How Safe is it to Travel to Vietnam

vietnam travel safety

Do you have plans of visiting Vietnam soon? Concerned about travel safety in Vietnam?

Vietnam is one of the most beautiful countries in Asia. It is famous for its spectacular natural beauty and its incredible history. It is in SouthEast Asia, and it is steadily becoming more popular in the world with tourists frequently visiting the country.

Should Travel Safety in Vietnam be a Concern?

Vicious crimes are infrequent in Vietnam, and fortunately, you would only worry about petty crimes such as pickpocketing if you are a tourist. Vietnamese people are very kind, and if you treat them with courtesy, it will be easy for you to get along with them. So, no. Travel safety in Vietnam should not be a concern. 

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What Natural Disasters Should I Be Aware of When I Visit Vietnam?

Vietnam has tropical cyclones and storms that usually occur from June to December. Travellers should know that there are times of torrential downpours that can cause flooding that makes transportation to the Mekong Delta and Central Vietnam hard to traverse. Natural disaster risks in Vietnam are low, but you should prepare your trip with a weather forecast in areas that you will visit. 

Should I Be Concerned About Food Safety When Travelling to Vietnam?

Travellers should be aware of food safety when travelling to Vietnam. It is the top concern in Vietnam, and the Viets are not doing enough to solve this problem. The other worries in Vietnam are health care and education.

The Vietnamese worry about their food safety because they don’t know the sources of their food. The problem grew even more significant as the spread of swine fever went to its neighbouring countries, and transmission of food poisoning through local events like wedding ceremonies or sit-down restaurants were effortless.

Travellers should take extra care about food intake in Vietnam. It is better to go for reputable restaurants than to try out their local delicacies.

What Is Vietnam’s Safety Ranking?

Vietnam is a safe country where violent crime seldom happens. Though robberies, harassments, and assaults escalated in recent years, the country scored an overall 57.6 out of 100 in Southeast Asia, just above Jakarta and Yangon. 

There are common petty crimes like purse snatching, and valuables theft, but does not involve any violence. Travellers should remember to stay away from any arguments with the locals because the Vietnamese consider shouting as an insult. They would appreciate it if you would respect their culture and tradition.

Do I Need Travel Insurance When Visiting Vietnam?

Every traveller should purchase travel insurance whenever they are on tour. Vietnam is a safe country, but it is still best that you don’t have to worry about emergencies that might happen to you while on your visit to the country. 

While you are in Vietnam, travel insurance can cover your expensive medical treatment, whenever you meet an accident or become ill. The travel insurance will also cover infections, diarrhea, dengue, and malaria, which can happen to you during your travel in Vietnam.

There are also instances where patients need to go to Singapore or Bangkok for medical treatment. It would cost you a lot, especially if you do not have travel insurance.

Travel insurance also covers your belongings if it gets lost or misplaced. Even if you experience flight delays or missed flights, your insurance will save you from spending extra money for replacement of your flight.

Some travellers experienced a shortened trip due to unforeseen circumstances like natural disasters, political instability, and ill-health. Your travel insurance will support the journey on your way home.

What Are the Things I Need to Know Before Travelling to Vietnam?

If you are planning on a trip to Vietnam, make sure to follow some simple reminders for a safe and smooth journey. It will not be an easy task, but you need a tourist visa if you are planning to stay in Vietnam for more than 15 days. The process of applying for a visa would typically take two weeks, and it would be better to start your application weeks before your scheduled trip. Protect yourself with vaccinations and make sure that you are updated with all your vaccinations. It will make your journey more comfortable and not to contract any virus in Vietnam.

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What Factors Should I Consider When I Want to Travel to Vietnam Alone?

vietnam travel safety

More and more travellers today would like to go on a trip by themselves and experience a different kind of adventure. But you need to consider your preparedness to stay out of trouble. 


When travelling to Vietnam, you will need both Vietnamese Dong and US Dollars for smooth transactions. During your first transactions for the trip, the US Dollar is the common currency used, and when you get to Vietnam, you need to use Vietnamese Dong as a consumer.

Contact Travel Agents

You will need a travel agent to help you with your Vietnam tour. They can guide you on which places you should visit

Ensure Accommodation

If it is your first time to travel in Vietnam, you will experience a culture shock. Vietnam is full of busy streets, and having a hotel would help you feel relaxed after a day’s tour activity.

Know How to Bargain

There are plenty of lovely shops in Vietnam where you can buy good quality products. You should know a little bit of their language to understand how to bargain. You can also use your bargaining skills in restaurants and other shops.

Familiarize Yourself with the Local Commute

You should take note of some established taxi companies which use an official meter system. Try to avoid riding taxis that are not familiar to you because chances are, and they will scam you. 

You may also try the sleeper buses if you plan to save up on your budget. These buses can take you on your long trips with comfort, as you can extend your legs fully and recline your seats. You can book these buses through your travel agent.

Choose Clothes to Wear

Vietnam is not particular with what you will wear. You can wear laidback dress code such as lightweight shirts and shorts/skirts. But if you want to visit any temples or mosques, you should wear proper clothing to show respect for their religion.

Connect to WiFi 

The Internet connection in Vietnam is pretty okay. You can find connections in restaurants, hotels, and coffee shops, for free.

Are There Organized Crimes I Should Be Worried About in Vietnam?

As mentioned above, Vietnam is a safe country to visit. There is also considerable risk from petty crimes that are non-violent and non-confrontational. Some travellers experience bag snatching and theft of valuables that usually happens near hotels, tourist spots, and markets.

You should also be aware as a traveller, that there are organized crime syndicates in Vietnam that focus their operations on sales, smuggling, and drug production. There are also nightclubs that travellers should avoid due to organized crime activity. Always be informed of these activities and stay out of trouble.

What Should I Do When I Get Sick While Vacationing in Vietnam?

Travellers dread the feeling of getting sick while on a vacation trip. It does happen to some travellers, and you should follow some tips on what to do when you get sick. 

One of the essential things a traveller should always do is to take note of emergency phone numbers and save it in their cellphones. You should also establish your travel insurance and make sure that it also covers your health emergency. Make a note about your details and put it inside your wallets all the time. You should provide your blood type, medicine intakes, allergies, any illnesses, medical history, your religion, and emergency contact person.

How Polluted is Vietnam?

Vietnam is suffering from devastating air pollution that also made its two largest cities belong to the top 15 polluted cities in Southeast Asia. The country has a record of 60,000 deaths in 2016 that was related to air pollution. The leading cause of Vietnam’s air pollution is transportation. Most of the country’s streets are full of old and dilapidated vehicles that lack maintenance. You could see black smoke everywhere emitted by all types of vehicles in Vietnam. For your travel safety in Vietnam, wearing mask is advisable.

Is it Safe to Travel to Vietnam with Kids?

Vietnam is a fun city to visit, and you would also want your kids to experience a different kind of adventure. The country has bustling streets full of vehicles that emit smoke, their markets with unpleasant smells, and long distances to travel north-south. 

There are places in Vietnam that have activities your kids may enjoy. There are also friendly communities that offer kayaking, cycling, snorkelling, and hiking that your kids may experience. 

Some travellers do not recommend bringing your kids to Vietnam because of health issues. The country’s air pollution is very harmful and also their food safety. Make sure to let them wear protection. 

Are There Smoking and Drinking Ordinances I Should Know While on a Holiday in Vietnam?

Vietnam is a smoker-friendly country, and you will find plenty of Vietnamese smoke anywhere. The country has 45% male smokers, that’s why you will see about four out of ten people who smoke any place in Vietnam. Cigarettes in the country are cheap and are available in almost every store you will see.

Vietnam still doesn’t have any laws about the drinking age. Although they prohibit selling alcoholic beverages to customers under 18 of age, this means if you are at least 18 years old, you can legally buy and drink any alcohol in Vietnam. Our Vietnam travel safety tip here is to follow these ordinances.

What Cities in Vietnam are Safe for Tourists?

As stated above, Vietnam is safe for tourists, but tourists should be careful of petty crimes. The cities of Ho Chi Minh, Nha Trang, and Hanoi have regular valuable thefts like wallets, cell phones, cameras, and pieces of jewellery. If you are staying in a hotel, better store your valuables in the safety vault for your protection.

Vietnam is a beautiful country with a vibrant culture and should be taken out of your bucket list the soonest. You will appreciate its natural tourist spots and the hospitality of its people. Remember always to be prepared when travelling to a different place to avoid any unwanted trouble. Make sure to follow our Vietnam travel safety tips so you can have an enjoyable stay.


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