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Track and Field Betting 101: Best Tips to Know for Winning

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Track and Field Betting 101: Best Tips to Know for Winning

Track and field betting is among the most exciting sports betting methods out there. Find out more about it here. 

Sports betting is one of the most popular means of gambling in the world. The gambling industry has been successful in this sector and is able to evolve from the innovations of technology. People can now utilise the internet to place their bets on their favourite sporting event. Among the most popular sports that people want to put their wager on are football, baseball, basketball, and track & field. 

Track & field involves a variety of sporting events where athletes compete with each other to determine who is the best. Since this is an exciting venue for the competition, gamblers see this as an opportunity to place their bets. If you want to engage in track and field betting, here are some details that you need to know first.

Learn How to Place Your Bet First

If you are new to sports betting, betting in track & field is an easy process, and it should be easy for you to understand. You will be able to learn how to place your bets and how the odds work with the sport. 

Traditional sports betting can be tough to win because it would be hard to determine the right plays, the favourites, and upsetters. However, learning a few strategies will help you go about track and field betting. It will also help if you are already familiar with real money gambling on online sites or sports betting through physical sportsbooks.

You can visit any sports betting website and search for different track and field betting games. There should be a wide variety of wagers that you can choose from. Most of these wagers will have options that go along with moneyline odds.

Oddsmakers use moneyline to make all sides of the wagers even, which applies if there are only two possible results or more. Once the oddsmakers complete their jobs, the wagers will have a similar amount of money placed on it.

Moneyline bets showcase a plus or minus sign before the number and start at a standard $100 wager. This means:

  • A number that has a plus sign means you win the amount if you bet $100.
  • A number that has a minus sign means you have to bet that amount to win.

Remember that there are plenty of possible amounts for you to bet. The moneyline sets up a balance between the amount of wager and the winning amount. This balance applies to every amount of money that you decide to place a bet on.

Track & Field Types of Bets

The track & field event holds numerous competitions for different categories, such as individual events that compete against everyone else. There are group events that compete with other sets of groups. 

Every event will have a winner by defeating their opponents and the event itself. This means that it complicates the process more with track and field betting. Jumping events declare winners by measuring the height made by the athlete, throwing events by the farthest distance, and multi-sports such as decathlon have a particular scoring system. Racing events winners are the athletes who cross the line first. The different methods of determining winners in track & field events give different betting types for every event that you choose. 

Events Winners

track and field betting

In an Olympic event, you can choose an athlete you think would win to increase your odds on the moneyline. You will have the chance to win the money depending on the amount you bet and the moneyline odds.

Sports betting websites would probably show only the strongest athletes in a particular event because many have little to no chance of finishing the top best athletes. However, it’s almost guaranteed that the list would have high possibilities of winning and assigning moneyline odds for every athlete.

This manner of betting provides good options for bettors by having more than two choices, which enhances their chances of winning the bet. There are also chances for those who bet for athletes that will win gold in a track & field event and must pay more for a small bet. 

Yes or No Wagers

This type of track & field betting would normally focus on a single athlete or a team, and especially someone who is a crowd favourite. 

Yes or no betting will help you determine which athlete or team you should go for. This supports bettors who do not have full details of all the competitors of a particular event, making it easier for them than gathering more information. A yes or no betting is a simple track & field enthusiast who follows famous athletes.

Another advantage of yes or no track and field betting is that you can easily win the bet because you already know the underdog you can bet on or against to make a profit.

Proposition Bets

Proposition betting is one of the gambling industry’s most entertaining types of bets that you can do on track & field events. It serves two purposes: first, they allow bettors to place their bets literally on every angle of the event for fun and excitement. Second, bettors have the flexibility to use their skills and information to make a profit. 

Proposition bet (prop bets) is also known as Specials bet that also refers to side bets or novelty bets. Other industries and situations outside sports betting also use these terms and are quite similar. Prop bets have many different types of bets for different sports betting categories that do not directly affect the results of the competition. 

Don’t Depend on Reputations

In reality, the sports track & field only gets high recognition during the Olympic trials and the main Olympic events. During the Olympics, people will notice outstanding performances in the events, but they would fade back to insignificance after the Olympics. This situation makes people recognise the athletes that have reputable accomplishments. People will remember their performances and expect another great result from the athlete for the next Olympics. Since the Olympics are held every four years, there is a possibility of shifting generations in many events. 

Before engaging yourself in track and field betting, make sure that you do more research about the athlete’s past prime performances and not depend on what they are currently capable of doing in the Olympics. You can make good decisions by knowing how they performed, some media expectations, and how well the organisation handles their athletes.

Know the Sport

Track & field is an Olympics high profile sport that spectators can easily understand the concept and rules, even by watching it during the Olympics. There are a number of casual Olympic bettors that started by spending time watching an event’s intricacies and understanding the whole competition.

If you want to learn track and field betting, you need to learn and understand the sport, the types of athletes that perform well, or the preparation and training in the last few years before the Olympics. You also need to know if changes with the rules or qualification requirements can impact an athlete’s performance in the event. 

An Athlete’s Efforts

You also need to consider an athlete’s efforts to secure a win in an event in track & field. Every athlete focuses on perfecting their performances in an event. However, some participate in multiple events. These types of athletes are extraordinary and have strong will and determination for the sport. As a bettor, you need to know all the athlete’s schedules and what events matter most. 

You must follow the activities of an athlete and figure out if they are already tired or unfocused and might not be able to give a 100% performance. You have to be careful in selecting an athlete to root for in track and field betting.

Popular Athletes

Before placing your bet in any track & field event, familiarise yourself with the famous athletes first. Some sports may have many upsets, but events in track & field determine the winner that performs well, which is usually the favoured athlete. If you are handicapping track & field, it is ideal that you know the favourites first. You can also look beyond a popular athlete if you doubt their capabilities like too much hype, too many events they are participating in, or lack of focus. But you need to decide weeks or months before the Olympic event to make sure you know an athlete’s capabilities.

Crowd Favorite

You will know a good athlete if they are a crowd favourite. It is also good that you know the public’s opinion about an athlete and understands easily what their reasons are. As a bettor, you would normally go for the athletes of your country. There are also bettors who go for the ones popular in online media and TV because of their accomplishments and history. These types of athletes will cause an out of proportion amount of betting activities. Always notice what the public tells so that you can capitalise on your track and field betting.


Track and field betting can be entertaining and profitable, as long as you are well-informed about placing your bets. This is an attractive betting opportunity because of many reasons, as discussed above. Keep in mind that knowing an athlete’s strengths and weaknesses can be your advantage in track and field betting.

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