Online Slots in Thailand

Online Slots in Thailand

Like most countries in Southeast Asia, Thailand implements strict anti-gambling laws. Any form of gambling other than horse racing and the National Lottery are prohibited. Poker, bingo, casinos, and sports betting are illegal in Thailand. Even a friendly game with monetary exchange can get you in trouble with the law enforcement.

Despite the blanket ban, as much as 70 per cent of the population are gamblers. Almost every kind of gambling activity is enticing for Thais. Bullfight, dog fights, and cockfights also have huge following among the locals. Illegal gambling in Thailand has become so rampant that operators are making a lucrative business out of it. It was estimated that illegal gambling operators earn as much as $6 billion annually.

Participating in illegal gambling activities is popular despite its associated risks. Many locals take advantage of the higher odds offered by the illegal bookies. They also brave the risk because they want to have the experience of playing in a casino, whether it is land-based or online. The lack of gambling options in Thailand forced its citizens to look for more forms of gambling entertainments.

In the end, illegal gambling operators end up being the winners. It is easy for them to run with their clients’ money because these locals do not have any regulating body to turn to for help.

Over the years, however, Thai players or those living in Thailand have found a way to enjoy a game of casino and not be scared of persecution from the local authorities. Online casinos accepting Thailand players are now proliferating. They offer reliable odds and unique gambling experience that locals cannot have in their own country.

Is Playing Online Slots Legal in Thailand?

Based on the gambling laws of Thailand, playing slots is illegal. Online slots may not be clearly stipulated but they are still prohibited. Gambling in Thailand is a bit tricky. The government is adamant on curbing gambling addiction among its citizens but they can only do so much when it comes to offshore gaming. Most of the websites frequented by its locals have valid licenses from international gaming authority. They cannot hold their locals liable if they gamble on internationally operated online casinos because they are mostly beyond of their jurisdiction. It is also quite difficult for law enforcement to monitor these international online slots since there are almost thousands of them.

The government does not provide licenses for locally hosted gambling sites. As land-based casinos are still far from becoming legal in Thailand, locally-hosted Internet-based gambling may also be a far-fetched idea for Thailand players. Those who want to play online slots may do so by using offshore online casinos.

How To Win in Online Slots

Newbie players always fall on the losing trap when they play online slots. Primarily because of the hypnotizing effect of the game that they lose track of their goal and end up losing more money. Admittedly, the bright lights and continuous rolling of reels send a mesmerizing effect for its players but this should not be the reason why you will end up losing to online slots.

Here are a few tips on how you can stay on top of your game:

Manage your Money. Start with a budget. Before going online, decide on how much money you should deposit. You should also have a goal, whether it is for losing or winning. Say, you want to deposit 5,000 baht. Your goal should be to win or lose 50% of your initial deposit. Even when you are on a winning streak, have the strength to stop and log out of your account. Applying this strategy ensures that you enjoy your winnings. Apply the same strategy when you are losing streak. Never deposit more money just to win back what you lost.

Avail of the Promotions and Bonuses. All online slots website offer a wide range of promotional offers and bonuses. If you want to “win,” avail of these bonuses. Just make sure that you have read and understood the terms and conditions of the bonus so you can maximize your “winnings.”

Enjoy the Slots. The ultimate measure of winning while playing the slots is your level of enjoyment. Don’t feel pressured or frustrated if you don’t hit the jackpot or do not hit multipliers. Just enjoy every single minute of your game.

What Are The Top Online Slots Accepting Thailand Players?

Slot V

Welcome Bonus: Cashback for players / Comp points rebate bonus

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Info: Slot V is your best bet for total online slots fun. This online casino has one of the widest slot gaming libraries available to players. These are no ordinary games too as they come from some of the best providers like Playtech, Play’n Go, Quickspin, NetEnt, and more. As this is a site that is more like an arcade, the player gets bonuses for regular play and reloads. If you are looking for slots gaming fun, visit Slot V today.


Welcome Bonus: 1.7% Slots Cashback up to 5,000 THB

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Info: Play with online casinos and have a great time. Heck, you can even win some cash. But, you might be intimidated because you don’t know all the rules to the card games. Well, don’t worry Happyluke has lots of slots games for you to enjoy. Their slot games are easy to understand games with fun themes that are made by the best providers like Quickspin and play n go

Live Casino House

Welcome Bonus: 1.0% Weekly Cashback up to 100,000 THB for Slots and Live dealers

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Info: Live Casino House is the destination for players who want to enjoy the slots games at casinos but do not have the time to for out to a land-based casino. They have a great Live dealer feature but also have a lot of great slots game which you can enjoy as well. The site is also good for those who play long term as they have a great cashback bonus for players. Overall, if you want live dealers and slots games, this is for you.


Welcome Bonus: Daily prize tournament

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Info: 1xBet is an online sportsbook that also has other online casino activities like slots games. Slots game are very fantastic as they are easy to play but can win you big money prizes. The cool thing about slots games is that they can be of different themes, mechanics, gameplay, and whatever else.  The games they offer come from well-known providers like Play’ Go, Microgaming, Playtech, and so on. So visit 1xbet today for the best slots games

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