Online Live Dealer in Thailand

Online Live Dealer in Thailand

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Top 3 Live Dealer Casinos in Thailand.

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Thailand has a very lucrative gambling industry mostly due to the existence of underground casinos operated by mafias. The success of these illegal casinos was brought out by the government’s ban on gambling. Its citizens now resort to engaging in illegal casinos to satisfy their gambling addiction.

The country has about 70% of its population who regularly gamble. The lack of legal casinos in the country has led them to take the risk with illegal casinos or head out to the border to experience playing in land-based casinos.

The large percentage of its gambling citizens made the government more serious in cracking down on illegal gambling activities. While they can easily arrest land-based casinos violating the law, internet-based casinos are often harder to regulate. However, in 2009, the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology ordered Thai ISPs to block the citizens from accessing more than 70 online casinos.

The incident did not do much to dampen the citizen’s drive to engage in online gambling. There are still Thai punters who access casinos with online live games for Thai punters.

Where Can I Gamble In Thailand?

three dices on a chessboard black and white

While there are stiff laws in Thailand, many still violate these by playing in little casinos set up in a neighbour’s home or in the basement offices. There are also some who travel to land-based casinos near the country’s border. The Crown Casino in Cambodia and Savan Vegas in Laos commonly host punters from Thailand to satisfy their thirst for a more interactive casino experience. These casinos also have online versions. Players can place their wagers online and collect their winnings in person at the casino. These casinos even have agents that bring guests to the casino or persuade them to sign up with the online casinos that offer live games.

These live games are risky since they are unregulated. Some who want to really enjoy casino games often do extensive travel to go to either Macau or Singapore. Others who do not have time to travel and leave the country, entertain themselves by playing online games with a live dealer feature.

What Are Live Dealer Games?

cards and chips on table

Live dealer games are essentially the same as with the traditional casino, where they allow you to play as if you are also playing live table games wherever and whenever you want. Users also have the luxury of engaging in online gambling with any type of gadget as long as it supports online casino apps. Check the site's information page to know about compatibility. 

Real live humans operate live dealer games in certain locations such as inside a traditional casino. The dealers offer live blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and other card games you can find in a casino, as users interact through live streaming instead of using traditional casino chips on a table of their favorite game. They can place online real money bets using an interface that has an electronic wagering requirement provided by software providers. 

Online Casino or Live Casino?

las vegas night lights

When you want to play for real money for your online gambling, you may be faced with the dilemma of whether to play live dealer games or simply on an online casino. The result of a live dealer game is also the same as with the physical casinos. The difference between online casinos and live casinos is having more accurate and faster results from any game it offers. 

Online live dealers serve as the connection between land-based and online casinos. When you play live dealer games, you get the same casino experience as you would in an online casino game without the hassle of traveling and wasting time with the commute. 

Live games also offer the same benefits and features, such as deposit bonuses, game guides, easy wagering requirements, and secure casino sites. Users can enjoy Ultimate Texas Hold’em, regular Texas Hold’em, Blackjack, Roulette, and other live games that online casinos offer. 

Are Live Dealer Casinos Legal in Thailand?

close up view of roulette table

Thailand only has two legal gambling activities. One is horse racing, which is limited to high society since most of the races are held in exclusive turf clubs. While these races are open to the public, not many are enticed by them. Horse racing is the only legal sports betting activity in Thailand, but many citizens engage in other online sports betting particularly football.

The other legal gambling activity in Thailand is the National Lottery. It has such a huge following that it has its own black market, which has more bettors than the legit lottery. The National Lottery has two draws every month, with tickets already pre-printed.

Advantages of Online Live Dealer Games

woman dealer leaning on a roulette table

There are lots of changes almost everyday that provide advancements to improve our daily lives. Internet connection is a breakthrough for mankind, which provides many services for our convenience. Online gambling via live dealer games has its own advantages if you would compare it to playing in land-based casinos or electronic versions of online casinos.

Users will experience interacting with other gamers as they would when they are in a land-based casino. Since real dealers operate live online games, punters develop an element of trust with the result of the game. A user only needs a stable Internet connection. Once users make a deposit, they will be ready to play in any casino tables or live games of their choice. The connectivity also allows them to take part in many casino promotions. 

Betting and payouts are more accurate and faster with live casinos because every transaction goes through electronically, giving users more chances of winning. In some instances, live casinos will have a different bonus offering than a traditional one. 

Online Live Dealer Game Odds

red dices up on air

Live Roulette

roulette table

Live dealer roulette games feature a wheel with two zeros, which is an American Roulette wheel. Its house edge is much higher compared to European Roulette wheels that feature only one zero. The live dealer house edge has a relatively high number at 5.26 percent.

Live Baccarat

cards on table

There is a standard 5 percent commission rule for an online live dealer baccarat game for live casinos. If the player wins, the house edge is at 1.24 percent, while a 1.06 percent house edge for the winning banker. There is also a 15 percent house edge for a tie bet. 

Strategies for Live Dealer Casinos

joker card with two orange dice

Every game involves strategies in order to win many casino games and avoid big losses on a player’s budget. Players use different strategies, such as signing up for a new casino to get a welcome bonus. They can either use a bonus to their advantage or they can search for game guides. Ultimately, it all boils down to learning how to control oneself while playing in live dealer casinos.

Live Blackjack Strategy

two men playing blackjack

The basic strategy for blackjack would be card counting, but the system has a random number generator that makes it impossible for gamers to do card counting. Due to the game’s popularity, online live dealer blackjack allows card counting back into play but with cut card penetration at 50 percent. 

To gain an advantage during the game, players can use a number of blackjack cheat sheets which are all available online. Using these sheets can help you make the best odds plays and prevent errors in your gameplay.

The online live dealer casino games also incorporate traditional real money blackjack betting systems such as the Martingale System and Parlay System. The negative progression system of the martingale system increases bets with every loss, while the parlay system is a positive progression system where it increases bets with every win.

You can also choose a casino that offers side bets, so you can increase your chances of winning real money in a game. 

Live Roulette Strategy

roulette table chips

Land-based casino gamblers can track and monitor the results of a live lightning roulette wheel, even if the game poses different tendencies during play. Live dealers casino operators also use random number generators for roulette games and hustlers cannot track these numbers. But online live casino games today consider using the traditional wheel and also allow wheel tracking.

The most effective strategy a player should use is to manage their bankrolls properly. Always regulate your betting and set limits for losses and wins. 

Gamblers may also utilize the Martingale progression betting strategy, which features an increase in bets with every win.

Baccarat Strategy

queen of spade and ace of clubs with chips on table

Unfortunately, there is no strategy for baccarat in live dealers, but if you place bets with the lowest house edge and stay away from bets with the largest house edge to increase your odds of winning the game.

How To Play in Live Dealer Casinos?

chips players roulette wheel

The existence of live dealer casinos gave gamblers an avenue where they can have the excitement of gambling as in land-based casinos without leaving the comforts of their home. Live dealer casinos offer their users a wide range of gaming options. Users are also allowed to instantly access table games like Sic Bo, Baccarat, Blackjack, Double Ball Roulette, and Card Poker without the need to download any software. Users also love the convenience it offers. They do not have to make long travel times where they have to spend on fuel or airfare just to enjoy a game or two. Despite playing at home, punters can also interact with the dealer by simply chatting with them through real-time chat. Some casinos even allow audio streaming so players can listen in on the dealer’s responses.

You can play live dealer games by choosing the best online casinos with the live dealer feature. Make sure that they are legitimate, licensed, and regulated before you make a deposit. A lot of online casinos proliferating that operate for profit and not as a venue to meet your needs and wants. So choose the one that fits your gaming style and preferences.

If you are a new user, take advantage of welcome bonuses and daily promotions. That’s where you can maximize your winnings as you gamble real-time in a casino at the comforts of your home.

Are Live Dealer Casinos Secure?

security with a hand cursor

As mentioned, you should choose your live dealer casino wisely. Choose the one that has SSL encryption and is regulated by a reliable gaming authority. It is also important that you read the terms and conditions of the welcome bonuses and daily promotions before availing of them.

Playing in a live dealer casino is generally safe and most of the popular websites are known for having fair and legit deals. Many of the casinos have a 128-bit data encryption system of protection. This means that your financial information, personal details are kept confidential and protected from infringement from any third-party software used by the casino. Many of the online live casino games use well-known security features to ensure that punters will never have to worry about their security or any fraudulent activities concerning their information. You can always explore the security page of the site before playing any games so you can be assured of its security. 

Many online casinos also follow a strict verification process as part of their security. Players are required to submit documents to prove their identity before they are allowed withdrawals. This practice helps deter gambling addiction and instead promotes an enjoyable casino experience. It is also important to note that most live casino games partner with reputable software providers with rigorous security features. Don’t be easily enticed by a generous bonus offer. Instead, focus on their security. 

Are Live Dealer Casinos Rigged?

numbered lock on laptop

Nowadays, people rely heavily on the Internet for online transactions with stores and other people. There are now online stores where you can shop for items without inspecting for any damages, and payments are now possible through online money transfer. Playing online casinos uses the same concept, which leaves us questioning if it is trustworthy.

Rigging live dealers is not at all cost-effective and it is difficult to cheat no matter how good a player is with strategies. 

Professional Live Dealers

cards dealer blackjack

Live dealer casinos give players different kinds of experience as compared to playing in a land-based casino. It is more comfortable for punters to play their favorite games anywhere they want. But there are other players who would think that live dealers who facilitate their games in a live casino lack training and experience. However, most live dealer casinos will train croupiers and require them to secure licenses and certifications as professionals. Live dealers protected their reputation as fair handlers and would not scam any players while playing games on their websites. 

Reputation is Priority

scrabble words Product Review

With live dealer casinos, the dealer games are easily accessible for players, and this gives punters more opportunities to choose where to play. Players would be able to see reviews about the online casino and learn the advantages and disadvantages of using their platform for their game.

Competition in becoming the top online casino is tough, as operators would find innovative ways to attract new players and also strengthen their good reputation. Once players want to play securely, they can choose online sites with a good lineup of games and a reliable reputation. Fraud can spread like wildfire online. So, it will not be a profitable venture to rig live casino games for a short time. It would be a more lucrative business to offer a bonus and other casino promotions to their players because loyalty pays. 

Transparent Games

woman with playing cards and mask on hands

Many live casinos are pretty transparent with their rulings. One gambler would know if live dealer casinos will have a house advantage that is way higher than other casinos. When you play games in a live casino, you accept the fact that you are always on the losing end because of the house edge. However, only a few people know that even when a player loses in live dealer games, the house winnings remain the same because of the advantage. Given this, live dealer casinos will never spend money to rig any of their games. In fact, to retain players to continue playing games and spend money on their casinos, they will even award a loyalty or referral bonus. Casinos know that investing in a player bonus or improving their selection of games would be much more profitable for them.

What Are the Best Live Dealer Casinos for Thailand Players?

chips ace and king of heart flipped

The online gambling sphere has many amazing live dealer casino websites that accept players from Thailand. Here are some of the best live dealer sites with the best games and bonus offerings to try: 

Live Casino House

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For the best live dealer experience, you can try playing with Live Casino House. This is the online casino that has one of the best live dealer game experiences out there. You get a number of best live dealer casino games as well as your pick of dealers and even table colour like how you would get in land-based casinos. On top of all that you also get a welcome bonus that includes a 100% refund on your first bet for live dealer casino games up to 500 THB. For a great live casino dealer gaming experience and wild bonus offers, visit Live Casino House.


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If you have any experience in playing with an online casino then you must have played with live dealer games. These are great casino table games that let you play with a real person on the other end. Happyluke is one the places to go to for the best live casino games, as they offer more than that since they have an impressive welcome bonus for their loyal players. So if you want to have the best gambling experience with live dealer games and bonus offerings, visit Happyluke today.

Tips for Playing in a Live Casino

four aces black and red chips on table

Search for a Trustworthy Casino

men gathered around a roulett table

One of the first things you should do before playing in a live casino is to gather information about a casino’s reputation. It would be best to know that you will be playing safe and fair to avoid you getting into trouble. It is also imperative to do thorough research before engaging your credit card details in a casino and search for their legal documents such as gambling licenses, and other legal certificates from agencies that ensure the quality of service that the live casino would render.

Be Prepared With Your Bandwidth

fiber cable wires

Visiting a live casino would mean you are investing in seamless live streaming and ideal gameplay. Players visiting a live casino must have enough bandwidth to fully enjoy their favorite game. After finding a reputable live casino, you need to verify the technical requirements and make sure you have a computer or any type of gadget that has a good internet connection that can support smooth gaming. If you have these requirements, you will not worry about losing your connection in between the heat of your game.

Avoid Chasing Losses

man crouched on legs

Players at live casinos tend to make mistakes like chasing the losses. There would be times that a player gets a streak of luck, then there are times that they lose several times in a row. It would be best to leave the live casino once you notice that luck is not on your side. Live casinos provide a fun, entertainment, and make you earn some money.

Stop When You Need To

domino stopped from falling with a hand

Just like players chasing losses, there are also punters that experience no contentment with how much they win. If you are this type of player, better be careful with your winnings and know when to stop playing. Once you notice that you are losing control of your winnings, it would be best to leave the table immediately and avoid losing everything.

Pit Boss Assistance

woman answering a call

Live casinos need to make sure that they are giving quality service to all their clients. To do this, they have pit bosses who supervise the operations and be able to help their clients if there are any problems. There would be times that a dealer will make some errors without realising, it would be best to report this to the pit boss to fix the situation. 

Play With Good Strategy

cards stacked strategically

To increase your chances of winning in a casino, do some research first about strategies on how to beat the game. You may ask seasoned players about their techniques, or gather information through group forums on the internet. Learning your game’s strategy will help you plan your every move, and avoid making wrong decisions during the game. Often, experienced gamblers will tell you that the best strategy is to maximize the awarded bonus. 

Practice Live Casino Etiquette

casino dice cards map

In live casinos, you will meet different players and there are instances that you will play against them. This gives everybody enough reason to observe good attitudes towards other players, and everyone should know live casino etiquette. A player should take only one seat and respect other players, including the dealer. Live casinos prohibit the use of abusive language, promoting other live casino sites, and defamation of other operators in the industry.

Manage Your Time Wisely

stopwatch on hand

Players who love joining casinos tend to lose track of their time due to so much enjoyment or eagerness to win the game. It is important to always manage your time in playing at casinos, and allow one or two hours of gambling then take a break. Managing your time wisely will help you control your winnings, and you will be able to prevent further loss.

Search for the Best Bonus Offers

bundles of dollars in a case

Most businesses in the industry would offer great promotions and bonus offerings to gain more clients. Look for bonuses from casinos that you think you would gain if you engage in that game. Promotions and bonus offerings can help increase your bankroll, which will give you more playing time and bigger chances of winning. If you are lucky enough, you can even get more bonus after bonus that will only increase your playing time. There are wagering requirements for every promotion, it is best that you read and understand their terms.

Enjoy the Game

man in a suit with a big smile while holding phone and clenching fist

Casino games will always provide good entertainment to their clients. But there are players who lose too often and tend to forget how to enjoy playing the game. If you are betting at casinos, make sure that you will have fun playing your preferred game. 

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Top 3 Live Dealer Casinos in Thailand

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1xbetminiWelcome package for casino bonus up to 50,000THB+ 150 free spins


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happylukeWelcome bonus 200% on 1st deposit 6,000 THB


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