Dragon’s Luck Dragon’s Luck

Dragon’s Luck

Dragon’s Luck is an exciting Asian-themed 5×3 slot game that allows its players to fire up the reels and earn big! Fire-breathing dragons are your allies to win your way through every round. Surprise symbols and mega wins await you! Are you ready to face your luck?

Lines: 20
Minimum Bet: £0.20
Maximum Bet: £500.00
Return to Player (RTP): 96.52%
Bonus: Dragon Coin, Dragon Help, Mega Coin, and Mega Fortune

This slots game offers a classic design perfect for those who are fond of Chinese-themed games. The reels of Dragon’s Luck feature soft clouds with silhouette of rocky mountain tops. The foreground features the pagoda supported with two marble pillars embraced with dragon statues, which you need to watch out for while spinning the reels. Once they wake up, they can fire up your winnings!

Dragon’s Luck

Dragon’s Luck

How to Play Dragon’s Luck

To start playing Dragon’s Luck, you have to be familiar with the buttons and controls of the reels. The buttons are on the bottom of the game, along the game panel area.

Total Stake: Adjust the total value of your bet by clicking on the (+) and (–) arrows to increase or decrease the stake for each spin. This can be adjusted any time during the play.

Spin: Once your bet is set, click on the “SPIN” button located at the right hand side to start spinning the reels and playing the Dragon’s Luck. If you want to make the reels of the spin faster (TURBO SPIN), simply press down the spacebar while you are clicking the “SPIN” button. If you are playing on your mobile, activate the TURBO SPIN by tapping the “SPIN” button twice.

Autoplay: If you do not want to keep pressing or clicking on the “SPIN” button, you can activate autoplay by clicking on the “AUTO” button. You can customize the total spins for each autoplay session and set a loss limit that will deactivate the autoplay feature.

Tame the Dragon: Tips and Tricks

If you want to win this game, you have to learn how to tame the dragons and use them to your advantage. The game has five reels with 10 fixed pay lines. Start playing this online video slots game by Red Tiger Gaming by adjusting your bets according to your preferences. You can still edit your bet amount by adjusting the stake. Remember the minimum bet is only 0.20 and the maximum bet is 500.00 so this game is best for both newbies and die-hard enthusiasts.

Dragon’s Luck has nine standard symbols that pay out when you get three or more matches. The more matches you have, the higher payout you can get. To win Dragon’s Luck is more than just luck. Watch out for these special symbols to increase your winnings!

Dragon’s Coin

This special coin will spin on the reels and reveal a hidden symbol. During each game, Dragon’s Coins may appear suddenly. As soon as the reels stop spinning, these coins will continue to spin and reveal secret symbols.

Dragon’s Help

Dragons are on your side! When playing the Dragon’s Luck, two helpful Dragons will be present at either side of the reels. They will observe and give a help or two at random. You’ll be surprised when they wake up and suddenly breathe fire onto the game area. The fire will allow the Dragon’s Coins to spin repeatedly and reveal higher value prizes!

Mega Coin

The luck of the dragon is truly on your side when a Mega Coin appears 3×3 on the game panel area. Their presence means guaranteed wins as they convert symbols to several Dragon Coins as soon as the Dragons breathe fire onto it – this means more big wins!

Mega Fortune

Dragon’s Luck is operated by 138.com and getting to the Mega Fortune round means you are indeed lucky! The game culminates with the Mega Fortune round, where the reels have 138 lucky symbols, allowing you to increase your stake up to 138x! Getting the coin with the “138” pays you 1,380 for getting five matching symbols.

The symbols of the game share some similarities with the Golden Lotus game symbols. It has a Lotus, 138 Coin, Golden Fish, Card Symbols, and a Chinese Doll. Wins from basic symbols will get you 200 coins by getting five Ace or King Symbol combinations.

Getting the five combinations of Lotus Flower will pay out 250 coins, Golden Fish gets you 300 coins, and the Chinese Dolls gives you 400 coins. The rare and special 138 Coin can get you 200 to 1,380 coins depending on the symbol length.

You think you can get the luck of the dragon? Play with Dragon’s Luck to find out!

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