Slots in Vietnam

Slots in Vietnam

Vietnam has an ever-evolving law about gambling. For several years, gambling aside from lotteries is illegal in the country. Until recently, the government passed a bill that legalizes sports betting including international football games, horse racing, and greyhound racing. This is following the release of business decrees regulating the gambling market.

While there are more than 30 brick and mortar casinos in the country, they were limited to individuals who hold foreign passports. Locals are only allowed to enter specific casinos last March 2017 through Decree Number 3, which has a pilot program of three years. To date, only two casinos are allowed to accept Vietnam locals. These are the ones built within complex resorts in Van Don District and Phu Quoc District.

The regulation of these gambling activities is the government’s response to the growing industry of gambling. A survey revealed that Vietnam loses approximately US$800 million annually in tax revenues. This is because many gamblers resort to underground casinos or cross the border to enjoy casinos in Cambodia.

What Is The Casino Decree?

The casino decree details the specific conditions that foreign investors must meet before they can qualify for the Certificate of Registration of Investment in integrated entertainment casino complexes. This includes the details about the inclusion of hotels, conference areas, tourism, service, and commercial establishments.

The decree also states that interested investors must have a minimum investment capital of US$2 billion. Existing investors in Vietnam may need at least a year to comply with all the requirements and expand their projects while new investors might take them about two years or more to process the license and build the complex.

Are Slot Machines Legal In Vietnam?

Sometime in 2015, the office of the Prime Minister of Vietnam announced its approval of putting slot machines in international airports. The slot machines were supposed to be placed in the departure area by local companies. Those allowed to use it are international tourists in transit to other Vietnamese cities or those who are traveling out of the country.

The draft decree covering the installation of slot machines was eventually temporarily suspended upon the recommendation of the Ministry of Finance. The said draft took a back seat as the government concentrated its efforts towards the Casino Decree. The idea of putting slot machines in airports is popular around the world. It gives travelers some form of entertainment while waiting for their flights, particularly when they have delayed or canceled flights. It is also a good source of additional tax revenue for the government.

Playing slots in land-based casinos in Vietnam are not legal not only for foreigners but also Vietnamese citizens following the release of Decree Number 3. The said decree gives local citizens the permission to enter an approved casino provided that they are at least 21 years of age. They should also have a monthly income of 10 million dongs, no criminal record, and must secure a prior approval from their families.

Vietnam currently has 38 casinos. Of these only two are large-scale casinos that meet the requirements of the Casino Decree. Most of the casinos in the land are small-scale business. Most of them, however, offer electronic gaming machines or slots.

What Are The Rules About Foreigner-Use Slot Machines?

In December 2016, the government of Vietnam amended some of the resolutions stated in Decree 86/2013/ND-CP. The Decree 175/2016/ND-CP states that all slot machines in the country must follow a higher payout percentage. The payout rate must not be less than 90 percent. The said decree also applies to all software within the slot machine even if they are still in the factories.

To implement this, the government required casino operators to have their machines recertified as soon as they updated the payout percentage.

How To Play Online Slot Machines

Many gamblers who patronize online casinos love playing a myriad of table games. But the most popular game of all time is the slot machine. The stunning graphics and movements of the reels somewhat have a hypnotizing effect on the players. Add to it the Asian-themed games that offer amazing bonus screens. Some of the famous slot machines are Sushi Bar, Untamed Giant Panda, Choy Sun Doa, and Bangkok Nights.

Slot machines gain a huge following because they are easy to play. Some websites even offer free play or practice mode. New players of online slot machines may find it frustrating to play since most website ask players to sign up for an account. A player who wants to set up an account would need to provide their email address, username, and password. Some slot machine games require download of the software but most offer instant play games.

Signing up with a website comes with many benefits since these online casinos often offer welcome bonuses like free spins or cash back options. A number of them also offer daily promotions as well. Those who would like to play for money would need to enter their credit/debit card numbers of bank account details for withdrawal options. E-wallets are also accepted forms of withdrawal option.

Before playing online slots, you must be familiar with pay lines as this will determine your bet and possible winnings. Early models of online slots have single lines but the modern-day slots now offer generous payouts through pay lines. The bigger amount you wager, the bigger will be your payout but sometimes betting on all lines can become too costly. Choosing the wager amount, the number of pay lines, and total amount of bets is done by using the mouse or the tracker.

New players are highly advised to start betting on low-denomination machines. This will help you become familiar with the pay lines you want to place their bets on. Once you get the hang of it, increase your bet gradually until you become comfortable. Just remember to gamble wisely.

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