in casinos is all about having fun. You lose the fun side of it when you start losing money.

One final trick in winning in Vietnamese casinos is to only win no more than $5,000 as that is the only amount you can bring out of the country legally.

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