OneTouch Sic-Bo OneTouch Sic-Bo

OneTouch Sic-Bo

Sic-Bo is a popular card game in Asian countries. OneTouch offers a great on-the-go gambling experience that is equally enjoyable and competitive. One of the great things about OneTouch Sic-Bo is its feature of rolling the dice using the provably fair RNG, providing transparency and verifiable fairness.

This game has a mobile portrait layout that gives players a realistic experience of the game as dice roll inside a distinctive golden dome container. It also comes with a built-in consultation feature with Asia-based game and design specialists.

OneTouch Sic-Bo
OneTouch Sic-Bo OneTouch Sic-Bo

How to Play OneTouch Sic-Bo

Sic-Bo is a game that shares some similarities with craps. Players place a bet on what will be the outcome of a dice roll. Instead of using only two dice in craps, Sic-Bo uses three dice. This difference allows the players to have more betting options compared with craps. Depending on the odds, some bets come with better payouts. Placing a Combination Wager for a two-dice outcome pays 5x of the wager. The Triple Wager pays 150x of the bet amount when the dice show similar numbers.

Players can bet on the outcome of the dice including:

  • any single number appearing
  • two specific numbers appearing
  • total of the three dice
  • specific combination of numbers

The bets placed differ in payout. Players can also make multiple bets. You can customise your starting bet in the settings located at the upper portion of the screen. Chip denominations include 1, 5, 25, 100, 500, and 1,000.

OneTouch Sic-Bo OneTouch Sic-Bo

  • Click on the chip amount first then click on the numbers or outcomes you want to bet on. Increase your bet by repeatedly clicking on the chips placed.
  • Once you have placed your bets, press the START button and the game will commence. The dice, enclosed in a golden dome container, will be thrown and the winning positions will be marked. Winning wagers will be credited.
  • You can reverse your last betting action by pressing the UNDO button. Holding on the said button will activate a pop-up to clear all the bets in place.

OneTouch Sic-Bo OneTouch Sic-Bo

You can also remove the bet on the table by pressing or holding the chip/s on the table.
The table has different betting areas, including:

  • Small: Pays on outcomes with a total of 4 to 10, excluding for a three of a kind.
  • Big: Pays on outcomes with a total of 11 to 17, excluding for a three of a kind.
  • Total of 4 or 17
  • Total of 5 or 16
  • Total of 6 or 15
  • Total of 7 or 14
  • Total of 8 or 13
  • Total of 9 or 12
  • Total 10 or 11
  • Double: Players are allowed to place their bets on specific pairs. The game pays if the player gets at least two of the number is revealed.
  • Specific Triple: Players are allowed to place their bets on specific triples. The game pays if the dice reveals all three dice in matching numbers.
  • Any Triple: Player wins by getting any three of a kind.
  • Any One Number: Players can make six possible wagers – one for each face on a die. The pay depends on how many dice get the die face with a bet on.
  • Domino: Players can choose a two-number combination, having two different numbers. For example, 1-6.
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