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11 Types of Bicycles You Should Know

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11 Types of Bicycles You Should Know

Many people worldwide love to travel and go to places for a once-in-a-lifetime experience and witness breathtaking views. There are those who would ride their cars to reach their destinations, and there are those who are more adventurous in travelling. These people would rather ride their bikes and feel closer to nature while also having the excellent health benefits from pedalling.

Riding a bicycle provides incredible wonders for an individual, and there are many other activities that you can do aside from travelling. Bikes have many uses for our daily lives, such as work, school, racing, and leisure.

For different activities, people were able to invent different types of bicycles that could cope with various road conditions. If you want to have great adventures on a bicycle, learn which type of bicycle is best for you.

Ride Your Bicycle

The number of people that are using bicycles has grown in the past few years because of the pandemic. We learned how to adapt to the crisis by limiting ourselves with close contact with other people to help prevent the spread of the virus. People began riding bicycles as their stress reliever, sports activities, and as a way to save up from the rising fuel prices.

Each year there are more than 100 million units of bicycles manufactured around the world, and around 1 billion bikers are currently using their bikes. This data proves that more people prefer riding their bicycles for commuting and health concerns. Riding bicycles can help reduce the risk of having heart disease. Here are the different types of bicycles for different uses.

Types of Bicycles for Your Next Ride

Here are the different types of bicycles you should know:

1. Road Bikes

You can quickly identify road bikes for their turned-down or drop handlebars and thin tires. The handlebars are lightweight that help their riders in an aerodynamic position to make them go faster. Along with the handlebars are the lightweight frames that make these bikes ride better on pavements. These lightweight road bikes are suitable for touring, racing, fitness riding, daily commuting, and long-distance rides.  

The tires of these bikes have large circumferences and are thin enough to go through different terrains with little effort. Road bikes are best for speedy rides, especially for racing. Most major bike racing events use road bikes and would tackle smooth pavements at different gradients.

Betting at these major race events is also popular with gamblers. Road bikes are efficient machines for transferring energy to propel forward.

2. Mountain Bikes

As the name suggests, mountain bikes are types of bicycles you can use for rugged terrains and can easily handle dirt trails, rocks, and bumps. Mountain bikes are capable of absorbing shocks and have an excellent braking system for dealing with steeper gradients.

These bikes also have lower gears and tires at 26 to 29 inches circumference wide tires for climbing difficult terrains. The bike consists of rugged frames, a suspension system, and flat handlebars that guides bikers to rocky terrains.

3. Touring Bikes

Touring bikes are types of bicycles that are also traditional road bikes but with a few adjustments and changes in parts that make them the ideal bike for long-distance travel. These bikes have multiple attachment points that allow bikers to attach pumps, racks, water bottles, fenders, lights, and many more. Touring bikes have sturdy frames built for carrying heavy loads for long-distance rides. 

Touring bikes are one of the types of bicycles that has a longer wheelbase to give bikers better control of the bike because of its lower centre of gravity. Many touring bikes also have disc brakes for better stopping power, especially on non-paved surfaces. It has semi-knobby or wide tires that can quickly go through gravel roads.

4. Folding Bikes

Commuting is one of the primary reasons why people choose to ride bikes. One of the best types of bicycles for commuting is a folding bike. These bikes can fold smoothly and efficiently, and you can fit in busses, boats, subway trains, or in the trunk of your car. There are also folding bikes that you can fit in a carrying bag, which makes commuting a lot easier or best for those with homes with limited storage space.

Folding bikes have smaller wheels having 20, 16, 14, and smaller circumferences, which can help riders get over potholes and bumps for a smoother ride. Some units have adjustable functions on their frames, saddles, and handlebars, making the folding process easier. There are also folding bikes that have adjustable latches that make the bike collapse faster.

5. Fixed Gear / Track Bikes

Fixed gear or track bikes are the types of bicycles that athletes use for professional races. Also known as “fixies,” these bikes have single and fixed gear that limits the ability to freewheel or coast when riding. Riders using these types of bicycles must have strong legs to stop the cranks as its braking system. 

Some fixed-gear bikes may have a braking system and various designs of handlebars. These bikes need the cyclists to spin consistently to gain higher cadence, especially during a race. Track races are also great betting opportunities for gamblers, where they can expect a thrilling and exciting battle between cyclists.

6. BMX

BMX, the acronym for Bicycle Motor Cross, is one of the types of bicycles that has a single speed and is used for short dirt tracks. BMXs use 20 inches wheels, an ideal size for performing jumps and tricks. It also has a durable structure and design, small frames, and a single gear that are also low in maintenance compared to a regular bicycle.

7. Recumbent Bikes

Recumbent bikes are the “non-traditional” type because they allow riders to position themselves in a seat lower to the ground. It has significant configurations that make it different from other bikes, such as short wheelbases, over and under-seat steering, and varieties of two, three, or four wheels.

Recumbent bikes are like performing a seated leg press, where cyclists position their backs against the bike's seat to assist in switching the gears. Cyclists cannot stand to pedal their bikes, which makes it harder to climb a hill.

8. Cruiser Bikes

Cruiser bikes belong to the “specialty bikes” group that provides unique features and settings for their riders, one of the types of bicycles that cyclists use for leisurely rides and go around town to have fun. Cruiser bikes would have 26-inch tires, comfortable seats, and rear hubs that have internally gearing. 

9. Hybrid Bikes

Users of hybrid bikes are increasing because of their multi-functionality. Hybrid bikes are one of the types of bicycles with unique composition because they are mixed mountain, touring, and road bike concepts. It is capable of doing almost all the capabilities of different types of bicycles.

Hybrid bikes are like large road bikes with larger wheels capable of going through smooth dirt and paved trails. These bikes also use flat handlebars and disc brakes to ensure prompt responses, especially during difficult weather conditions.

Most hybrid bikes are suitable for commuting because of their lighting systems, racks, and fenders. Every hybrid bike is different from other hybrid bikes, and it will all depend on how you would use it.

10. Cyclocross Bikes

Cyclocross bikes have design concepts for a dirt trail with various blockages and obstacles. The purpose of cyclocross bikes is for riders to carry their bikes during complex passages. These types of bicycles are lightweight, but it has a solid and sturdy build. It can go through different road conditions such as grass, pavements, and dirt trails. Cyclocross bikes have semi-knobby tires that can handle almost all types of terrains.

11. Electric Bikes

Electric bikes became one of the best solutions for those wanting to save up from the rising fuel prices. These bikes are one of the types of bicycles that have motor upgrades that use power outlets for charging. Electric bikes also use pedal-assist mode to help riders go faster and climb hills easier.

Electric bikes come in different sizes and types of bicycles, such as a mountain, hybrid, road, and many more. These bikes give riders the ease of commuting and, at the same time, give them good health benefits.

Final Thoughts

Bicycles can give plenty of benefits to people. It lets us save up from the rising fuel prices, save time from being stuck in traffic, and reduce the risk of having heart diseases. The different types of bicycles can cater to our travelling needs and gives us more opportunities to explore places.

Having a bike also gives us many opportunities to personalize our units with simple to elaborate upgrades. Now that you know the different types of bicycles, you can choose the best that would cater to your commuting needs.

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