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UFC Betting 101: How To Bet on a Fight

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UFC Betting 101: How To Bet on a Fight

No other sport is as thrilling as the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s (UFC) fast-paced, hard-hitting action. Due to the thrill and unpredictability that comes with every match, it has become so popular across the globe. Thousands of fans place their stakes on the result of any given game. In fact, UFC betting has become nearly as popular as the sport itself. This likely contributes to its soaring popularity worldwide.

If you’re new to UFC betting, you might be asking, is UFC and MMA the same thing? The short answer is no. Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a sport, whereas UFC is an organization that promotes MMA fights. UFC is like the NBA of basketball and FIFA of football. And matches are available to watch no matter what country you’re in.

Depending on the odds available at a particular fight, you can win good money in UFC betting. Betting on the underdog can even give you massive victory. It’s up to you to devise a strategy that works for you. Below are all the things you need to know to kickstart your UFC betting journey.

Can I Bet on UFC?

Yes, sports betting sites allow you to bet on UFC fights online. MMA is one of the most popular sports among bookies. The rivalry, unpredictability, and dynamics make UFC betting exciting, not to mention profitable. Even better, betting sites offer attractive odds and an extensive enough list of choices.

Like other sports, UFC betting is entirely legal. There are no prohibitions on placing real money bets on UFC fights. However, some countries might have existing laws prohibiting it. It’s always a good idea to check the legality of online UFC betting in your jurisdiction.

For starters, the most common wager you’ll encounter is moneyline betting. In this type of bet, you’re wagering on the outcome of a fight. You can learn more about UFC betting in the following sections.

How Does UFC Betting Work?

Besides its entertainment value, UFC betting is a good way for sports enthusiasts to make some serious cash. With the right strategies, you can turn your picks into winnings.

Your UFC betting journey starts with understanding the fundamentals of the sports and the history of the fighters. It’s also essential to learn how to read the odds. Bookies give you many choices like the moneyline, total rounds, and way of victory.

  1. To Win Fight – Also known as moneyline UFC betting, this type of bet lets you wager on who you think will win the match. This is the beginner-friendliest UFC bet, but it necessitates you to understand the value to be successful in the long run.
  2. Fight Result – The method of victory wager is betting on how a fighter will win the fight instead of who will win. While it’s tough to win this bet, it offers a great way to capitalize on a correct guess.
  3. Round Over/Under – Like the usual over/under bet in sports betting, a total rounds wager means guessing how many rounds you think the match will end. It allows you to wager on the flow of the fight without having to choose a winner.
  4. Go the Distance – In this less popular type of bet, you’ll wager on whether or not a UFC match will get stopped early or reach the last round. Remember that some bookies may have different rules if the play stops for dubious reasons.
  5. Exact Round Finish – As the name implies, all you have to do is predict which round the match will end. Some bookies also ask you to pick the winner. When you got it right, big payouts await you.
  6. Parlays – With a parlay bet, you group several individual wagers into a single bet. You can only win a parlay bet when you win every single bet.

If you’re planning to take UFC betting seriously, it’s best to find the best sports betting site for your needs. Different bookies offer different odds, so you have to choose carefully to maximize your winning odds.

Best UFC Betting Tips

Before risking your hard-earned money on any bet, it’s best to analyze the fighters’ levels meticulously. And at times, you need to do more than predict a short fight between two athletes. Here’s a list of the best UFC betting tips to help you win more.

Know Your Fighters

As with betting on any other sport, it’s essential to be knowledgeable of the fighter you’re going to bet on. That’s because every athlete has strengths and weaknesses in a match. Pay attention to their track records, previous encounters, and how they fight against their opponent. Statistically speaking, new fighters have a decent chance to beat their opponents.

Don’t Sleep on Underdogs

When it comes to UFC betting, placing a wager on favorites is a good idea. However, the odds are generally low compared to underdogs. If you want to win big in sports betting, you have to raise your stakes. Don’t shy away from wagering on underdogs, as many of them have managed to pull off surprising wins over their foes.

Look Out for Southpaws

Left-handed fighters or southpaws are something to watch out for. They usually stand with their left foot forward and throw heavy jabs on their contenders. Because of that, most players are thrown in a loop, making southpaws the top picks for sports bettors.

Examine Strengths and Weaknesses

Even the best UFC fighters have a weakness. Observing each athlete’s strengths and weaknesses help you make wiser and more informed wagers. There are also instances when some athletes struggle with specific fighters while others are cool with them. When it comes to UFC betting, there are so many possibilities. Strengths and weaknesses cover various factors.

Fighting Style

Versatility is one of the characteristics of great UFC fighters. But, as mentioned earlier, they have strengths and weaknesses, which reflects in their style. As a UFC bettor, you must take the time to understand each fighter’s style and how it works on a particular opponent. Sometimes, one vulnerable weakness against the wrong contender could result in a defeat of a great athlete.

Pros and Cons for Specialists

While well-rounded UFC athletes stand a great chance of defeating their contenders, you’ll also encounter “specialists” or fighters who specialize in specific martial arts. Both have pros and cons. For instance, being a jujitsu specialist might be advantageous against poor takedown defense combatants. However, the same athlete might also struggle against fighters with potent wrestling skills.

Try UFC Betting Strategies

While there’s no surefire strategy to win in UFC betting, you can boost your winning odds with the right system. Flat and Ladder are the two most common wagering strategies. The former is suitable for sports betting newbies. Here, you’ll place a set amount of money on an outcome. It’s not advisable to select high odds markets. You’d be better off betting on the results, winning method, or total rounds. Meanwhile, using the ladder approach means you’ll allocate a set amount on favorites.

Final Thoughts

Truth be told, you can’t find any win-win strategy for UFC betting. However, you can always do something to improve your winning chances. Besides the UFC betting tips above, it’s also helpful to discuss some considerations to aid you in the process and boost your winning odds.

Firstly, it’s strongly suggested that you watch the weigh-in ceremony before placing any bet. The weigh-in lets you assess a fighter’s condition as some players struggle in this stage.

Another crucial thing to look at is injuries. Some athletes experience injuries, which could pose an issue, especially in the UFC. Check the health of a particular player as it has significant implications on the odds of an underdog winning over a favorite.

Ultimately, you must be acquainted with the peculiarities of UFC. Successful UFC betting results from having the ability to analyze available information and examine the form of athletes. Study statistics and success will be on your side.

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