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Online Cockfight Betting: Top Things To Know this 2022

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Online Cockfight Betting: Top Things To Know this 2022

Curious about online cockfight betting? Let's dive in!

The coronavirus pandemic caused a lot of changes in the world as we are desperately trying to do everything to stop this crisis. It affected many sectors in the business, education, travel, leisure, and gambling industries. Fortunately, people found a way to continue building the economy and somehow return to the normal way of life. Most diverted most of our activities through the internet and avoided direct contact with other people to help prevent the spread of the virus. 

People began working, going to school, socializing, and even gambling at home. Gambling is one of the most popular forms of entertainment and it also generates good income for many people. The availability of games to play makes it convenient for players to pursue their activities. Casino operators managed to take advantage of this feature and so does cockfighting. The pandemic gave birth to online cockfight betting. 

Cockfighting is illegal in most areas around the world but there are regulated matches that are available in Southeast Asia. As the trend of using the internet in almost everything, online cockfight betting also emerged as a powerful means of gambling amid the pandemic. Here are some things that you should know about betting in online cockfighting. 

Online Cockfight Betting

Online cockfighting has been a great solution for all cockfight betters and watchers from the coronavirus pandemic. The cockfighting community found a way to divert and continue their activities on the internet, which is the safest way in following pandemic protocols. 

Online cockfight betting lets gamblers place their bets remotely on live cockfighting events, matches, or live broadcasts from cockpit arenas that have the authorization to operate provided by the government. Online cockfighting is streamed live from designated cockpit arenas using different platforms on the internet. Bettors should register their details first if they want to place their bets on the featured matches. You must also have a good internet connection and a mobile gadget or computer that supports online cockfight betting apps and platforms. 

There are many apps available for download using iOS or Android and bettors can also use the browser to access live streams. Online cockfight betting gives its viewers and bettors the same experience of an actual cockfight inside a cockpit arena but without a loud crowd. The matches are handled by authorized people including professional cameramen who make sure that they capture every angle of the fight to provide good views for the bettors and watchers. 

This can also give the bettors and watchers an advantage by having a closer look at the matches. Sometimes it is difficult to watch fights inside the cockpit arena, especially if you are seated far from the ring.

Making Money on Online Cockfight Betting

Most cockfighting enthusiasts' agenda in this sport is to earn money. There are many ways to earn money in cockfighting, whether you are a bettor, watcher, owner, or trainer. As a bettor, you need to place your bet on your preferred rooster, or you can be an agent and manage other people’s bets. If you own fighting roosters, you may sell them to cockfight bettors, hire people to train them, and even enter big tournaments to win matches. 

Your Money’s Safety

Every sector of the gambling industry must involve respect and discipline towards other players and bettors. In cockfighting, it is important that you build your good reputation and trust among other enthusiasts. Online cockfighting is also a secured way of gambling, as operators make sure that they secure their players’ money. They do not allow scammers in their services and make sure that their clients are confident with their platform.

Getting Paid after Winning

Online cockfight betting provides its clients with fast and secured transactions, especially when withdrawing their money after winning. Operators incorporate their services with e-wallets that can process money transfers smoothly and without any problems. You need to make sure that you know the amount you are withdrawing, and all the factors that can affect your winnings. Here are some factors that you need to consider in taking care of your withdrawals:

  • The amount of money involved in every match
  • The amount of your bet
  • Owner’s bets
  • Viewers’ bets
  • The schedule of the match

Live Streaming Online Cockfight Betting

Regulated cockfights are held in cockfight arenas or cockpit, where raised and trained fowls are used for fighting a bloody battle. These venues are often packed with people especially during big events. Spectators and gamblers would go into cockpit arenas to watch and bet on their favorite roosters hoping for an exciting match against other owners. 

But these live events are put on hold because of the current coronavirus pandemic, and most nations are following the same guidelines in preventing the virus from spreading some more.

Despite the strict implementations of pandemic regulations, the cockfighting society followed the trend of online activities by hosting live streams of regulated cockfighting. This bloody sport may be illegal in some parts of the world, but it remains very popular in many countries, especially now that it is available online. Many cockfighting enthusiasts can now easily access the matches and place their bet with the convenience of using their mobile devices.

There are many available platforms to choose from that present legal and regulated publicized events. It is important that the viewers must know if the website is legit with legal permits and certificates. This is essential especially if you are planning to place your bets in cockfighting. 

Live streams of cockfighting may affect some platforms because it shows acts and threats of violence, as the rooster fighting to the death. Most websites prohibit this kind of show to protect their viewers under their community guidelines. 

But the popularity and demand of this sport is consistently increasing, making operators continue their services while evading penalties. In most locations in the world, these platforms are taken down quickly, then another new stream will emerge right after.

Online Cockfight Betting in the Philippines

Online cockfighting in the Philippines is a fast-growing community because this sport is considered a tradition in the country. The coronavirus pandemic is not enough to stop Filipinos from continuing their favorite pastime and earning by winning bets. Electronic “sabong” grew its popularity very fast because almost anyone can access online cockfighting events and engage with their gambling activities.  

The country ordered all cockpit arenas to stop their operations as a way of decreasing the spread of the coronavirus. As a result, cock derbies are held inside private farms that are ready for live streaming. There are laptops and cameras ready for broadcast, showing the gore fight of two gamecocks. 

The online cockfighting hosts must make sure that they provide good video quality and fluid streaming to avoid delays and interruptions. It is important that the bettors and watchers must witness good angles of the fight to determine who is winning. 

The electronic “sabong” host earns in live streaming by selling the rights to reputable websites, where bettors can place their wagers. Some platforms would hire beautiful women as customer service representatives, which can attract more male clients in using their website. These employees provide instructions to possible bettors on how to watch and participate in the sabong matches.

One platform where online cockfight betting and streaming are possible is through Pitmasters LIVE.

Cockfighting vs. COVID-19 in Thailand

Thailand faces great challenges in dealing with the rapid spread of the coronavirus because of some illegal casinos and their cockfighting arenas. There were hundreds of cases caused by going to cockfighting arenas that hosted big events. These venues became a major risk in spreading the virus because it brings many people together, which is the best condition for the coronavirus to thrive and infect more people.

Most cockpit arenas do not have proper ventilation and people are stubborn not to wear masks during events. Some infected people are reluctant to report their condition to the authorities to continue their gambling activities. 

This made it even harder for the government to conduct their contact tracing and hindered their health support for the public. This gave the authorities enough reason to order all arenas and other gambling activities to stop their operations and help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. 

Thailand’s fight against the coronavirus is getting worse especially in some of their provinces that contain gambling dens and cockfighting venues. The government orders people who went to these venues to isolate themselves for 14 days in their homes or visit the hospital if they have fever and cough, which are symptoms of the virus.

Economists say that this sector of the gambling industry in the country could have a minimal impact on their economy, but they will still have a hard time containing the virus. 

Final Thoughts

Cockfighting is a sports betting opportunity that can have promising rewards. While it may have been a sport that thrived on revelry and interaction among avid gamblers, it is now gaining a foothold in the online space as more and more platforms have embraced the idea of online sports betting, including online cockfight betting. While some may love the idea of betting and winning, other gamblers explore this sport as an avenue where they can enjoy a different kind of thrill while enjoying it with their friends.

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