Online Slots in Thailand

Online Slots in Thailand

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Top 3 Live Dealer Casinos in Thailand

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Like most countries in Southeast Asia, Thailand implements strict anti-gambling laws. Any form of gambling other than horse racing and the National Lottery are prohibited. Poker, bingo, casinos, and sports betting are illegal in Thailand. Even a friendly game with the monetary exchange can get you in trouble with law enforcement.

Over the years, however, Thai players or those living in Thailand have found a way to enjoy an online casino game and not be scared of persecution from the local authorities. Online casinos accepting Thailand players are now increasing. An online casino offers reliable odds, tons of bonuses like free spins and match bonuses, and a unique gambling experience that locals cannot have in their own country. It doesn’t mean that they have to go to Las Vegas. They can now spin the reels at the comforts of their home as online casinos provide an opportunity to play on their mobile devices. 

Is Playing Online Slots Legal in Thailand?

online slots thailand

Based on the gambling laws of Thailand, playing slots is illegal. Online slots may not be stipulated, but they are still prohibited. But, they cannot hold their locals liable if they gamble on internationally operated online casinos because they are mostly beyond their jurisdiction. It is also quite tricky for law enforcement to monitor these international online slots since there are almost thousands of them. 

As land-based casinos are still far from becoming legal in Thailand, locally-hosted Internet-based casinos may also be a far-fetched idea for Thailand players. Those who want to play online slots may do so by using offshore online casinos, particularly if you plan to use real money when making bets. Of course, it comes with the warning that you should only choose licensed gambling sites with deposit options that are acceptable in the country. 

How To Win in Online Slots

win online slots

Newbie players always fall on the losing trap when they play online slots, particularly if they don’t know how to maximize the use of free spins. Primarily because of the game’s hypnotizing effect, they lose track of their goal and end up losing more real money. Admittedly, the bright lights and continuous rolling of reels send a mesmerizing impact for its players, but this should not be why you will lose to online slots.

Here are a few tips on how you can stay on top of your game:

Manage your Real Money

win real money online slots

Start with a budget. Before going online, decide on how much real money you should deposit. You should also have a goal, whether it is for losing or winning. Say you want to deposit 5,000 baht. Your goal should be to win or lose 50% of your initial deposit. Even when you are on a winning streak, have the strength to stop and log out of your account. Applying this strategy ensures that you enjoy your winnings. Apply the same approach when you are losing streak. Never deposit more real money just to win back what you lost. This is a common mistake that new players often make. 

Avail of the Promotions and Bonuses

All online slots websites offer a wide range of promotional offers and bonuses. If you want to “win,” avail of these bonuses from casinos. Just make sure that you have read and understood the terms and conditions of the bonus so you can maximize your “winnings.” Sometimes, you may have to consider the payment options before you can avail of their bonus. 

Enjoy the Slots

The ultimate measure of winning while playing the slots is your level of enjoyment. Don’t feel pressured or frustrated if you don’t get the bonus, hit the progressive jackpot, or the multipliers. Just enjoy every single minute of your game. A bonus is just that – a bonus to keep you hooked to the game. While it is important to know the wagering requirements, casino bonuses, and other technicalities, you should focus on your game and enjoy it. 

Can You Actually Win Real Money on Online Slots? Are Online Slots Worth It?

The key to winning real money on online slots is if you can take advantage of the deposit bonuses. Once you can find a website that offers such a bonus, you can do the math of doing the wagering requirements to claim these bonuses, then using the amount you have available for playing, multiply it by the ROI for the online slots game. 

For instance, you can get a bonus when you deposit real money amounting to $1,000, in which the bonus you can get an additional $1,000 to your account, and have at least 20 times the rollover. So, you get 20 times the bonus on top of the real money you actually deposited. Given this, you have a 20x$2,000=$40,000. This means you need to place $40,000 in bets before you can withdraw real money.  

Consider RTP

It is also important to consider the game’s return to player (RTP). If you choose a game with a 98% RTP, you can multiply this against your playing time. In the case given above, you can multiply .98x$40,000=$39,200. Given this, you can expect to lose at least $800 of real money during the entire time that you are playing, and you can expect to get at least $1,200 from your initial real money deposit, including a portion of the bonus money. If the rollover is higher, which means that you need to play more, then online slots may not be worth it. So the key is to find an online slot game that has a lower rollover and a higher RTP (98% to 99%) to get a good bet. If you sum it up, it all comes down to the bonuses and the game payout.

What Is the Best Online Slot Site?


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Play with online casinos and have a great time. Heck, you can even win some money. But, you might be intimidated because you don’t know all the rules for card games and table games. Well, don’t worry, Happy Luke has lots of slot games that offer tons of chances for free spins for you to enjoy. This slots casino boasts of slot games that are easy to understand with fun themes that are made by the best providers like Quickspin and Play N Go. Play slots online with Happy Luke. They are one of the best in the industry. 


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1xBet is an online sportsbook that also has other online casino activities like slots games and table games. Slots games are very fantastic as they are easy to play with free spins. You can use the free spin to win real money prizes as part of their bonus rounds. The cool thing about slot games is that they can be of different themes, mechanics, gameplay, and whatever else.  The slot games they offer come from well-known providers like Play N Go, Microgaming, Playtech, etc. So visit 1xBet today for the best slots games. 1XBet is a nice alternative for Betway Casino for Thai players. Visit 1xBet to play slots online. 

What Are the Best Casino Slots to Play?

More than winning real money, a player's goal is to enjoy playing in slots. But, of course, it will not hurt to choose online slots where you can win real money and take advantage of bonus games and free spins. That said, here are some of the best online slots to play:

Cleopatra Slot Game

Cleopatra Slot is an Egyptian-themed 5-reel, 20 pay line online casino slots game that is highly popular for its free spins bonus round where each player can win 15 free spins with a 3x multiplier, doubling your chance to win the mega jackpot. 


Zeus is a slots game offering from WMS Gaming that features five reels with a 30-pay line screen, giving even new players the chance to win as many as 100 free spins as part of the bonus round. The increased winnings propelled the popularity of the game, giving rise to a series of slots, including Zeus II, Zeus III, and Zeus: God of Thunder. Its scatter symbols are also popular among casino enthusiasts. 

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead slot game took inspiration from the hugely popular US TV show released by AMC. Its storyline centers on a group of people trying to survive amid a zombie apocalypse. It is a great game that surpasses classic slot games of the past. This enjoyable 6-reel money slots give players the option to play with the Atlanta wheel or the CDC wheel, giving it characteristic gameplay. Plus, it offers players bonuses and tons of chances to win the mega jackpot worth $500,000. 

Book of Ra Deluxe Slots

Book of Ra Deluxe is another Egyptian-themed casino slot that features a 5-reel, 10-pay line screen. The Book of Ra Deluxe money slots is extremely popular for European players, making Novomatic improve the game offering in this region. Book of Ra Deluxe is among the classic slot games that also offer incredible surprises and tons of casino bonus rounds for its players. However, with only ten pay lines, you have to make sure that you have Lady Luck on your side. This casino’s scatter symbols are great for bringing in huge wins. 

Gonzo’s Quest

Gonzo’s Quest money slots is a casino game that follows a Spanish explorer, Gonzo, as he explores the lost city of El Dorado to find the treasures hidden within. Besides the excellent graphics and fantastic animations, the game also is filled with exciting features enough to spiral it up as one of the best online slots to play. On top of free spins, players can also win big rewards convertible to real money. It has tons of jackpot games that sets it apart from other classic slot games online. 

Play Free Games First

If you aren’t sure yet about depositing real money into your casino account, you can try playing these money slots at the casino for free. This way, you can be familiar with how they work before you dive into real money gambling or real money playing. There are money slots play that are available on mobile devices. Play free games and see if you can get the feel of the casino games before looking into the deposit options. Go for a classic slot game before trying the money slots that offer progressive games. Play the best games, study the casino offers, learn how to spin winnings reels, know the scatter symbols, and soon enough you will handle money slots in a casino with ease. 

Can Online Slot Machines in a Casino Be Rigged?

If you are a regular online slot machine player, there would be times you would think that you were a victim of rigged games after losing so much at a casino. Many players discuss the truth of actually winning jackpots. You would even consider if there were really legit winners in the past and question the legitimacy of the online leaderboards in casinos. Everyone knows that there are rigged events all over the world, which leaves us thinking, why not online slots also?

But there is no chance for anybody to rig an online slot machine in a casino. Although most licensed casino operators have a house edge, slots are fair game to play for real money. It all boils down to learning how online slot machines work

Free Spins and RTP

Winning at online slots is not entirely impossible. Of course, it involves a lot of luck every time you play in a casino, but as we mentioned, it has a lot to do with the RTP. Online slots are impossible to rig because they use Random Number Generator (RNG). As such, every spin would be completely random. You cannot stop the spins to favour you. The spins follow this methodology to keep the casino fair for all, as each player would have the same shot at winning. To increase your chance of winning huge bucks, you have to be familiar with the online slots’ gameplay – knowing the RTP, match bonus, and pay line matters. Taking advantage of free spins and bonuses can ensure that you get good value for your real money when you play in a casino. 

How Do You Pick the Best Slots at a Casino?

Most people would agree that many casino players love to play slots either in live casinos or online casinos. Every player has one objective in playing games in a casino – to win the jackpot prize, which leads them to wonder how to win on the slot machines with cash prizes

Unlike poker or blackjack, where you can have your own strategies in winning, slots is all a matter of chance. There’s nothing you can really do but wait for the outcome of your spin.

But don’t lose hope in playing slots. There are ways to know the strengths and flaws of winning the slots when you spin the reels. While you can always focus on winning free spins for your bonus, it doesn’t hurt to choose the best slot in a casino for money playing. Here’s how to make sure to find the best slot that offers free spin as part of their bonuses: 

Slots With Higher Denomination Have Higher Payback Percentages

In slot floors, it is true that three-reel casino games dominate, and the trend continued with video slots. For a higher payback percentage, play dollar slots then nickel slots and the penny games, respectively. If you play a higher-denomination slots game, you are playing bigger bets and getting higher risks. Remember, this can also increase your chance of getting free spins that can inch you closer to the jackpot. 

Progressive Slots Require Sufficient Bets

Progressive slot machines add a certain percentage of every wager to the jackpot. In three-reel slots, you need to put your bet with maximum coins to be able to play, which have a single progressive jackpot. Video slots that are multi-tiered have progressive jackpots ranging from two to 12 levels.

Some video slots allow players for the jackpots depending on the amount of bet. Simultaneously, other video slots recognize eligible players for jackpots when they place a separate bet. Progressive slots have pots as their main event, where you pay less compared to other casino games.

Set Your Budget Restrictions

Playing slot machines will usually have you lose your real money, and you have to accept that fact. But there are also times that you win big, and you should enjoy it when that happens. You mustn’t allow yourself to bet real money that you cannot afford to lose. Keep in mind that you need to have a bankroll that can cover 250 bets so you can achieve a 90 percent chance of playing slots for three hours. However, try to understand the truth about the unchanging odds of slots having the same results on every spin. The system of the game will entertain you, but it will not make you a consistent winner.

To Win Big, Start Small

Experienced bettors would always anticipate a loss in every game. Their strategy is to start with small bets and try to work up slowly, trying to place bigger bets when the wins go their way. The same concept can be applied when playing slots. The system might let you win at first. Then it will start to miss some winners where the payback percentage is almost similar to your wager for the spins at the slots. So keep your bets at slots small, whether it be for when you play online slots or at a land-based slot machine. 

Slot Machine at the Ends of Rows

Online casinos have a theory that slot machines at the ends of rows are more noticeable than the other units’ location, making casino goers witness players win steadily. But most things are going through significant changes with technology, such as bar-coded tickets for payouts instead of noisy coins dropping in trays. Don’t worry; modern casinos have the same percentages for paybacks for their players.

Search For Slot Machines That Pays Big

Some players search for slot machines that already made big payouts, thinking that they are hot machines. While others would try to avoid using such a slot machine with the idea of going cold after a big payout. Veteran players and casino owners know that winning streaks are just temporary deviations from the system that will result in an average payback after several plays.

Spot Near Misses

Searching for jackpot symbols on the screens or reels will mean near misses from a winning combination. It can be intriguing to find out how lucky that machine can be, but near misses are not an actual sign of how your game will go about. Slot systems give you more entertainment to increase your interest in playing, but it will not change any results on how you play the game.

The Don’ts in Playing Slot Machines

It can be tempting to use any form of cheats just to win significant amounts of real money in gambling. Live casinos are vulnerable to frauds and scams, but not with online casinos. Remember that you can get into big trouble if you cheat in licensed casinos. 

String Theory

Casinos of yesteryears only had three-reel casino slot games using coins. Scammers would use a string to tie a coin to be able to pull it out once again after the mechanism recognizes their credit after dropping the coin inside the slot.

Fake Coins or Slugs

There were fake coins or slugs that scammers use inside a live casino. There were slot machines that accepted these coins, not recognizing they were fakes. Most of them were just plain rounded piece of metal, while others have a more elaborate design. 

The industry was able to create coin recognition software to help avoid the problem.

Programmed Chips

Slot machines use programmed machines developed by a software engineer, but those who know the program can take advantage to create a cheat code. Some scammers can punch in specific numbers of coins in a precise order so that the machine will trigger a payout or free spins.

To properly and legally play the slots, it would be best for you to thoroughly research and get enough information on how slots work. Choose the best slots casino. With adequate knowledge, you would be able to improve your game strategies towards an online casino slot machine’s features. Before you go all-in with your bets, practice with free casino games and try getting as many free spins that you can get to get a feel of the game. 

No part of this article may be reproduced without permission. All Rights Reserved. For more updates about travel, betting, and all things Thailand, follow us.

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Top 3 Live Dealer Casinos in Thailand

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1xbetminiWelcome package for casino bonus up to 50,000THB+ 150 free spins


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happylukeWelcome bonus 200% on 1st deposit 6,000 THB


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