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Guide to Betting on Bowling

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Guide to Betting on Bowling

Before, betting on bowling is something unheard of. Many engage in bowling because it is a good form of exercise and it is a great activity to do with family and friends. Nowadays, the two activities seem to go hand in hand. It is now rare to see individuals playing against each other without betting. Adding the element of betting allows players to become more competitive, which will liven the game. It is also a good way to earn some good cash. 

If you prefer betting on bowling held in international events or ongoing leagues, it is also good and effective provided you choose the right sportsbook. Most online sites today accept bet for bowling from players from Korea.

Bowling is a target sport which a player must roll or throw a bowling ball towards a pin (pin bowling) or target (target bowling). In Canada and the US, bowling is often used to connote ten-pin bowling. For players in the UK, it often means lawn bowling. 

For pin bowling, the goal is to knock over the pins placed at the end of the lane. It would be best to knock down all the pins or a strike. A strike is called when all the pins are knocked down on the first attempt. It is called a spare if the remaining pins are knocked off on the second attempt. 

How Betting on Bowling Works

The game is played by more than 100 million people across 90 different countries and has evolved to include video games. In fact, bowling lanes can be seen even in arcades where kids can play it. Since a lot of people are huge fans of bowling, gambling has become prevalent. It is not unusual to come across an online casino that does not offer betting on bowling. 

Betting in Tournaments

Gamblers can attend a live tournament and expect to meet people who would be willing to bet in different variations but often the most common is betting on winning team and winning player. The odds are pretty varied too and can be agreed upon by both parties. 

Betting in Online Casinos

Betting on bowling through online casinos can be a bit more complex. Whilst gamblers can choose to bet on the winning team or individual player, several complex betting variations also exist such as total strikes, strikes in X number of games. 

Ten-Pin Bowling is the most common bowling game receiving bets from gamblers through online sportsbooks. Some of the bets accepted for bowling include: 

Frame Betting – this bet covers the final score reflected in frames. 

Frame Winner – this bet pertains to specific frame winners. For this to stand, the respective frame must be completed. 

Candlepin Bowling is another bowling variation gaining mainstream popularity. One of the common ways of betting on candlepin bowling is via bracket bet. A bracket bet pits one bowler against another. Instead of placing a bet on the game as a whole, the bets are on brackets within the game. 

This variation of bowling is gaining a huge following in the contemporary sporting world as a number of leagues have been created that accepts premier betting. All throughout the year, championships and tournaments are held that provide betting opportunities. Punters can bet for the tournament winner, the outcome on the final scores, or bracket bets within the game. 

When it comes to choosing an online sportsbook, due diligence is a must. Look at the track record of online casinos, especially about payout schemes. 

Betting in Friendly Games 

Strike Pot or Pot Bowling Games

Strike Pot is another gambling variation applicable for bowling. It often attracts a huge number of bets because it adds excitement to the game. It is similar to a raffle where gamblers can bet on their own game. When betting on bowling pot games, having three or more players is ideal. It is commonly done on one pair of lanes. In instances where there are more players, the use of multiple pairs of lanes is possible and all players must cross the same pairs and bowl one from across the number of lanes in use and go back to the first pair until ten frames are covered by all of the players. Pot games like strike pot combine the competition and fun since there is money at stake.

Each player of the players must put a bet on the pot. The amount can be predetermined by the players before the start of the game. Sometimes, it depends on the total number of players competing. If there are more, players can put in a little amount. Some players outgrow their local bowling centres and choose to bowl against players from different centres to improve their game. 

Trivia: many of the successful tournament bowling players started off earning money via local pot games. 

Winners of pot bowling games often earn the pot and may choose to continue to proceed to the next game provided there are other players who wish to continue playing. The competitive spirit bred by pot games has allowed them to gear up to become tournament players. 

Other Side Betting Games

Another way of adding thrill to the game when you are out with friends is to play and bet on bowling whilst playing poker. Players will start with five cards and will draw one card for each strike. Players can only keep five cards and strikeout in the tenth will get the player four cards. 

A skins game is also a good way to infuse gambling in bowling. Every frame is equivalent to a buck or an agreed-upon amount. Winning the game is always double.

Another variation of betting on bowling is paying a buck for each pin left on the lane. If there are 7 pins left, then the player pays $7 to the opponent. 

To summarize, betting on bowling is all about incorporating fun whilst earning money. Bowling and gambling are now synonymous to each other that many bowling centres even facilitate the bets and even hold competitions for different teams regularly playing in their place. In Korea, a number of bowling centres with modern lanes are popular among enthusiasts. Some centres are illuminated with neon lights to create a funky vibe. There are also snack offerings so players never have to worry about playing on an empty stomach. 

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