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Here’s Why Casino Sites Should Invest in Link Building this 2021

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Here’s Why Casino Sites Should Invest in Link Building this 2021

Every online casino owner would do everything to be the best website in the gambling industry. Their main focus is to be the top result on search engines, but the task can be difficult to achieve because of the intense competition among all the online casino operators. But with every difficulty, there will always be a workaround with the help of experts that has the best approach and implementation. Online casino sites use iGaming link building to make sure that they are on the right path to a successful business venture. IGaming link building guarantees good results with sustainable growth for casino operators. 

IGaming Link Building

The iGaming link building process for online casino sites has a different approach compared to the conventional link building due to its challenging and varying domain. This process has an increased demand today since the competitive nature in this industry makes it more inherent in operating an online casino business. Otherwise, there would be more significant struggles for the website to increase its rankings in the search engines.

Apart from making all the efforts in maintaining a great position on the search engine ranking page, operators of online casinos need to develop trust among the users of their websites. This process is important because Google imposes strict monitoring on gambling sites. To build the trust of search engines and audiences, online casino owners should create backlinks that have the highest qualities. They must look for a professional company that has a good reputation in link building for casino websites.

Benefits of Link Building for Casino Websites

  • Integrate Relationships. One of the primary objectives of link building is to create good relationships with your prospective audience and niche influencers. Online casinos can work with well-established blogs and websites to increase their online gaming business credibility. Operators should create strategies to communicate with reliable blogs and team up with influential bloggers to build high-quality content, which will increase your casino’s popularity.
  • Increase the Referral Traffic. Your website can connect to other relevant sites that already have high traffic, as long as you manage your link building carefully. This will help your website capture the audience interested in these blogs, which will help increase your site’s popularity and create more business opportunities. You also need to consider the fact that finding suitable sites to collaborate with takes time. You must have link building experts to help you with selecting the best websites to increase your website’s referral traffic.
  • Develop Your Brand. Link building professionals will make sure that your online casino website will have the top spot of the search engine’s first page results. Their priority is to support you in developing your brand and be the best in the industry. Link building professionals also have content writers who can create articles and blogs that will focus on your brand. Once you earn a higher SEO ranking, your website is on the right track to getting the right recognition.

Building Links on These Types of Websites

There is a wide range of categories and websites that online casino operators can build links from and have a natural link going back to the gambling site. Here are some categories that you can consider for your online casino business link building.

Casino and Gambling

  • Strategy sites and casino blogs – contain a wide variety of casino games like blackjack and roulette. You can search for blogs that contain strategy terms.
  • Poker websites – you can take advantage of the many poker news and strategy blogs.
  • Sports betting influencers and bloggers


  • Video game blogs – there are many available video game blogs that range from retro to browser games.
  • Card games 
  • Other games such as chess, backgammon, and more.

Lifestyle and Leisure

  • Travel – some people would label casinos as tourist attractions when traveling.
  • Comics – many slot games are based on popular comics.
  • Movies – there are also many movies that are related to casinos.
  • Entertainment – most casinos have entertainment features to attract more customers.
  • Culture – casino culture varies in places.
  • Hobbies
  • Celebrities – many celebrities love to gamble and frequent casinos.


News, Finance, and Business

  • Stocks and finance – one of the major players in the stock exchange are casino companies.
  • Careers – the gambling industry offers many career opportunities for job seekers.
  • Business – the constant progress of the gambling industry creates many potentials for operators.
  • Crypto – the evolution of the gambling industry includes the promotion of using cryptocurrencies, which are available in the market. Investing in cryptocurrency is also seen as a form of gambling.


  • Computer technology is one of the basic requirements of online casino sites.
  • Mobile and app blogs
  • General technology
  • Design blogs – a form of marketing strategy, which attracts customers through design and structure.
  • Virtual reality

Casino Links Qualities

If you are investing in the best links for your online casino business, it is important that you are safe. It means that you have to make sure you are purchasing links on sites that are not overcrowded, have the best quality, and can produce organic traffic for their readers. Here are some of the qualities of casino links.

  • Domain rating – must be 20+ minimum.
  • Traffic – verify that the website contains more than 1,000 organic traffic based on Ahrefs.
  • Traffic movements – it is important that you know the organic traffic movements. Traffic drops may trigger penalties from Google.
  • Availability of links – you may use Ahrefs to quickly check the links.
  • Referring domains vs. linked domains – again, use Ahrefs to look at the websites that contain links against referring domains. 
  • Quantity of casino links – you need to know the quantity of casino domain names that the website links to. 
  • Post markings – you cannot use website marks posted as Advert or Sponsored.
  • Sense checks – check the website by manually going through some pages. If the website contains many spam messages, it does not fit in with the website’s theme.
  • Advertising page – it is important to be careful with websites that have an obvious advertising page, especially if it offers support with SEO or backlinks with a price.

Beat the Competition

Casino sites that invest in link building would like to have consistent ranking results, but it would take time to achieve it. You need to know the importance of making decisions that have a long-term viewpoint, and also avoid risky decisions that can be harmful to your business.


  • Check and analyze the competition among the top ranks. Know what their strategies are in link building and learn the context of their links.
  • Select links from competitors whenever you have the opportunity.
  • Choose websites that have strong quality metrics.
  • Invest in hiring writing staff who know how to seamlessly fit links into their articles.
  • Determine a good anchor text strategy that can integrate natural or branded match anchors, based on competitors in the top ranks.
  • Have a good negotiation with the webmasters’ prices. It will help you save money in the long run.


  • Go with the trends, such as having category links from websites that have the most common visits by people. Many online casino affiliates with this process and get penalized.
  • Overemphasize the use of aggressive anchor texts.
  • Utilize an email of a company for outreach. This can lead you into big trouble.
  • Underestimate the finances that you need to compete in this venture. Even if you attained a good ranking position, you still need a stable budget to continue your investment and retain your excellent work.

Link Building Trends in Gambling

  • Cash is King – All online casino companies will set aside a budget for paying for their link building for their website. Most companies will avoid having a direct footprint through the use of 3rd party email addresses.
  • PR Campaigns – Most online casino companies have their PR strategies to boost links coming from sources such as the press and newspapers. However, they know that this strategy will not have a significant impact in helping their website under challenging terms, especially when anchors and targeted links are needed.
  • Aggressive Anchors – Established online casino companies will have strategies to utilize aggressive anchor texts, more importantly, their need to establish their brand.
  • Homepage Links – Some popular companies are willing to pay for renting homepage links, which is considered an aggressive strategy by their associates throughout different markets.
  • Variety of Niches – Online casinos and other gambling companies will search for a large range of niches and find which ones have the best quality and informational sites that they could use for their business.


Running an online casino business will need the support of link building, which will make sure that their popularity and audience will increase steadily. You must stay on top of most SEOs to beat all the fierce competition in the market. Whether focusing on local clients or having a broader market with international audiences, you need to be patient and endure the long process of maintaining your good business.

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