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Foot Pool: 7 Important Guides on How to Play

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Foot Pool: 7 Important Guides on How to Play

Foot pool is a new and upcoming sport that is taking the world by storm. It is a hybrid of football and pool, hence the name ‘foot pool.' The game is played with a soccer ball, and the aim is to put the ball into the holes around the edge of the table. The game can have any number of players to play the game, but it is usually played with two teams of four. Foot pool is a great game to have fun with your friends, and it can even be a competitive game. This article will provide you a rundown of how to play foot pool so that you can get in on the action!

Foot pool is also a great game to improve your football skills and foot movements and build team unity. Football teams and clubs can also have casual fun at the foot pool as their break from training.

1. What Is a Foot Pool?

Foot pool is a relatively new sport that is played with a specially designed table and footballs. The game is similar to a regular pool, but the balls are much larger, and the pockets are more petite, which makes for a challenging and exciting game that people of all ages can enjoy.

Foot pool is a nice game to spend time with friends and family; it is both fun and challenging. It is also one of the effective ways to stay active, as it requires players to use their bodies and minds in order to succeed. Whether you are looking for a fun activity on your next family vacation or want to stay sharp while playing a game you love, the foot pool is a perfect choice.

2. How To Set Up a Game of Foot Pool

Setting up a game is relatively easy, assuming you have a foot pool table and balls. To start, each player must choose the ball's color. Once all players have chosen their color, the first player can take their shot from behind the floor's white line. The other players then shoot their ball, trying to get as close to the black ball (the cue ball) as possible.

  • The game needs one white soccer ball that represents the cue ball. Then the other balls are seven solid-colored balls numbered 1 to 7, one solid black 8-ball, and seven striped balls numbered 9 to 15.
  • Each player will take turns kicking the white cue ball and pocket their striped or solid-colored balls into one of the six pockets.
  • You will lose your turn if your ball goes outside the table.
  • The first team or player to pocket all their colored balls, and the eight ball wins.

If a player pots their color ball, they get another turn. However, their turn ends if they pot the cue ball or another player's color ball. 

3. How To Play Foot Pool

Foot pool is sometimes called soccer billiards or snook ball because of its concept, and it uses a much wider and longer table than the standard pool table. It also has six two sides and four corner pockets. Depending on the type of games played, there are different colors of soccer balls used. The eight-ball game uses solids and striped balls, or you can use red and black balls. There are ten balls used in total.

A player can only strike the cue ball directly to hit their assigned balls. A player or team should pocket their set balls, not their opponent's. If they make an error pocketing their opponent's ball, pocketing the cue ball, or some balls go outside the table, it will be out of turn for them.

Assuming you already know the basic rules of the pool, foot pool is played in the same way, with a few key differences. First, the table is smaller, and there are only six pockets. Second, instead of using cue sticks, players use their feet to kick the balls into the pockets.

To start the game, each player picks a color and places their five balls at the foot of the table on their respective sides. The first player then takes their shot, aiming for any pocket. If they sink a ball, they get to take another shot. It will be their opponent's turn to play if they miss or foul. The winner is the first player to sink all their balls.

Foot pool is a great way to add extra fun to your pool games!

4. Foot Pool Variations

There are many ways to play foot pool, so there's no need to play the same game all the time. Here are some variations on the classic game to keep things interesting:

  1. Speed pool: This variation is all about speed. The first player to pot all their balls wins, regardless of how many points they've scored.
  2. Points pool: Players score points for each ball they pot in this variation. The first player to successfully score a predetermined number of points (usually 10 or 20) wins the game.
  3. President/Assassin: This is a fun twist on the regular foot pool. One player is elected President, and the other players are Assassins. The goal is to eliminate the President by potting their balls. However, if an Assassin accidentally pots the President's ball, they become the new target! The last player standing wins the game.
  4. Team pool: This variation can be played with two or more players on each team. Players take turns potting balls, and as the game ends, the team with the most points wins the game.
  5. Shot clock pool: Another fast-paced variation, the shot clock pool gives each player a limited amount of time (usually 30 seconds) to take their shot before passing play to the next person. The first player to pot all of their balls wins!

5. Equipment for Foot Pool

Assuming you don't have a foot pool table in your backyard (or even if you do), there are a few critical pieces of equipment you'll need to play:

  • A regular size pool table
  • A set of pool balls
  • A tape measure or ruler
  • A piece of chalk or a whiteboard marker

To set up the game, place the pool balls at the edge of the table as if you were setting up a standard game of pool. Then, using the tape measure or ruler, draw a line across the center of the table, which is the baseline from which each player will take their shots. Finally, use the chalk or whiteboard marker to divide the table into two equal halves – this is your foot pool court!

6. Foot Pool Tournaments

Foot pool tournaments are great opportunities to have a fun time with friends and family and compete in a fun, relaxed atmosphere. There are some important things you should keep in mind when organizing a foot pool tournament:

  • Firstly, decide on the format. Will it be single or doubles? Round robin or knockout?
  • Secondly, choose your venue. A local bar or restaurant with a pool table is ideal.
  • Thirdly, set up a bracket, which can be done online or on paper.
  • Fourthly, get everyone registered and paid up. Make sure everyone knows the rules and understands the format.
  • Fifthly, start playing! The tournament can now begin.

Foot pool is an excellent game for all ages and skill levels so that anyone can join in on the fun. With a little bit of planning, your foot pool tournament will be a success!

7. History of Foot Pool

Foot pool is a relatively new game that has only been around in the gaming industry for a few years. The game was invented in the United Kingdom by two friends who were looking for a new way to play pool. The game quickly gained popularity and is now played all over the world.

The foot pool is played on a standard-size pool table with six pockets. The balls are slightly smaller than regulation-size pool balls and are filled with air. Each player has their cue ball, which they use to hit the other balls into their pockets. The first player to successfully pocket all of their balls wins the game.

Foot pool is a fun and easy game to learn. People of all ages with different sets of skill levels can play it. If you're searching for a new way to enjoy the pool, give the foot pool a try!

Play, Bet, and Win Foot Pool

Foot pool is an excellent game for all ages and skill levels. It is easy to learn and can be played almost anywhere. Whether you are looking for a new game to play with friends or family or want something on a rainy day, the foot pool is a perfect choice. You can also find great opportunities to place some bets and earn some money while having a grand time playing or watching the game.

It is also a great way of relieving the stress and anxiety that you get from your daily schedule. So what are you waiting for? Grab a ball and show your football, billiard, or snooker skills on a much bigger and more exciting scale!

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