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Popular Online Games in Malaysia

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Popular Online Games in Malaysia

Malaysia is a beautiful country with a thriving gambling industry. The country does not prohibit its non-Muslim citizens to engage in gambling. But several laws like the Betting Act of 1953 and the Common Gaming Houses Act of 1953 govern betting in Malaysia. The country does not allow its citizens to gamble in public places or unauthorized betting houses. They also have limited choices for gambling activities since the only legal forms of gambling in Malaysia are horse race betting and lottery. The country also has one casino, Casino de Genting, in Pahang that offers non-Muslims a wide variety of table and card games.

These laws generally apply to non-Muslims only. A largely Muslim country, Malaysia’s population is mostly composed of Muslims covered by the Islamic Law, which strongly prohibits them from engaging in any form of gambling activity. Many non-Muslims who want to have a Las Vegas or Macau casino atmosphere often resort to online casinos. While the laws governing online casinos are vague, Malaysian players still manage to play at the comforts of their homes.

Here are some of Malaysia’s popular online casino gaming websites that offer a huge array of games, generous bonuses, and daily rewards:

Enjoy4bet Online Casino and Sportsbook is a Malaysian accessible online casino that offers tons of exciting games, handsome bonuses, and an amazing customer support team. The casino has many international players and is one of the highly reliable and credible websites in the market today. It is powered by top software platforms including Betsoft, Gameplay, Playtech, WinningFT, Ho Gaming, SBO Sports, 1S Games, and YoYou Gaming. This means that the games offered are guaranteed safe and fair. The website offers online slots and games, sports betting, and live dealer casino – everything you would want from an online casino.

Another accessible online casino for Malaysian players is the Prime178 Online Casino. They are known for having a superb customer service available 24 hours daily. The support team is also accessible through various platforms including Live Chat, WhatsApp, Skype, and WeChat, among others. This reputable casino also has English, Chinese, and Malay-speaking customer support team. Another great advantage of playing via the Prime178 Online Casino is the availability of different banks where players can process their deposits and withdrawals.

918kiss Party is another reputable Malaysian online casino. Many gamblers love this online casino because it has a wide range of games that cater to both newbies and seasoned gamblers. Players can choose from sports betting, slot games, live casinos, fishing world, and a lot more. The site also has regular promotions and discounts that players can take advantage of. The casino also features a mobile app where players can easily place their bets on horse races, football games, etc. Players can also try their hand in blackjack and slots. Users rave about the game quality with its superb graphics and sound effects. The website’s customer support also works around the clock providing their users with loads of informative information and resolving issues that arise.

Some Malaysian players play online games to earn some bucks. It has become a lucrative way of earning money while having a fun and entertaining time. Daily promotions, welcome bonuses, and referral programs give avid players an avenue to win big. The great thing about playing online casinos is that they are convenient to play. Many of the best casinos are available on iOS and Android devices.

Below is a list of the new online casino games making waves in Malaysia.

Joker Pro
This game is a slot machine game that features a state-of-the-art graphics and interface. The game has ten pay lines and five reels. The minimum bet is $0.10 but it has amazing features like ante-up, diamonds, triple sevens, bells and shamrock combinations that give its players a huge chance to win big in just one round of betting.

Sam on a Beach
This modern video slot machine game simulates a vacation on the beach. So those who want to feel the rush and excitement of the game along with the gentle waves of the ocean, this game is the best choice. The machine has five reels and 20 pay lines. This exciting game features live animations and an amazing soundtrack that will ultimately ante up any player’s gaming experience. This game also has as much as 2,000 jackpot coins and bonuses.

Another popular slot machine game for Malaysians is Tarzan. It has an amazing combination of actions and animations that players enjoy their games. Players love that Tarzan surprises its players with unexpected surprises. Watch out for Tarzan as you spin! He might just bring the big bonus you are waiting for!

Jungle Jim
The Malaysian gambler’s love for slot machines is evident in the rising popularity of Jungle Jim. Players provide its players an exciting time spinning the reels as they go on a rollicking adventure. Players are also asked to complete tasks and missions as another way of earning irresistible bonuses and jackpot prizes.

Planet of Apes
Undeniable excitement and amazing gaming features await the players of this movie-themed slot machine game. The reels and images are reminiscent of the blockbuster film. To make the experience closer to reality, the games feature amazing sound effects and interface.

Phantom of the Opera
Like the famous play, Phantom of the Opera slot machine game offers its players a flair of mystery in its reels. This popular online game award free spins and bonuses for players brave enough to continue missions.

Prestige Baccarat
This online casino game is gaining popularity for its flexible betting options, improved gaming features, amazing camera angles. These features give its players a new way of entertainment as they gun for the big win.

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