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Beginner’s Guide to Playing Squash

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Beginner’s Guide to Playing Squash

Squash is one of the most popular sports in Malaysia. Though virtually unknown to many as it is not as popular as badminton or tennis, Squash has a huge following in Malaysia. In fact, the country has Squash Racquets Association of Malaysia that serves as the national body of squash in Malaysia. The association serves as caretakers to the nation’s squash development. 

The game of squash is fast-moving. It requires skill, agility, and speed as the ball can reach speeds of up to 170mph. In an hour game of squash, players can burn up to 1,000 calories so you can just imagine the intensity of the sport. 

Squash began in the 19th century and was initially referred to as squash racquets so it could not be confused with racquets. The game is said to originate from Harrow School, just outside of London. Young students who could not compete with older students on the racquets court chose to use a rubber ball instead of the hard ball. 

The game’s basic principle is to continuously hit the ball against the front wall until the opponent can no longer get it back. 

Rules in Playing Squash

  • During service, the players must keep one of their feet inside the service box. 
  • The ball must strike the front wall between the out and the service line and touch down in the area behind the short line on the other side of the court. 
  • For the rest of the rally, the players must ensure that they are hitting the wall above the board and below the “out” line. 
  • The ball can only touch the floor once before the shot but it is allowed to strike as many walls as possible. 
  • Once the player cannot hit the ball before it bounces twice, hits the ball prior to hitting the wall, or strikes it outside the “out” line, the player loses the rally. 
  • Losing a rally is also possible if the ball touches them or any part of their clothing before they can hit the ball. 

Scoring in Squash

  • Using the traditional British system of scoring, players can only score points when they are serving. If the player receiving the serve ends up winning the rally, no point is added but will become the server for the next rally. 
  • To gain a point, a player must win two rallies consecutively. 
  • To win a game, a player must be the first one to reach nine points. The match ends when a player wins best of five games. 
  • Should the scores tie at eight-all, the non-serving player can choose to play to nine or 10 points. 
  • A player can ask for a let if, during points, a player is impeded or unsighted when they try to play the next shot. 
  • If the referee thinks this is deserved, the referee can order a replay or award the point to the affected player. 

Strategies in Playing Squash

One of the tried and tested strategies in winning squash is to let the opponent do much of the running. The best way to do is remain at the “T” or at the centre of the court as it gives you more control of the rally. 

It would also be best to keep the ball low. This will lessen the opponent’s chance of reaching the ball before it bounces twice. 

Squash Equipment

Players can use different balls depending on their standard:

  • Blue – fast
  • Red – medium
  • Green or White – slow
  • Yellow – super slow
  • Double Yellow – extra super slow; competition standard

The racquets used today are usually made of graphite and kevlar. They must be 70 cm long, with a maximum strung area of 500 square centimetres and weighs about 200 grams. 

Where to Play Squash in Malaysia

The sport is extremely popular among UK expats living in Malaysia. The game, relatively easy to learn, is a great way to stay physically fit. Many young Malaysians are getting into the sport since they only need a racquet, ball, and indoor trainers to get started. It is also a good thing that Malaysia has squash courts where they can practise and play. 

Here are some courts in Malaysia where players can easily book and play squash: 

PJ Palms Sports Centre, Petaling Jaya

The PJ Palms Sports Centre has squash courts open to the public. Those who want to rent squash courts are not required to sign up for any membership. The facilities are all well-maintained and have affordable rates. Aside from squash courts, the sports centre also has a 50-m swimming pool, cricket nets, and a scuba diving centre. 

University of Malaya Sports Centre, Petaling Jaya

The University of Malaya Sports Centre also offers squash facilities for avid players. The facilities are available for rent for one session, half a day, and even for the whole day. Aside from squash, the centre has also offerings for futsal, hockey, netball, tennis, table tennis, basketball, badminton, volleyball. It also has pools and a gymnasium. 

Bangsar Sports Centre 

Squash players can enjoy playing in Bangsar Sports Centre’s squash courts since it has lockers and shower facilities that they can use after an intense game of squash. The indoor sports complex also has a swimming pool futsal pitches and a children’s playground. 

Betting on Squash

When it comes to betting, squash is not as popular as football or baseball. Games are rarely seen in the media that is why most sportsbooks rarely set odds as well. Squash bets are also often minimal, with only a few bets exceeding 100 euros for a single bet during a pre-match mode. 

However, there are online live betting sites that offer bets of as much as 1000 euros in a single bet. The best tip when it comes to betting on squash is to choose about three to four bookmakers to take your bets. 

Most bookmakers like GDBet333 accept bets where punters can win in a match, win in a set, or which player gets 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 points first. Do note, however, that these types of bets are often available for live betting sites only. Pre-match mode bets available are usually are a point spread, win outright, and the sum of points. 

Since there is little information that exists about squash odds, punters can bet on squash as an alternative source of additional income. They would often make better money betting on football or basketball. To secure big wins in squash, punters must religiously follow squash news as having simple stats are not enough to win in squash bets.

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