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Top Online Casino Technologies You Should Watch Out for in 2021

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Top Online Casino Technologies You Should Watch Out for in 2021

Get ready to learn the online casino technologies that will dominate this year.

The progress of technology has been consistently helping us in our daily activities such as work, school, or household chores. One of the benefits that we get from the advancement of technology is for our fun and recreation. One of the leisures that most people are fond of doing is to play in casinos and gamble.

Gambling is now more accessible because of technology. With the development of online casinos, many traditional gamblers are now shifting to use this feature. If you are an avid online casino player, you might be wondering what are the latest technological developments that you can use to satisfy your gaming experience. Check this list of online casino technologies you can expect this year.

Best Online Casino Technologies for 2021

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology would always have a connection with Bitcoin. Along with other forms of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin actually uses blockchain and its other benefits. This technology can also process payments with speed and accuracy, giving its users an easy transaction with an efficiency better than the traditional payment methods such as wire transfer.

Customers will feel the convenience of faster crediting time upon deposit of funds.

Better AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) makes the whole online casino work. The entire online gambling industry runs on automation, which gives all the players the assurance of fair gameplay and unbiased game sessions. The Random Number Generator makes sure that all results of the online casino games will be randomized.

Online casino AIs prove to be a smart backbone of the industry, and players can expect better performance and upgrade in the future. There would also come a time where bots will be able to handle customer service with orderliness and better interaction that may be better than a real person.

Random Number Generators

Land-based casinos keep their card games fair by having multiple decks of cards shuffled in random order. Their roulette and dice games are already random naturally. 

For online casinos, it could be hard to gain the trust of their players and make them feel the fairness of their games. Operators needed to find a way to offer fair games using computer codes. But, computer codes are just a list of directives, which is not random at all.

Casino operators then found a way to make fair games by utilizing random number generators, where its system exploits pure random things such as lava lamps or atmospheric noise. Humans cannot predict these things, making the online casino games kept fair.

Gambling regulators and third-party inspectors make sure the pure randomness of online casino’s random number generators, which gives an assurance to all its players that they are playing fair games and could fully trust the site. One of the online casino technologies to look forward to this 2021. 

Anonymous Casinos

People have been opposing the process of Know Your Customer (KYC), but there are those who understand the concept that provides safety and security for the players and casino operators. Those people who oppose it would rather stay anonymous during their gambling. It is still not clear whether the concept of an anonymous casino would be secure and legal. 

Digital Betting

Placing your bets before takes a lot of procedure and eats up your time before you finish. You need to endure a long queue of bettors that makes it a harder struggle to place your wager. Because of this, the development of online betting gained traction.

The advanced development of cloud-based systems can provide round-the-clock betting with efficiency. It is also easy for digitalised systems to track all the bets and make smooth retrieval of funds through utilization of good payment platforms.


Wearables are beginning to gain importance to a variety of industries. The healthcare industry is now making use of this technology to help keep track of their patient’s vitals. It is also one of the potential online casino technologies to expect this 2021. The online casino industry is also making its move to integrate the use of wearables by offering its players to monitor and keep track of their progress with their games. Wearables also help players to access their games faster and in a seamless way even without the help of their smartphones.


Online casino players would always want to know if their personal information and the money that they provided would be safe and secured. Online casinos have several tools that they utilize to provide protection to their clients’ valuable assets.

Most online casinos would prioritize having encryption services, and the future of online casino technologies will now include this feature. For several years now, cryptography became one of the military’s weapons by preventing their enemies from tampering with their communications, which popularized the phrase “military-grade encryption” among marketers.

It would be difficult to understand the details of how encryption works, but knowing that it keeps your information safe would be enough reason to appreciate your online casino. This technology uses large numbers to scramble a client’s data, which is also practically impossible to read.

Video Streaming

The number of people who prefer playing online live casino games to the traditional land-based casinos is constantly increasing. Live games, just like in a physical casino, also involve real human dealers that players can interact with using gadgets such as a tablet, a computer, or a smartphone. To do this, online casinos use video streaming technology and make gaming sessions more fun and entertaining.

Popular Gadgets for Online Casino Experience

Gadgets emerged as one of our daily needs with the constant advancement of technology. It gives us a  positive impact in everything that we do, such as an automatic can opener to a more elaborate tech usage in AI medicine.

The online casino industry adheres to these milestones, where the use of gadgets for playing is a big help to boost the business into a more successful venture for casino operators. Here are some samples of gadgets that players will enjoy playing online casinos.


Most people today use smartphones for almost everything, including online casino gambling. You won’t need a desktop or a laptop to stream live casino games anymore, instead, you can just pick your phone right out of your pocket and play your favorite casino game whenever and wherever you want. This shows the convenience of the online casino apps and experience blackjack or lightning roulette that has a faster setup than the traditional casino.

It gets even better with the many creations of casino apps, which entitles users to have the liberty to choose their preferred game. All you need is a good internet connection, then you are ready to go.

Integration of VR and AR

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are making huge contributions to technology today. They are growing increasingly popular as a convenient form of technology, which delivers a different and new experience to any type of entertainment. Using VR to play in online casinos brings a better way to appreciate the entertainment it provides for the players. It also features different types of avatars that you can choose from and access real money with your bankroll.

The gaming industry had some major changes with their gameplay the time it was introduced in gaming consoles and PC. Even players who use their mobile devices can now enjoy VR technology for a more realistic approach to their games. The integration of these technological features will soon happen with online casinos.

VR games can create real-life simulations of casino games such as roulette, slots, blackjack, and poker. Experts predict a multi-billion-dollar increase in the online casino industry as they continue to use VR and AR technology.

Game Consoles

Game consoles have been around for decades already, but it never stopped building innovations and improvements to satisfy its customers and increase more users. There are new consoles that feature a more interactive new style of playing using the internet. This means that you can expect a wide range of different players around the world that use game consoles. The latest game consoles can provide the Vegas experience and have the ability to create and customize their own avatars.

The traditional way of playing in casinos would be physically present inside a land-based casino to enjoy slot and table games. But with the development of gaming consoles, players can enjoy clubhouses using their gadgets inside their own homes.

Software Technologies

The gambling industry has been through a lot of improvements throughout the years. With the creation of online casinos, the industry can now offer multiple services that can give true satisfaction to its clients. Players can now access digital betting shops to live casino games, which people would think how hard it is to put up an online casino. Online casinos use different types of software technology to deliver a new approach to how the traditional casinos operate. To know more about software technologies used in online casinos, here are some popular ones.

NetEnt (Net Entertainment)

There are a number of online casinos in the world that use NetEnt for their gaming production. Founded in 1996, NetEnt (also called Net Entertainment,) started out with only a few games such as blackjack and slots. Today, there are more than a hundred games that they cater to, where they specialize in live casino games and RNG (Random Number Generator) and ensures all its players a fair and entertaining gaming experience.

NetEnt is also popular for its graphics features. They have incredible 3D imaging utilized in bonuses and innovative gameplays. 

Evolution Gaming

Evolution gaming is around the internet industry where you can easily spot them on different platforms. They also cater to the gambling industry, which provides an interactive and live experience. 

Players can experience live dealing in live games such as blackjack and roulette. They also feature Sic Bo, Dragon Tiger, and monopoly. This gives its players plenty of choices and can allow you to bet real money.

Betsoft Gaming

Betsoft gaming is best with their graphics and gameplay, where, as a gambler, you wouldn’t want to miss playing their slot machine. Their mobile-friendly casino games and 3D slots are the most favorites of online casino players. Betsoft makes sure that they stand out from their competitors as the world’s best imaging software.

Rival Gaming

Another competitive software for slots in the gambling industry, Rival Gaming features superior sounds and graphics that are worth the players’ money. Since 2006, they are constantly offering a variety of slots for all online casino players. There are more than 150 slots that they offer that can compete with the other software providers.


Since 1994, Microgaming is one of the software companies that helped develop the online casino industry. They are the first software company to start an online casino. This inspired more companies to join in the new innovation. Microgaming is still among the online casino’s software competitors as they still release a couple of new games every month. They still generate a larger audience by creating all forms of casino games.

Summing Up

Technology has been pushing the gambling industry upwards to multiple levels. Players will find a more lucrative and convenient time of playing in online casinos. With all the great features of online casino technologies, more and more players will favor this platform. We can all agree that the online gambling industry will continue to thrive in the future.


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