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Top 7 Careers for Poker Players

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Top 7 Careers for Poker Players

The professional poker industry is a lucrative industry to be in, particularly for the young guns, seeking to make it their preferred career path. Many professional poker players have built quite a lifestyle thanks to their skills and luck on the table. Still, the poker industry is unpredictable. You can spend a decade being one of the best players out there until somebody younger with a lot more passion and skills can come along and steal your thunder. One bad call can literally end your career.

As professional players get older, they realize that bending cards is something they cannot do forever. In Cambodia, where gambling is illegal yet rampant, expats cannot always make it their sole source of income. It is true that it can remain an enjoyable hobby, but not something that they can do for the rest of their lives.

What happens when Cambodian expats and grinders decide to stop playing poker professionally? How will they transition to a job when they have spent a good deal of their years playing poker? Professional poker players are lucky because playing poker gave them skills regarded as crucial in some careers. Calculating probability, game theory, and even the psychology of mood and arousal would all be helpful in entering a career path.

Top Alternate Careers for Professional Poker Players

Actuarial Scientist or Accountant

Poker players are admittedly good in numbers. Not all but many are. Those who love numbers such as implied odds and calculating risk might do well being an accountant or an actuarial scientist. Many companies need actuarial and accountancy services. Bigger companies even have small departments where poker players can become useful.

Skills such as number crunching and attention to detail would definitely come in handy. While this career will not pay as much as winning huge pots, the payouts are more consistent and regular. Just getting some units or degrees in Accounting and Actuarial Science are available in most universities in Cambodia.

Casino Industry Professional

Quitting poker does not mean you have to forgo going to the casino altogether. Being a poker player obviously makes one familiar with the casino so having a career in the industry will be quite easy. In fact, some professional poker players started out as poker dealers (where they actually mastered the game), so it is obvious that they can always go back to that career. There’s just a little adjustment because being a poker dealer is not as fantabulous as being the one bending the cards. Some poker dealers, especially the good ones, can earn quite well from tips and dealing in privately-hosted games.

Aside from poker dealers, poker players can also become pit bosses or poker room floor attendants as these jobs require great customer services skills and intimate knowledge of poker and other casino games to ensure that guests are having an enjoyable stay at the casino.

Poker players would also make great poker tournament directors. They will be in charge of running poker events and tournaments of casinos. They will supervise the hiring and training of dealers and making sure everyone gets paid at the end of an event. These directors would have exceptional management skills and a wide knowledge of poker. It would also help to have some useful connections from their time of playing cards to run a successful, well-attended event.


Years of playing poker have conditioned players to have a solid understanding of the human psyche, both of their own and their opponents and this makes them great candidates to become effective counsellors or psychologists would they decide to move on from the table. Poker players have a clear understanding of what motivates and manipulates them. With a few training, they can use these to help people.

Freelance Poker Writer

With almost everything going online, including poker, there has been a great need for poker writers. Who can be the best candidate for this? A former professional poker player who knows the game like the back of their hand and who have read almost all poker books out there. Writing about poker would be so easy for them that it would not seem like they are working at all.

By being a freelance poker writer, poker players can help young and aspiring poker players learn, understand, and apply poker strategies. In addition, they can also use this career to stay updated about the latest happenings in the poker industry including poker innovations and technology. They can choose to write online through their blogs or through online poker websites or even cover live and online poker tournaments. Writers can even choose where they want to work from – their house, on the beach, while on a cruise, as long as they have a strong internet connection they are good.

Transitioning into freelance poker writing would be easy as it does not require a journalism degree. They can start looking for available jobs in poker affiliate forums on the internet.


Another one of the obvious career a poker player can have is in sales. Being an effective salesperson requires knowledge of math, understanding of psychology, and the right amount of aggression to find out the perfect sale hinge and make the necessary attack.

Just like poker, financial success in sales is in hitting the right spot and taking advantage of those. While some companies provide the basic pay, commissions can be generous and may even surpass poker pots without the added risks. It is also one of the easiest ways of climbing up the corporate ladder as sales is considered to be the top driving force of any company.


One of the more lucrative career paths poker players can take is being a stockbroker. A number of poker players have pursued, with much success, being day traders or stockbrokers as soon as they retire from the poker world. Poker players such as Andy Frankenberger, Dan Shak, Chris Ferguson, and Kathy Liebert are just some who transitioned into stocks successfully.

Similar to poker, investing allows poker player to practice and master their skills when it comes to measuring potential risks and benefits. Their skills on the table such as analysing future potential and making quick decisions are helpful in stock trading.


Not many know or consider teaching as an alternate career when they throw in the towel on the poker table. However, poker players are perfect teachers because they have the proper knowledge across a wide range of interests including probabilities, mathematics, sociology, bankroll management and much more. Young poker players, actually, have strong math backgrounds making it easier for them to transition into teaching.

By getting a proper degree, poker players can easily transition into teaching. Some do not even have to become professional teachers as they can also become poker mentors to aspiring poker players. It is probably one of the perks of being a poker player – imparting their knowledge to the next generation of poker players.

Have you considered which career you would like to have after years of playing poker? Let us know in the comments below!

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