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Tips for English Premier League Betting

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Tips for English Premier League Betting

Gambling is prohibited in Thailand, except for betting on horse races and the Thai lottery, which is subsidized by the government. The Gambling Act 1935 enforces this prohibition. Even owning more than 120 playing cards should have the approval of the government. In spite of that, illegal gambling in casinos and other forms of gambling still runs and exists in the country. Gamblers can even place their bets in sports, and one of them is football. 

Football is so popular that people spend their money on gambling. One venue of football gathering would be the English Premier League, where a lot of cash revolves inside the league. If a person would like to engage in this type of gambling, he should know the ins and outs of the English Premier League betting.

English Premier League

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The English Premier League is the top level of the English football league system. With 20 clubs competing, it works on a system of development and relegation with the English Football League.

The Premier League is a corporation type of company in which the active member clubs act as shareholders. Each team plays 38 matches in a season that runs from August to May. Since its inception, the league has presented two Welsh clubs and 47 English clubs that make it a cross-border league. Six of the teams competing have already won the championship: Leicester City (1), Blackburn Rovers (1), Arsenal (3), Manchester City (4), Chelsea (5), and Manchester United (13).

Betting on the English Premier League

The markets for betting on the English Premier League are extensive and diverse because of the league’s popularity, and it is one of the most bet-on sports divisions in the world. Here are some ways on how to invest your money on English Premier League games and instantaneous bets.

  • Top-Four Betting – There is money if you successfully pick a team to finish in the top four of the league. It is the token to UEFA Champions League football.
  • Title Betting – From the top four, betting on who will win the Premier League title would be more exciting. It is as easy as picking the winner of that season.
  • Top Goal Scorer Betting – Betting on the player who will score more points in the match. This betting type is not an easy one to win because there are a lot of talented players in the European leagues.
  • Relegation Betting – Choosing a team that will wind up at the tail-end of the table; if they finish among the last three groups in the table, you win.
  • Match Result Betting – You have to choose how the match would end. Due to the considerable likelihood of drawn matches in soccer, match odds are more inclined to offer better value.
  • Goalscorer Betting – One of the highest paying soccer betting markets. It offers an excellent incentive for roughies. Common options include last goalscorer, first goalscorer, first-team goalscorer, multiple goalscorers, and anytime goalscorer.

Tips for Placing your Bets on the EPL

  • The double chance will help you: With the intense games in the English Premier League, the likelihood of an upset must always be considered. The draw match always happens, and when you have a solid underdog playing against the experienced, a win/draw double chance bet on the less supported team will give you higher odds.
  • Don’t rely on back-to-back wins: Record shows that between the period of 2009 and 2017, almost a decade that no team has won consecutive titles in English Premier League. This was also true of top goalscorer betting, but Tottenham’s Harry Kane broke the spell when he won second straight Golden Boot in the 2016-2017 season. It is an attestation to the stability of the English Premier League and the classification of players that utilize their profession in England. This makes betting on outright markets for gamblers.
  • Be on your guard for the draw: If you know your preferred teams well, and you don’t trust who would win, better leave the bet well alone. Football has a reputation for low scores and tied matches, the draw is never most likely the result, even when the teams are skillfully matched. Many a promising EPL multi has been ruined because someone took the juicy odds on a stalemate when they should have backed a decisive result.

Common Soccer Betting Terms

Here are some terms you should familiarize yourself within the English Premier League betting:

Accumulator: It is a bet where the winnings from one wager are placed on the next bet. It gives a more substantial conceptual return, as the winnings accumulate. In the actual perspective, it is not very profitable as it only requires one to lose, and your total bet loses.

Arbitrage: A merging of bets which gives a guarantee of theoretical risk-free financial gain. These occur when a bookie offers a cost that is out of line with the rest of the market. Bookies will modify their prices as the opportunities don’t last long.

Asian Handicap: A well-known type of bet in Asia, where one team is given a handicap. The odds of not beating the handicap around evens.

Banker: Odds are usually less than 1.5 for this type of betting. It has a high chance of winning.

Betting Exchange: A place where gamblers are against each other, and the venue takes a commission from the winning trade.

Bookmaker/Bookie: Bookies are persons who accept a bet.

Decimal Odds: The odds presented as a decimal, with the stake incorporated in the general price.

Double: An accumulator with two bets.

Double Chance: A bet that is forwarded on the three-way market where you can bet on two results.

Draw No Bet: A bet where the draw gives back your wager.

Each Way: A type of wager where you can still win if your preferred team/teams finish in second/third/fourth, based on the market. Splitting the bet into two, the other half placed on a straight win and the other half on the next four places. This bet is also popular in horse racing.

European Handicap: The team is provided with a goal start, but the wager cannot be drawn. Three prices are tendered: one for the team with the handicap, one for the team giving the handicap, and one for the handicap draw.

Evens: A bet where the odds are 1/1 fractional or two decimals. You double your money primarily if you bet on this and win.

Fixed Odds Betting: Your liability and winnings are fixed, and you know whether you are going to lose or win at the time you placed your bet.

Fractional Odds: It is a popular way of demonstrating odds in Britain, and the stake is not included in the return.

Goal Line, Unders/Overs, Total Goals: All are the same markets focused around the total goals in a match. The goal line and unders/overs mean two goals or under, for unders and three goals or more for overs. The goal-line bet can be a draw. 

Half Time/Full Time: Sometimes called double result, where you bet on what the results at half time and full time.

Lay a Bet: This is the job of a bookmaker once he accepts a bet. 

Odds Against: A bet where the odds are greater than evens.

Odds On: A bet where the odds are less than the evens.

Scorecast: A bet where you forecast the first goal and correct score. Making this right is very difficult, but the odds are better.        

Spread Betting: A well-known method of betting where the returns are varied. 

Three-Way Betting: 1×2 because you mark 1 for the home win, X for a draw, and 2 for an away win with 1X2. Betting on a home win/draw/or away win.

Void Bet: The bet draws in Asian Handicap terms. It can also happen if matches are abandoned or postponed.

English Premier League Betting

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Premier League betting pursues in growing bigger every year with millions of pounds wage across the world each weekend of the season. English Premier League is one of the world’s competitive football leagues. Gambling on the league introduces its own distinctive challenges to both beginners and serious football gamblers alike. 

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