Malaysia is a small country rich in culture and heritage. Over the years, migration to the country has made it one of the most diverse to live in. It is a multi-ethnic and multi-religious country known for having a unique geography. Its location bordered by many countries have contributed to its unique charm and culture. The country is a melting pot of cultures that it has become home to many expats who love the country’s accessibility, weather, tourism, and foreign incentive programs.

The country is one of the most developed and affluent countries in Southeast Asia. It has a thriving manufacturing economy with palm oil, rubber, and tin as primary products. The economy of Malaysia greatly improved from its shift from a commodity-based industry to a manufacturing economy. The country also benefits from the agricultural processing and petroleum production and refining.

Its beautiful geography and natural wonders have also helped the country become a popular tourist destination in Asia. In fact, the country is highly favoured by backpackers who want to experience a wide range of activities. Those who visit Malaysia often rave about how easy it is to communicate with the locals as most of them can converse in English. Visitors also love that the country has many exquisite dishes that, like its culture, are a fusion of many cuisines.

Many foreign visitors who decided to live in the country also find the country to have one of the lowest costs of living in the world. Many from European countries share that their life completely improved when they moved to the country. Some of them even made a few real estate investments in Sabah, Penang, and Kota Kinabalu.

A largely Muslim country, many of the locals here are under the Sharia law that prohibits any form of gambling. Since the country also has its fair share of Chinese immigrants and tourists looking for gambling venues, the country has granted the Genting Group a license to operate a casino. Located in Pahang, about an hour drive from Kuala Lumpur, the Casino de Genting or Resorts World Genting is the biggest casino in the world. It offers its guest more than 400 table games and over 3,000 slot machines.

The country also has three turf clubs that allow pari-mutuel forms of betting. These racetracks also offer golf course, equestrian training, and even equine hospitals. These racetracks also have off-track betting stations for those who cannot physically access the turf club.

While still illegal in Malaysia, online casino with live dealers and online slots is becoming more popular in the country. This is particularly true for the younger generation looking for more variety. Legally playing online casinos is possible by accessing only internationally licensed websites. Players take advantage of welcome bonuses and the convenience of playing online casino at the privacy of their home.

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