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The Most Stylish Professional Poker Players

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The Most Stylish Professional Poker Players

In an industry where you have to master the skill of showing no emotions, it is only through fashion that you can truly let your personality shine. High stakes poker is rife with fashion aficionados showing off their fashion taste in a number of ways. Does it make them more commanding whilst on the table? Some poker players consider dressing up as a means to make a statement in the poker industry. Poker is a sport that involves skill. Players should play their cards well but they should also never forget to dress well. Can stylish poker players dominate the table?

A player’s fashion sense has become a topic for most commentators, pitting them against one another in a game who’s got the best taste. Fans all over the world are even on the watch on who is wearing what. Poker players have evolved when it comes to donning their clothes to tournaments. Instead of seeing the usual players in a hoodie and sunglasses to maintain neutrality as they play their hand – limiting facial expressions and body language, more and more players have strutted their fashion into the table. There are also players who have mastered the game that they do not give out any telling signs of their cards even if they are showing their faces to their opponents.

What Are the Common Fashion Staples at the Table?

Playing poker is never a bad excuse to dress up. Sometimes what you wear when you play speaks volumes of your character and decision making. Say, for example, you woke up on the wrong side of the bed on the day of the tournament and you just grab whatever clothes are readily available, it can mean that you are a bit haphazard when it comes to making a decision whether to fold or call. Some believe that the investment they make on their poker outfits reveals how much they are willing to gamble on the table.


Sunglasses are a staple for most poker players. It is not because card rooms are brightly lit but because it is the best way to prevent their opponent from reading their cards through their eyes. It is common for players to cover up as even the slightest twitch of their eyes may give out whether they have a strong or weak hand.


Some poker aficionados also bring out their gadgets on the table. They bring their iPads, iPhones, and Android devices to listen to their music whilst strategizing on their next move. Does it help them concentrate whilst listening to their music? We don’t really know for sure, but if it helps them block out other players from ruining your strategy, it’s all good.

Poker Hoodie/Jackets

As mentioned, hoodies or hooded sweatshirts are common for poker players. They wear these clothes even when the tournament is held indoors. Some casino rooms can be a bit chilly but most of them wear them to hide their facial expression as a hoodie can cover both sides of the face. It is as if you are masking any of your tells.

Poker Clothing

In general, there are players who are not very particular when it comes to dressing up. But there are others who wear a particular type of clothing whenever they compete in prestigious tournaments. It is like they have this particular lucky shirt, pants or socks that they attribute their winnings to.

Poker Hats or Caps

Just like the hoodie, some players wear poker hats or caps on the table as they are good in hiding the face and any other facial expression that one might have. Some of the more common hats or caps contain logos of sports teams or well-known poker rooms.

There are no hard rules on what to wear and what not to wear whilst playing in a tournament. Women, however, are highly encouraged not to wear too revealing or skimpy clothes to distract male players or to draw too much unwanted attention to them. Pieces of jewellery must also be kept on a minimum, as you do not want to get caught fidgeting with your ring in case you get nervous on a particular hand.

Who Are the Poker Industry’s Most Stylish Professional Poker Players?

In the years of following poker, there are a handful of professional poker players that know a thing or two about strutting their stuff, particularly in tournaments that will have lots of following such as World Series of Poker, World Poker Tournament, Asian Poker Tournament, and the European Poker Tournament.

So, here’s our list of the poker players whose fashion sense on the table are one for the books:

Tony Dunst

Aside from being a professional high-stakes poker player, Tony Dunst has made a name for himself for being one of the unique players of all time. Before joining the World Poker Tour, Dunst has been known to poker enthusiasts as the man in the suit. The World Poker Tour Raw Deal host has been long for having a great fashion sense even before he started appearing on national television. If you see a poker player wearing a tie or suit, it’s probably Tony Dunst. To date, he has a total live earnings of $2,958,392.

Olivia “Liv” Boeree

A runway model, a popular TV presenter, and a killer poker player, Liv Boeree is one of the most successful and fashionable players. Always looking stunning in her dress, Boeree has always captured the wandering eyes of men – be it on the table or from the screens. She can be seen wearing elegant dresses, always looking so statuesque whilst playing poker as she breathes in the essence of femininity in a testosterone-dominated industry. But her success in the table is more than just her good looks and great fashion sense, Boeree is the only female in the history of poker to hold a World Series of Poker and European Poker Tour championship. The British national’s live earnings now total $3,795,956.

Samantha Abernathy

This American poker player has a commanding presence in the table. She started playing poker online under the name, SamanthaA and began participating in premier live tournaments since 2014. A skilled poker player, Abernathy sure knows how to choose her tournament clothes, as she is always looking her best in and out of card rooms. Abernathy has total live earnings of$573,520.

Andrew Moreno

Andrew Moreno started his poker career at the age of 19 and is now a sought after poker coach. His young age, however, is no excuse to become lazy on dressing up. A poker player to beat, Moreno’s fashion sense appeals to the younger generation. Hat, sunglasses, nice haircut, and stylish beard are what sets Moreno apart from other players. He is the perfect example of a person who can be stylish without trying so hard. His skill at poker is now shared with the younger and newbie players as he is also now a poker coach. With $635,979 under his belt, taking his advice is a great idea. One might want to get some sensible fashion advice from him as well.

Daniel Negreanu

When you have poker players looking up to you, it would be a sin not to look good right? Well, Negreanu is one of the most successful poker players, amassing a total of $39,830,194, making him the second in the All-Time Money List. His best live cash was $8,288,001 when he won second place in the 2014 World Series of Poker held in Las Vegas. With that much cash, it’s easy to look good. Negreanu claims his fashion style is smart casual, whilst sporting his favourite Louboutin sneakers. He has six World Series of Poker bracelets and two World Poker Tour titles.

These players, win or lose on the table, are sure winners in the fashion scene. If you are keen on being like them, make sure that you start first with being comfortable in what you are going to wear. Being in a tournament can be stressful at times, particularly in cash games that may take several hours to complete so it is best to wear something that you can move or breathe easily. If you win big

Do you have any poker players in mind that should have been included in our list? Which of them can be your fashion inspiration? Let me know in the comments!

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