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The PPPoker app is the latest to try its hand in the crowded online poker market, but with a unique social offering PPPoker stands out as one that suits the specific needs of expats.

Playing poker has always been a great social experience, with just as many poker players enjoying informal games with their friends as those playing games for real money. Now, the PPPoker app is changing the face of poker online and offering you the chance to connect with friends across the world.

What is PPPoker?

PPPoker is a relatively new poker site that manages to combine both serious games and social games too, giving you the option of how to play. PPPoker offers a range of poker variants which you can choose to play your way in different poker rooms. Whether you’re looking to connect via the app to poker players back home in the United Kingdom or United States, or looking for more competitive poker rooms and possibly even entering a tournament, this app could suit you.

PPPoker’s mantra is: ‘by poker lovers, for poker lovers’, with a focus on making online poker both safe and social, but how does it suit an expat?

PPPoker basics

Starting with the basics, PPPoker offers a new online poker experience. PPPoker is different from other poker sites; it claims to be safe as well as social, dispelling some myths around online poker. For those wanting a leisurely game with no commitment to play for real money, there are lots of options. You can grab a game of Texas Hold’em or play Omaha across a range of different tables.

PPPoker is easy to download as it is available on most devices, including Windows for your laptop or home computer.

There are also two types of clubs you can get involved in with PPPoker, both of which offer benefits to expats who like to play poker.

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Social PPPoker Clubs

You can set up a private PPPoker club to just play games with friends, which is where this poker platform really comes into its own. If you have friends who you used to play games with back in the United Kingdom or United States, then you can set up a club and recreate those times once again. It’s a great way of ensuring the table is fair and playing poker with people who you perhaps don’t see daily. Other poker sites are slow to catch on to the benefits here.

By setting up a club and playing home games, PPPoker gives you the opportunity to play poker your way. You might as well be sitting around in your friend’s kitchen back home, as opposed to playing in poker rooms on your mobile device. What are the advantages of setting up a PPPoker club for you and your friends?

It keeps out unknown quantities looking for games they can take advantage of for a start. That used to be a problem with poker sites after the poker boom; skilled players looking to make some real money. By setting up your own club, not only can you link up with friends back in the United Kingdom or United States, but you close your games and ensure that you know who you’re around a table with in your club.

Serious PPPoker Clubs

One question you might ask is this: is PPPoker real money? The answer would be no, you play for chips on the app, but if you want to play a different way there are options open to you.

For the more serious players looking for a wider poker community, you can get involved with poker clubs. They are a way of playing for real money without actually doing so. You can join PPPoker clubs run by a company who will give you play money; you won’t be playing for actual money on the site, but your wins can be taken back to the club and converted.

There are benefits to this; you can get a slice of the PPPoker rake as the clubs offer different rakeback deals, but you’re only ever playing with PPPoker chips in-game. This makes the PPPoker clubs particularly popular in Asia and the perfect way for those wanting to play poker games.

Looking at specific clubs, one of the most popular in Thailand is the Thailand Alliance: a collection of five separate clubs. You can only enter one club at a time, but in doing so you open up 50 to 70 tables. Whilst this is one example of such a club, much of PPPoker’s traffic currently comes from Asia, so similar setups can be found in other areas, with China, Singapore and Macau being also very popular.

Other PPPoker Advantages

For players based in Asia, PPPoker has already made a name for itself as a leading app and brand. Last year, they made news in the Philippines when Richard Marquez qualified through the PPPoker platform to play at a real tournament, the PPPoker World Championship, in which he went on to win PHP4,850,000. PPPoker might offer a safe and social way to play games, but it also allows you to qualify for major tournaments and maybe win some money.

January saw the first PPPoker tournament of 2020 held in the United Kingdom, with Brazil next on the calendar. PPPoker World Championship tournaments will be played across the world from Asia to South America in 2020 so, if you’re serious about online poker, you could find yourself playing in physical tournaments after qualifying through the app.

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The PPPoker Conclusion

PPPoker is a great platform for expats who are looking to play poker games. Whilst PPPoker focuses on that social aspect, once you begin to delve into it, you reveal a huge amount of options and ways to play.

As a serious player, you might prefer access to the rakeback deals and therefore a PPPoker club is the thing for you. Offering such a wide range of poker variants, you can easily test your skills against a vast number of players in different games, whilst having the added security of only competing for play money until you go back to the club, so you know you’re inside the law.

Whilst that is a great advantage, it is available through several other sites. What makes PPPoker a truly remarkable poker site, especially for Asian-based expats, is the ability to create a home club. The chance to interact with your old poker buddies back home isn’t something other platforms offer, and your club can become your little slice of home from home.

More info and download links can be found on https://www.pppoker.net

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