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How to Bet on Tennis

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How to Bet on Tennis

Tennis may not be considered the most popular sport in Thailand. Still, this sport is widely prevalent among gamblers around the world, so it is a must to learn how to bet on tennis. Tennis ranks behind only football and horse racing in terms of money generated for bookmakers, and this gives more reasons for people to get involved in the tennis action. This sport provides a wide array of markets and tournaments that happen every year.

Tennis Organizations

The governing body of all things about tennis is the International Tennis Federation (ITF), including beach tennis. The ITF is associated with six regional associations and 211 national tennis associations and is responsible for the administration and regulation of the sport, promoting and developing the game, and organizing international competitions.

To govern professional tennis, the ITF collaborated with the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) and the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP). The ITF is responsible for organizing tournaments like the Fed Cup, tennis at the Olympics, the Futures-level tournaments, the Fed Cup, and the Davis Cup.

The Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP)

Founded in the 1970s, the Association of Tennis Professionals protects the rights of professional men’s tennis players. The ATP has managed and organized the Seniors Tour, the ATP World Tour, and Premier Men’s Tennis Tour.

The ATP World Tour consists of ATP World Tour 500 Series, ATP World Tour 250 Tournaments, and the ATP World Tour Masters 1000. The organization also oversees the ATP World Rankings. The rankings of players are determined by the merit-based system, which is in place for both singles and doubles. The system is for regulating the qualification for all tournaments and the seedings of the players. The ATP Board of Directors has seven members, 12-man Player Council, and a Tournament Council with 13 representatives from all over the world.

The World Tennis Association (WTA)

Like the ATP, the World Tennis Association started in the 1970s. It eventually progressed as the main organizer of women’s professional tennis. The WTA consists of International Tournaments, the WTA 125k Series, and Premier Tournaments.

The WTA also has its merit-based ranking system, rolling 52-week, a progressive system that ranks both doubles and singles players. This structure is the basis of who qualifies for an event and how players will rate at tournaments. A board of directors controls the WTA, with eight-member Players’ Council made up as a sub-committee to advocate the opinions of the players.

How to Bet on Tennis

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Tennis odds are obtainable on almost any tennis match extending from the lowest-tier to the grand slams, the Futures Tour, which gives you a vast array of betting on tennis. You will need a bookmaker who will help you bet on a match.

There are five types of betting in tennis gambling: match betting, outright betting, over under betting, in-play betting, and handicap betting. 

Outright Betting

You will have to choose your team who will win the tournament itself, and not just on a single match. This betting could call for as many as seven isolated match victories, depending on the competition.

Match Betting

You choose who will be the winner or the loser as match betting relates to a single match. It is the most straightforward system of betting on tennis.

Handicap Betting

Set handicaps and game handicaps are the two areas of handicap betting, both of which are uncomplicated. A player is given several sets or matches as a handicap to level the playing field. You can decide whether Player B will make up their handicap disadvantage and still win or Player A will win with an advantage on handicap.

Over/Under Betting

With over under betting, you will be considering either the number of sets or the total number of matches played in a tournament. The Over-Under Betting is a two-way bet where you gamble your money on the number of games or events being more or less than the number provided.

In-Play Betting

This type of betting is getting more famous for tennis gamblers. Tennis matches can be over in a matter of minutes, so you have to be alert at all times and look out for betting opportunities on individual sets and events.

Other Bets You Should Know

  • There are many other options for gamblers in tennis. You can even bet on any players in the tournament to reach a certain rank, or pick the winner of half of the draw.
  • Set betting is by picking the number of sets you predict the match to last, and the number of games each competitor would win.
  • Another exciting category would be betting on the margin of victory. A three-set match will come up with six possible contrary results.
  • Set winners can be an enthralling category. Supporting an underdog to win the first set and lose the match can have better merit.
  • A ‘double result’ category will be offered by some bookmakers, which on two different events in the match, you will be allowed to bet.

Tennis Betting Scheme

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Always look for the value when you bet on tennis. Being patient and consistently making intelligent bets where there is value will put you on top over some time.

Learning how to bet on tennis can be a little tricky with this concept because it is a sport in which upsets occur lesser than the favorites who get the job done. The value can be hard to spot.

Tennis Court Surface

The three tennis court surfaces are grass, hard-court, and clay-court. Each of them is a very different landscape in which every tennis player has their preference. It may go as one champion on hard-court might be weak on the grass.

In every aspect of gambling, you should always do your research and know the details of the entire sport. You should know the strengths and weaknesses of your preferred player, like how he fares on the court’s surface. 

Tennis players do their research. They study their movements, the court, and, most notably, their opponents. You should also know who your favorite player always struggles against.

Most struggling tennis players would continue with their difficulties then improving throughout a few tournaments. With technology today, there is a cloud of free, promptly available data on tennis players that you can access anytime. It should make a difference for you on whom to bet on tennis and earn your winnings.

Tennis Gambling

Betting on tennis is all about picking the losers and winners. Knowing the details of the game and the players will give you an advantage with your choice of bet. There are many options to bet on as discussed; it’s up to you where you would take advantage to get your prize.

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