Online Live Dealer in Thailand

Online Live Dealer in Thailand

Thailand has a very lucrative gambling industry mostly due to the existence of underground casinos operated by mafias. The success of these illegal casinos was brought out by the government’s ban on gambling. Its citizens now resort to engaging in illegal casinos to satisfy their gambling addiction.

The country has about 70% of its population who regularly gamble. The lack of legal casinos in the country has led them to take the risk with illegal casinos or head out to the border to experience playing in land-based casinos.

The large percentage of its gambling citizens made the government more serious in cracking down illegal gambling activities. While they can easily arrest land-based casinos violating the law, the internet-based casinos are often harder to regulate. However, in 2009, the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology ordered Thai ISPs to block the citizens from accessing more than 70 online casino websites.

The incidence did not do much to dampen the citizen’s drive to engage in online gambling. There are still Thai punters who access casinos with online live dealer for Thai players.

What Are The Legal Forms of Gambling in Thailand?

Thailand only has two legal gambling activities. One is horse racing, which is limited to the high society since most of the races are held in exclusive turf clubs. While these races are open to the public, not many are enticed by it. Horse racing is the only legal sports betting activity in Thailand, but many citizens engage in other online sports betting particularly football.

The other legal gambling activity in Thailand is the National Lottery. It has such a huge following that it has its own black market, which has more bettors than the legit lottery. The National Lottery has two draws every month, with tickets already pre-printed.

Where Can I Gamble In Thailand?

While there are stiff laws in Thailand, many still violate these by playing in little casinos set up in a neighbour’s home or in the basement offices. There are also some who travel to land-based casino near the country’s border. The Crown Casino in Cambodia and Savan Vegas in Laos commonly host punters from Thailand to satisfy their thirst for a more interactive casino experience. These casinos also have online versions. Players can place their wagers online and collect their winnings in person at the casino. These casinos even have agents that bring guests to the casino or persuade them to sign up with the online casino.

These casinos are risky since they are unregulated. Some who want to really enjoy casino games often do extensive travel to go to either Macau or Singapore. Other who do not have time to travel and leave the country, entertain themselves by playing in online casinos with a live dealer feature.

How To Play in Live Dealer Casinos?

The existence of live dealer casinos gave gamblers an avenue where they can have the excitement of gambling as in land-based casinos without leaving the comforts of their home. Live dealer casinos offer its users a wide range of gaming options. Users are also allowed to instantly access table games like Sic Bo, Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette, and Poker without the need to download any software. Players also love the convenience it offers. They do not have to make long travel times where they have to spend on fuel or airfare just to enjoy a game or two. Despite playing at home, punters can also interact with the dealer by simply chatting them through real-time chat. Some casinos even allow audio streaming so players can listen in on the dealer’s responses.

You can play in live dealer casino by choosing the best online casino with the live dealer feature. Make sure that they are legitimate, licenced, and regulated. A lot of online casinos proliferating that operate for profit and not as a venue to meet your needs and wants. So choose the one that fits your gaming style and preferences.

If you are a new user, take advantage of welcome bonuses and daily promotions. That’s where you can maximize your winnings as you gamble in the comforts of your home.

Are Live Dealer Casinos Secure?

As mentioned, you should choose your live dealer casino wisely. Choose the one that has SSL encryption and is regulated by a reliable gaming authority. It is also important that you read the terms and conditions of the welcome bonuses and daily promotions before availing them.

Playing in online live casinos are generally safe and most of the popular websites are known for having fair and legit deals. Many of the casinos have 128-bit data encryption system of protection. This means that your financial information, personal details are kept confidential and protected from infringement from any third party software. Many of the online live casinos use well-known platforms to ensure that punters will never have to worry about their security or any fraudulent activities concerning their information.

Many websites also follow a strict verification process as part of their security. Players are required to submit documents to prove their identity before they are allowed withdrawals.

What Are The Best Live Dealer Casinos for Players from Thailand?

The online gambling sphere has many amazing live dealer casinos that accept players from Thailand. This includes:

Live Casino House

Welcome Bonus: 100% Refund on your first bet for live dealer games up to 500 THB.

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Info: For a stand out live dealer experience, you can try playing with Live Casino House. This is the online casino that has one of the best live dealer game experience out there. You get a number of great live dealer games as well as your pick of dealers and even table colour. On top of all that you also get bonuses like a 100% Refund on your first bet for live dealer games up to 500 THB. For a great Live Dealer gaming experience visit Live Casino House.


Welcome Bonus: up to 3 Million VND in VIP Bonus

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Info: If you have any experience in playing with casinos then you must have played with live dealer games. These are great table games that let you play with a real person on the other end. Happyluke is the place to go to for these games, as they offer more than that. So if you want good live dealer games and player bonuses visit Happyluke today.

Slot V

Welcome Bonus: Comp points for Regular play / Deposit incentives

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Info: Although it is very popular for its slots games Slot V also offers live dealer games. These games are perfect for any player who wants to enjoy the convenience of an online casino while still playing with a live person on the other end. For these kinds of games, they have blackjack, roulette, Baccarat, Texas Hold ‘em and more. On top of that, they have some great bonuses for new and regular players. For great bonuses to accompany your live dealer games, why not visit Slot V now?

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