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The Best Gambling-Themed Tattoos To Date

October 15, 2019 195 0
The Best Gambling-Themed Tattoos To Date

Tattoos are fantastic works of art. They come in different sizes and shapes, and one of the more recognisable designs out there are often centred around gambling. In Thailand, tattooing can be a national issue, as far as their religion is concerned. For instance, then Thai Culture Minister Nipit Intarasombat ordered a ban on foreigners who get religious tattoos that can offend locals. The premise of the ban is unknown, but it is good to know that, in Thailand, the head is sacred and the feet ungodly. So, getting Buddhist tattoos below the waist can really offend and upset the locals. While you are in Thailand, it’s best to just get gambling-themed tattoos from one of the best artists you know in the country. To get you some inspiration, here are some of the most awesome gambling-themed tattoos we scoured on the net. 

The Gangsta-Gambling Tattoo

gambling-themed tattoo

Image Credit: Netluxury.com

Just look at this tattoo and get lost in the detail it has. It seems like somebody went into the tattoo salon and just said, “Gimme the most badass and complete gambling tattoo you could think of.” It has the classic “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign, playing cards, the wad of cash, a roulette wheel, and of course, the gangsters crouched behind a Model T Ford. If you’ve still got a full back to replicate this awesome tattoo, go for it and let us know!

The Mysterious Gambler

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Image Credit: Netluxury.com

When you look at the tattoo, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? What is inside this poker player’s mind? Will he fold, will he call, or will he go all-in? It has an air of mystery that most poker players are known for. The blank hooded face is a clear depiction of the processes that go inside a poker player’s head. 

True to Life Roulette Wheel

Image Credit: munieca.com

It’s hard to discount the skill of the tattoo artist who created this masterpiece. It is as if the tattoo is a real photograph on a man’s arm. The striking appearance of red ink against the black and smoky tones is just so granular that you can’t help but think about the technique employed in creating this stunning tattoo. It’s like a tattoo in action that no one can blame if someone tries to spin the wheel and hope to hit the jackpot.

Captivating Poker Player

Image Credit: Netluxury.com

Looking at the tattoo feels like communicating with the woman. The woman’s stare seems like she is commanding you to make a bet or go on a head-to-head battle with her. Just staring at the woman’s eye is enough to take you under her spell. There’s something so sensual about this tattoo that will take you spinning into her world. 

Colour Coded Tat

Image Credit: Netluxury.com

If you are all about vibrant colours and the constant rework it needs over time, then this tattoo is clearly for you. Just look at all the bold colours of the joker, the cards, the billiard ball, and the flower, and you’ll immediately appreciate all the hard work that came with this tattoo. It managed to subtly infuse gambling without going over the top.

Gambling Addiction

gambling-themed tattoos

Image Credit: Netluxury.com

If you like dark tattoos, then you’d probably want to get something like this. What’s impressive about this tattoo is the message it is trying to depict. It is as if the tattoo is saying that too much gambling can become the end of you. Just look at how the cards and poker chips seem to have sucked the life out of the person that they end up nothing but a skull. Maybe it’s just our interpretation. Who knows?

Tricks Up My Sleeve

Image Credit: dubuddha.com

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With the classic “Welcome to Las Vegas” also present in this design, it is clear how many tattoo artists and enthusiasts still consider Sin City as the ultimate gambling paradise. Roulette wheel, the booze, the musical notes, and the cards all say that this guy really knows how to have a good time. Of course, who can miss that astonishing tiger that seems to provoke you to make a bet against his master? 

Betting on the Black 

Image Credit: tattooatoz.com

Striking and fierce are just two of the adjectives to describe this tattoo. What does this tattoo remind you of? For us, the clash of black and red seem to depict the 50-50 odds in gambling. The intricate details of the playing cards and bills show tremendous skill. The design of the Ace card is also equally stunning. 

As Clean As It Can Be

Image Credit: linkedin.com


The eye-catching detail that quickly catches attention to this outstanding tattoo is the cleanliness of the design. Everything else is perfect. Clean lines and features make people think that it is a pencil sketch. If you want to go for a classic gambling-themed tattoo design, then you should get one like this. Get inked by a tattoo artist who can make it as clean as this. Hands down to the skill and craftsmanship of the tattoo artist who did this remarkable work of art!

Fisted Gambling

Image Credit: pinterest.com

What made this tattoo stand out is its location. Most tattoos would be on the sleeve, but this one is on the hand seems to portray that he got Las Vegas beaten down? You see the missing “L” in the welcome, and the whole sign seems to have cracks? Is it a sign that finally Las Vegas is not the world’s best place to gamble? What do you think?

There you have it! These are the best gambling-themed tattoos that we came across the Internet today. What have you noticed about the tattoo designs? Most of the designs feature playing cards, chips, the Las Vegas sign, dice, and money. Maybe because these are the classic gambling activities that most people are familiar with. Poker remains a popular choice for tattoo artists because it is as if no one can play poker without betting any money. It would be nice to see gambling-themed tattoos that would feature the classic cherries, or Lucky 7 made famous by the slot machines

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