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Concerned about travel safety in Thailand? Learn more about what travel safety concerns you should consider when going to Thailand in this post. 

One of the more successful Asian countries that have attracted huge throngs of tourists over the years is the beautiful country of Thailand. Its unique culture and spectacular list of things to do have enamoured many tourists and expats. If you are planning to visit Thailand anytime soon, here are some travel safety tidbits you should know. 

Should Travel Safety in Thailand be a Concern? 

Any traveller’s primary concern before engaging in their tour in Thailand is the country’s safety. The most common fears in every traveller are the threat of terrorism, street crime, and other petty crimes. Every traveller must consider these pointers to ensure their safety. 

  • Take note of the country’s official government website and monitor if there are current travel alerts, travel warnings, and worldwide alertness.
  • Unfortunately, pedestrians in Thailand don’t have the right of way even on their busy intersections. Traffic police are often in charge of controlling the traffic, especially on intersections without traffic lights.
  • The Thais value respect for each other, and it is a serious offence if you say insulting words to somebody, defamation, especially to threaten or defile the Thai royal family.
  • Thailand is a safe country as long as you follow their laws and be cautious in your destinations.

Travel alerts and travel warnings would often come from the Department of State, so make sure to check out their websites for any travel alerts concerning local demonstrations or any health-related troubles. Note, however, that many of their travel warnings would be for more imminent danger, such as civil wars or terrorist attacks.

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What Natural Disasters Should I Be Aware of When I Visit Thailand? 

Thailand is one of the most beautiful countries in Southeast Asia because of its tropical climate and gorgeous coastlines that offer lovely beaches along the South China Sea. However, the country also experiences periodic natural disasters. When they do, it is rather rarer compared with its neighbouring countries. Flooding during the monsoon season and some seismic tremors are two factors that the Thais commonly prepare for. 

The most common natural disaster that the country experiences are flooding, which occurs mostly in the southern part of Thailand from November to March. The country’s monsoon season is mild, and the typhoon winds and hurricanes seldom visit.

Earthquakes in Thailand are moderate, and it takes place mostly in the northern and western part of the country. The country’s average earthquake magnitude is under 6.0 on the Richter scale and imposes no threat.

In recent history, Thailand only experienced one tsunami, the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami. It also reached some parts of Sri Lanka, India, and Indonesia. Since then, the country established the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center, to prevent the repeat of that terrible disaster.

Should I Be Concerned About Drinking Tap Water When Travelling to Thailand? 

For several years, Thailand’s tap water was considered fatal. In fact, some tourists would even report drinking only soda during their stay in the country. Why? There were reports of Leptospirosis in the country that was mostly due to rats inhabiting the sewer lines. As such, it would be pretty common for waiters and waitresses to not include ice cubes when serving drinks to their guests. If you need to have ice cubes, make sure they give you the one with holes, as these are produced in the factories that use filtered water. 

What is Thailand’s Safety Ranking?

Unfortunately, Thailand ranks as one of the 20 most dangerous places in the world for any traveller. The country has high rates of crime, and the trust for their law enforcement is low as per the recent survey.

Thailand ranks 118th out of the 135 countries in the world with a score of 4.0 for tourist’s safety and security. The country’s southern part, the provinces of Narathiwat, Pattani, and Yala are the most dangerous locations for all travellers. 

Do I Need Travel Insurance When Visiting Thailand? 

Most travellers are asking the same question about getting insurance when touring. It is best that you purchase travel insurance for your protection against medical costs, failed connections, misplaced or lost belongings, and other travel-related troubles.

Injuries may happen to everybody unexpectedly, especially in places where parties, motorcycle driving spots, drinking, and other high-risk activities occur. You would appreciate having travel insurance and not worry about your hospital bills at the moment. But be sure to check that your policy covers you for your whole trip in Thailand.

What Are the Things I Need to Know Before Travelling to Thailand? 

Thailand welcomes millions of tourists every year, and it keeps on increasing. If you are planning to visit, be sure to know some basics about what to expect during your stay.

If you are concerned about your travel safety as you explore the best places to visit in Thailand, it is pretty understandable, particularly as some areas of Thailand have some civil disturbances. But, it does not mean that you should entirely skip exploring the beautiful country of Thailand. You just have to carefully plan your trip to include only those places that are safe for tourists. Besides, Thailand is rife with almost everything that you would want for an unforgettable holiday escapade. From undisturbed green jungles to turquoise waters and food that tingles every taste bud, Thailand is an exotic destination in Southeast Asia that you shouldn’t miss. 

Whether you are a luxury traveller or a backpacker, Thailand is a safe country to explore. Still, it pays to always look out for warnings and dangers during your stay. Here are some of the things you should consider during your visit to Thailand. 

Transport and Taxi Rides

When it comes to transportation, you should always be careful when traversing the roads of Thailand. The country is known for having a high number of motorcycle accidents, particularly in narrow and mountainous areas of Phuket and Koh Samui. Since most tourists may not be familiar with the country’s routes and traffic rules, it can be problematic for them to navigate these roads. 

Riding tuk-tuks may be a better option than renting a motorbike, but you also have to be wary about pickpockets. 


Thailand is not yet a first-world country, and most locals here still live in poverty. As a popular tourist destination, some of them would look at it as an opportunity to earn money by pickpocketing unsuspecting travellers. Whenever you are in crowded places in Thailand, always secure your bags and wallets. It would be best to prepare for change before going out. 


While you may never need to worry about kidnappings, they can still happen, particularly if you are exploring near the Myanmar border, as it is known where bandit groups operate. Mugging may also be possible if you plan to explore the outskirts of Thailand. 


While exploring the best places to visit in Thailand, you should keep in mind that some locals may try to rip you off. Most commonly, tuk-tuk drivers, street vendors, and fake police officers. If you are unsure, you can partner with a tour guide from a reliable travel agency. 

Female Travellers

Thailand is generally safe for female travellers, as most locals show respect to women. However, you still have to take precautionary measures and avoid activities that may attract unnecessary attention. As much as possible, avoid walking in dark alleys or drinking too much. 

All in all, Thailand is a relatively safe country to explore. 

Here are some things to consider, though:

Refrain from Animal Tourism

Many travellers are fascinated with Thailand’s exotic animals that roam around the whole country. There are tourist destinations in the country where you can enjoy many activities such as photo ops with monkeys, visiting tiger temples, and elephant trekking. 

Unfortunately, you cannot do all these things in Thailand because people mistreat some animals. The Thais are serious about ethical values that people imply with the wildlife.

You should also take note that there are plenty of street dogs that can spread fleas and rashes. Be very careful when you see these dogs, and try to help in any way you can.

Avoid Feeding the Monkeys

Aside from street dogs, monkeys are quickly growing in numbers. You can see them on the beaches and streets of Thailand where many people feed them. Feeding the monkeys may set an imbalance in the ecosystem because they will be dependent on people feeding them rather than finding their food. The association with people is, in a way getting out of hand when monkeys learn to steal clothing, meals, and bags. Monkeys still belong to the wildlife, and sometimes they bite and may transmit rabies to people. 

Practice Responsible Bargaining

It is fun to do shopping in Thailand, especially when you have a bargain with a seller. You should consider visiting the Chatuchak Weekend Market, and you will find a good deal with the quality products that they are selling.

Bring a Bug Spray

Thailand is such a beautiful country with so many tourist attractions to visit. You should be careful with bug bites that might ruin your entire tour. Replace your cologne with bug spray instead, to make sure you do not get any bug bites and infections.


When it comes to vaccinations, only those that would increase your risk is if you do not have any existing protection against childhood illnesses like polio, chickenpox, smallpox, and hepatitis A and B. For your protection, get your annual flu shots as well. 

Visa Requirements

A tourist planning to visit Thailand should have a passport with a validity of at least 6 months. Filling out a visa application is necessary but those with a U.S. passport can stay in Thailand for 30 days.

What Factors Should I Consider When I Want to Travel to Thailand Alone? 

travel safety thailand

One of the top destinations for travellers in the world is to go to Thailand. Some travellers are adventurous and would like to go there alone and enjoy the whole trip on their own. If you are this type of person, you should consider some essential travel safety tips in Thailand to make your solo trip successful.

Schedule Arrival on a Daytime

If you are travelling alone, it is best to set your arrival during the daytime to prevent any imminent danger when you get out of the airport. There are still some petty crimes that can happen, and being extra careful would be better. You can also arrange your hotel transfers to make sure you will arrive there safely. Chances are, you are still not familiar with the different streets and landmarks of Thailand. You should also familiarize yourself with these places so that you won’t get lost the following days.

Set your Accommodations

When you arrive in your hotel room, proceed with inspecting for your safety and security. Make sure that your door lock is working and also the peephole. Familiarize yourself with the emergency routes of the hotel and memorize the front desk or security phone numbers. Most hotel rooms have a safety vault where you can store your valuables inside.

Avoid Thailand’s Beaches

Thailand is very rich with beaches that most travellers aim to visit. There are also empty beach areas that are very tempting to visit, especially when you are travelling alone. But it is not advisable to do such an adventure because no one will be able to hear you and send rescue when you need it. 

You also have to be aware that most of Thailand’s beaches do not have any lifeguard protection. You should even notice the signs of warnings about rip current, undertow, and other dangers in swimming. Try not to swim alone.

Are There Organized Crimes I Should Be Worried About in Thailand? 

Thailand has several international and local organized crime components that operate in the large cities of the country. Their activities involve human trafficking, document fraud, counterfeiting, drug trafficking, and prostitution. You should be very careful about these organizations and do not transact any business with them.

What Should I Do When I Get Sick While Vacationing in Thailand?

One of the most important things you should consider when you are travelling alone is your preparedness in case you get sick while in Thailand. Before you start your travel, make sure that your travel insurance is set and know the policies that it covers. Make sure that your medicines are in a proper container and store it correctly in your bag.

If you are already in the hotel, it is best to inform the front desk and ask for help when you are feeling ill. Look for the nearest available doctor that understands your language. You should also notify the hotel that you are travelling alone and contact your embassy if you are not getting any better. When you get home, do a follow-up check-up.

Should Pollution be a Travel Safety Concern in Thailand?

It is sad to say that Thailand is one of the most polluted countries in the world. Toxic smog is almost always present in Thailand's air, especially in Bangkok. The city possesses PM2.5, which is the most severe pollutant, that can go deep into your lungs and can lead to heart and respiratory ailments.

Is it Safe to Travel to Thailand with Kids? 

Thailand is a safe place to travel with kids. But there are places that you should avoid taking your kids there. The best time to bring your kids to Thailand is during the peak season of December to January, where the weather is hot, and no storms are coming in. 

Are There Smoking and Drinking Ordinances I Should Know While on a Holiday in Thailand? 

Thailand has a drinking age limit of 20. Unfortunately, some minors get away with purchasing alcoholic beverages in some stores. But the local police do occasionally conduct raids, and sometimes there are underage drinkers and users of illegal substances. If you are planning on drinking in Thailand, some places prohibit the consumption of alcohol: pharmacies, education institutions, public parks, temples or places of worship, petrol stations, and public offices. Always remember that the penalty for illegally drinking alcohol is a fine of not more than 10,000 Baht or six months in jail.

The country also imposes a smoking ban, especially in places where they preserve nature. The beaches in Phuket, Koh Samui, Prachuap Khiri Khan, Songkhla, Chon Buri, and Pattaya provinces are among the areas that don’t allow smoking if you break this law, a fine of 100,000 Baht or one year in prison.

What Cities in Thailand are Safe for Tourists? 

Thailand is full of beautiful places to visit. But not all locations in Thailand are safe, which is essential for any tourist to know to stay away from trouble. Some reasons may involve having conflicts with different religious groups or political clashes. Here are the places where travel safety in Thailand should not be a concern:

  • Chiang Mai
  • Hua Lin
  • Krabi
  • Koh Samui
  • Chiang Rai
  • Kanchanaburi
  • Phang Nga

Visiting Thailand should be on any travellers bucket list. It has an exotic culture and climate, perfect for any adventurous individual. Remember to behave appropriately and research more about their laws so you would not get into trouble. There are plenty of ways to enjoy your trip to Thailand and will surely make you want to come back again.

Share your journey with us in the comment box. 

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