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Best Mobile Sports Games for 2018

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Best Mobile Sports Games for 2018

Sports has one of the best pastimes of many, even when played across different platforms. Most sports enthusiasts often play on their mobile phones when they cannot do so physically. So, now that 2019 is here, it is time to wrap up the list of the best mobile sports games titles released last year.



Publisher: Electronic Arts
Availability: Android, iOS

This mobile sports gives its fans an arcade-like experience, giving users a great throwback gaming experience. The only downside of this game is its rather slow update that rosters are not in line with the current NBA lineup.

NBA 2K18

Publisher: 2K Sports
Availability: Android, iOS

This mobile sports game allows its users to choose the type of mode they want to play on. The game’s MyCareer Mode, players can level their character’s skills. On the other hand, those who want to level up an entire franchise can go play in the Association Mode, testing your skill as a team manager over the course of multiple seasons.

This offering comes with 2K’s true-to-life graphics, manageable controls, and awesome soundtrack.


Madden NFL Football

Publisher: Electronic Sports
Availability: Android, iOS

Madden NFL Football is the world’s most popular sports video game franchise. Lucky for mobile users, it is also available for play through smartphones. Its mobile format is incredibly one of the bests, particularly once players go beyond the free play. The great thing about Madden NFL Football is its graphics that is comparable to playing it in a console. The motion graphics are so fluid that one would not notice they were playing it in their phones.

Electronic Arts also make sure that the users get to play the games well, updating it during the off-season that people don’t mind buying the latest Madden yearly. The mobile app comes with free updates each season. The users, also called General Managers, can get to collect player cards to create their own lineup. This game is best for those who want to pick up a game and enjoy it without having to worry about the app crashing.

FIFA Mobile

Publisher: Electronic Arts
Availability: Android, iOS

This game was renamed as FIFA Soccer: FIFA World Cup during the World Cup season as their way of letting their users play through the same games as what is available on television. Another interesting release from ES Sports, this game carries the same amazing soccer similar to what is offered in Madden Mobile, allowing players to recreate the players and stadium that fans all over the world love. The game also has free play with constant updates every season.

Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 2018

Publisher: Konami
Availability: Android, iOS

Whilst the publisher has been quite lazy in releasing new titles, their PES game is still strong and thriving, comparable to that of FIFA Mobile by EA. The 2018 update boasts of their advanced controls, giving the users an easier and more precise passing and more controlled shooting, setting them apart from other mobile soccer games in the market today.


MLB Perfect Inning

Publisher: GAMEVIL
Availability: Android, iOS

This game is perfect for those who want to enjoy a baseball game for free. It offers a free play option where users can control real players in stadiums. The graphics could use a little improvement but the wide variety of mini-games and player drills where they can try out their skill.

RBI Baseball 18

Publisher: MLB Advanced Media
Availability: Android and iOS

One of the premium titles in mobile sports gaming is RBI Baseball 18. This game is perfect for players who want to get their classic baseball fix at their fingertips. RBI Baseball offers users with real player graphics and ballparks. For 2018, the title added the Franchise Mode allowing the players to guide their team through several seasons and end up winning a title.


Super Stickman Golf 3

Publisher: Noodlecake
Availability: Android, iOS

First released via the iOS platform, Super Stickman Golf Third Edition brings out the cake by offering free play option. The third installment comes complete with all the gameplay from the first two earlier editions including more power-ups and trick shots.

To remove ads, users can do a one-time purchase.

OK Golf

Publisher: Playdigious
Availability: Android, iOS

This mobile game features a minimalistic layout. It also offers great visual design, winning several awards. The game is perfect for those who want amazing locations allowing them to relax whilst enjoying a game or two. Players rave about the easy controls that they simply have to aim and drag the ball and not fumble on any golf clubs.

WGT Golf Game

Publisher: Topgolf Media
Availability: Android, iOS

This offering from Topgolf Media is a complete turnaround from their first two installments that offered its users arcade-like gaming experience. This version is perfect for those who want to play in a realistic environment in the Tiger Woods-era. Players can play in some of the most prestigious golf courses in the world, imitating the environment to a tee. The great thing about this game is the frequent updates and numerous in-game tournaments that seem to parallel what is offered in real life.

Tennis/Table Tennis

Tennis Champs Season 2

Publisher: Jakyl
Availability: Android, iOS

Originally released as Tennis Champs Returns, this game is a great installment to the Tennis Champs title. The game allows the users to take their character into a journey of a full season going on tour as they improve their skillset.

The game is playable in two modes: through touch or the traditional virtual joystick and buttons. Recently released in iOS, Tennis Champs Season 2 features an amazing artificial intelligence and physics and a number of daily challenges.

Table Tennis Touch

Publisher: Yakuto
Availability: Android, iOS

Table tennis fans love this title from Yakuto, which is super packed with awesome game features such as a Career Mode allowing the users to advance their skills. The game also comes with leagues, special events, and 13 mini-games that are equally entertaining.


Kings of Pool

Publisher: Uken Games
Availability: Android, iOS

Available in both Play Store and App Store, this pool game is one of the most true-to-life in the market today. Players can challenge other users worldwide or they can also form a team of players and go on a battle with other teams. Players who recently updated the app got to enjoy the augmented reality feature, allowing them to play on the pool like it was in their bedroom or living room – making you a real king of the pool table.

Infinite Pool

Publisher: Kiseki Games
Availability: iOS

Only available for iOS users, Infinite Pool offers its users an arcade-like pool game experience with its features of special tables. Special tables allow users to convert the game into a soccer match or any other sports. The game comes with an animated ball that features realistic designs when hit across the table. The balls can even be customised with hats or sunglasses to make the gaming experience even more enjoyable.

Other Sports

True Skate

Publisher: True Axis
Availability: Android, iOS

Skateboarding has taken the mobile world by storm and True Skate takes the cake for being the best in the industry. Touted as the official street league skateboard game, True Skate offers a true-to-life touch-based physics allowing the board to follow the user’s movements on the screen. The game offers several skate parks and features amazing controls such as replay and slow motion.

Punch Club

Publisher: Lazy Bear Games
Availability: Android, iOS

A boxing game, Punch Club is one of the most sought after mobile sports app of 2018 for all of its features. The users can train their characters as they rise up the ranks. It even has a story mode that takes a player’s character to use boxing as a means to avenge his father’s death and find out who killed him.

Alto’s Adventure

Publisher: Illusion Labs
Availability: iOS

Only available for iOS users, Touchgrind BMX provides its users with amazing stunts and great visuals. Users can create their own bikes from scratch and customize it any way they want from wheels, handlebars, seats, and even paint. Players can compete in a number of tournaments or battle an opponent in duels.

Trials Frontier

Publisher: Ubisoft Entertainment
Availability: Android, iOS

Trials Frontier is a physics-based mobile sports game that allows its users to complete jumps, wheelies, and flips that has become a trademark of the franchise. The free play version comes with 250 missions and over 50 hours of story mode gameplay. Players can perform crazy stunts and battle riders in tournaments.

Alto’s Adventure

Publisher: Snowman
Availability: Android, iOS

This game is perfect for those who are looking for quick stress relief in between work. The developers came up with several power-ups, which can be unlocked as they level up. Follow snowboarders in action as they plow on the snow and gear up to reach the finish line as they do flips and tricks whilst in the air for some additional points.

So, there you have it! Have you played any of these games? What mobile sports titles are you looking forward to downloading this year? Let us know in the comments!

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