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How To Play Three Card Poker in Malaysia

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How To Play Three Card Poker in Malaysia

If you are tired of the usual poker, the game has lots of variants that you can choose from. One of them is Three Card Poker. When you are in Malaysia, you might want to learn how to play Three Card Poker as it is often played during poker nights. Many choose to play this variant because it is easy and wildly entertaining. 

What is Three Card Poker?

Three Card Poker is a poker variant invented by Derek Webb in 1994. Unlike the traditional poker played in casinos, three-card poker is not played against other players but against the dealer. Since its invention, this poker variant is widely popular in casinos worldwide because of its highly strategic gameplay. It has maintained its popularity over the years that it is no longer played in land-based casinos only but also in online casinos in Malaysia

How To Play Three Card Poker 

As mentioned, three card poker is played against the dealer and not against other players. The goal is to have a better hand than the dealer with only three cards so the only concern is your own card and the dealer’s cards and no one else. If you commit a mistake, it does not affect other players on the table. 

  • The game begins with the players placing their ante wager and/or a pair plus wager, hoping that they will land at least a pair or better. 
  • The dealer will then give out three face-down cards to each player to the table and to the dealer. 
  • The player will check his cards to know whether to place a bet to pit his hands against that of the dealer’s. The bet must be equal to the ante wager initially placed. 
  • Once the player folds, the hand will be over and the dealer will collect all ante bets and pair plus bets. Should the player choose to play, the card will be turned face up to know which has the better hand than the dealer. 
  • If the dealer has a Queen high or better, both play wager and ante are paid out at 1:1 if the player has a better hand. Note that if the dealer does not qualify, the players win the ante bet and the play bet becomes a push. 
  • If the dealer has a Jack high or worse, the play wager goes back to the player. 
  • If the dealer has a superior hand, then both the ante bets and play bets are collected automatically. The pair plus bet is independent of the dealer’s hand. 

To make it simple, determining the winner depends on who has the better hand. 

  • If a player wins, the player wins even money on both ante and play bets.
  • If the dealer wins, the dealer collects both ante and play bets. 
  • If it is a tie, both ante and play bets end in a push. 

It is important to note that if a player gets a straight or better, the player automatically receives an ante bonus regardless of the dealer’s hand value. 

Online Three Card Poker Payouts

As mentioned, most online casinos offer Three Card Poker. The payouts are as follows:

Pair Plus Payouts:

Straight Flush 40:1

Three of a Kind 30:1

Straight 6:1

Flush 3:1

Pair 1:1

Ante Bonus Payouts:

Straight Flush 5:1

Three of a Kind 4:1

Straight 1:1

Online casinos also provide players with higher chances of big wins with a six-card bonus paytable, achievable when both hands of the player and dealer combine nine through Ace in a royal suit of diamonds. Some casinos payout as much as $100,000!

How To Win at Three Card Poker in Malaysia

In general, Three Card Poker only has a small house edge – usually pegged at 3.3 percent if played optimally. Note that this edge can significantly increase with side bets or a bad strategy. If you want to avoid this, follow some of our tips on winning at three card poker.

Never make a pair plus bet.

Sure the high payout table may persuade you to give it a try but it is a trap that would only cause you to dig deeper. Making a bet on the pair plus will increase the house edge by an additional 2.3 percent and that is not good. 

The huge payout is there for a reason. A 40:1 ratio payout is possible because it rarely happens. More often than not, you will end up losing more in pair plus bets more than what you can get from winning it. The best way to win at three card poker is to keep playing that reduces the house edge. 

Keep one strategic combination of cards. 

To win three card poker, you must only remember one combination of cards and all your decisions whether to place a bet or not will depend on it. 

Call only if you have a Queen, a 6, and a 4 or higher hand. For everything else, fold. Once you learn to restrain yourself by calling unnecessary bets, you will realise that three card poker is indeed a pretty simple game to play. Mistakes are easily avoidable. 

Where to Play Online Three Card Poker in Malaysia

Since three card poker is a pretty popular poker variant in Malaysia, most online casinos offer it. The best online casino to play it is on websites that have the most generous offers and promotions. 

For players from Malaysia, GDBet333 and Hfive5 Casinos are the highly rated ones. These casinos also offer generous bonuses including welcome bonuses, first deposit bonus, monthly rebates, and birthday bonuses, among others. 

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