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FIFA World Cup Betting: How to Find the Best Site

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FIFA World Cup Betting: How to Find the Best Site

FIFA World Cup events happen quadrennially. The last iteration was in 2018, with Russia as the host nation. When sports fans talk about the FIFA World Cup, they are referring to the grandest and most lucrative international soccer tournament. It is the ultimate soccer event for any bettor, player, or fanatic. Since the FIFA World Cup is the most prestigious of stages in the soccer sphere, the betting aspect is enormous.

If you are thinking of jumping into the FIFA World Cup betting craze, you first have to look for a proper bookie. All reputable bookies offer FIFA World Cup bets, but some of them have greater depth than others. Different factors contribute to the overall quality of a bookie.

What Makes a Great FIFA World Cup Betting Site?

There are several key areas to watch out for when choosing your go-to bookie. These include the number of specials, the variety of betting markets, average payout speed, and customer support. Depending on your betting habits and needs, you will value one over the others. Below are the essential aspects you need to pay close attention to.

Awesome Bonuses

Almost all FIFA World Cup betting sites offer bonuses. However, some are doing so for all the wrong reasons. You will encounter bookies with overly generous bonuses that come with a ridiculous set of rules. The terms and conditions will primarily prevent you from cashing that bonus out. Simply put, if a bonus is too good to be true, stay out of it.

FIFA World Cup betting sites typically offer a welcome bonus. It is usually in the form of “X% of your first deposit, up to $X cap.” But do not let these offerings fool you. Once you get that sweet money in your bonus bankroll, you cannot quickly cash it out. Instead, you will need to spend it on wagering for a pretty long time. If your tickets are successful, good for you. You can eventually make a hefty withdrawal. But that is if you do not lose it all.

Banking Options

When selecting a go-to platform, many individuals tend to overlook banking options. It is important to first determine if the platform supports your preferred transaction method.

More popular online payment options, like e-wallets, bank cards, and leading online payment services, are pretty much available across the board. However, if you prefer an unusual banking option, check first to avoid ending up with a FIFA World Cup betting site that does not support it.

If you are open to brand-new online payment methods and want something instantaneous, reliable, and anonymous, cryptocurrency is your best bet. When it comes to FIFA World Cup betting, the most popular choices are Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Also, a growing number of FIFA World Cup betting sites are supporting them.

Quick Payouts

It normally takes about 24 to 72 hours to get your winnings into your account. That is the waiting time from your withdrawal request to the funds reflecting in your account.

However, that might extend depending on your preferred banking option or if you got a massive win. As far as transaction speed is concerned, plastic cards and most e-wallets typically do a great job. However, some tend to take a bit slower.

In terms of payout speed, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin are your best options. These digital currencies are extremely popular with individuals who are big on soccer betting at FIFA World Cup betting sites.

System Compatibility

In this day and age, system compatibility is all about wagering on the go. Not a lot of bettors use laptops or desktops for wagering on soccer. With more people having sophisticated web browsing devices in their pockets, it is only logical that they utilize them for sports betting.

However, some bookies still do not support mobile platforms. They usually have non-mobile-friendly and unoptimized websites that murder the experience of handheld betting on the go.

Customer Support

If everything is going smoothly, chances are you will never need to contact customer support. Most clients never deal with customer support. In case of a problem, however, you have to contact customer support.

Many FIFA World Cup betting sites are employing the most efficient customer support channels. These include live chat and telephone, which are exceptional in terms of effectiveness and speed. Clients have a direct communication channel with a CS expert on the other end. That significantly aids in problem-solving.

Conventional customer support channels like emails and contact forms cannot cut it anymore. Besides slow response, more often than not, you will either chat with a bot or an unskilled staff. Neither will give you satisfactory results.

Other Betting Options

When finding the best FIFA World Cup betting site, you must look at the variety of betting options. Most of these websites offer plenty of leagues, sports, as well as casino and slot games. However, some FIFA World Cup betting websites have no sufficient depth to their betting markets.

Websites featuring FIFA World Cup odds must also offer a ton of special bets and the option to wager on live matches. If your current bookie lacks those, best believe moving to another site would not be a bad idea.

Is FIFA World Cup Worth Betting On?

Absolutely! The prestigious FIFA World Cup is one of the most popular soccer betting events. Played every four years, the tournament hosts the top 32 national teams from all over the world.

The FIFA World Cup is like a big Super Bowl for soccer betting online fanatics. The demand is incredibly high. No wonder why bookies are going out of their way to provide the most comprehensive FIFA World Cup betting coverage.

The Korean Soccer Scene

The year 2019 has been an exciting one in Korean soccer. It started with the Asian Cup in January. Neither of the three group games against China, Kyrgyzstan, and the Philippines was particularly dominating; however, a slow start is fine. Korea then squeezed past Bahrain after extra-time to go up against Qatar. The country then lost 1-0 to the eventual champion.

The beginning of qualification for the 2022 World Cup is no different. Victories over Sri Lanka and Turkmenistan were followed by goalless ties with Lebanon and North Korea. Therefore, South Korea closes 2019 in second place in the group looking to finish top to secure a spot in the next round.

Meanwhile, the K League showed some life last season, with the average crowd exceeding 8,000. That comes after years of dropping attendance, which slumped to 6,000 on average in 2018. While the figure is modest, a similar spike in the following year will be something to talk about.

Is Sports Betting Legal in Korea?

North Koreans are big on sports, but they cannot engage in any form of gambling, including sports betting. Tourists can wager on sports while they are in North Korea. However, no bookies operate in the region.

On the other side of Korea, locals are free to bet on sports. South Koreans can legally wager on sports, such as baseball, basketball, volleyball, football, ssirŭm, and golf, in different ways. These include Sports Proto or fixed odds betting and Sports Toto or pari-mutuel betting.

South Koreans usually wager on baseball and football, with the latter probably receiving the most bets. Punters concentrate on betting on the K League and other major international tournaments such as the FIFA World Cup and the AFC Asian Cup.

For baseball, locals usually place bets on the Olympics, the Major League Baseball, and the KBO League. Horse racing also sees a good number of bets from South Koreans.

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