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Essential Tips for Playing Slot Machines in Thailand

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Essential Tips for Playing Slot Machines in Thailand

Thailand is a quaint country with lovely beach destinations. However, one of the major draws of the country for foreigners is its location near casinos. If you would read on Thailand’s betting regulations, you would know that the country has laws that do not allow any form of betting except for those approved by the Kingdom which includes lottery and horse racing.

The lack of legal betting activities in Thailand has forced its locals and other visiting foreigners to engage in illegal or underground casinos that operate in the country.

What is the best way to gamble in Thailand, then? Go to online casinos. Thailand does not have clear cut laws about online gambling. The country does not have laws that state gambling in online casinos is illegal. For those who love to gamble, an enjoyable game in slot machines is the way to go.

Why Are Slot Machines Popular in Thailand?

Thai locals are quite fond of slots. They love playing this innocent yet addictive casino game because it is simple to learn and enjoy and is virtually everywhere. The great thing about slots is that players can choose from a wide variety of games available whether it be in a land-based casino or in an online casino.

There is something with slot machines’ bright lights and commanding sound effects that attract players from all walks of life. Once they sit on that chair or start pressing on the keyboard to spin the machine, it is often hard to stop. More so, if they learn that these games offer special bonuses and progressive jackpots.

In Japan, locals have their own arcade culture and despite the emergence of new and technologically advanced casino games, slot machines remain the top favourite amongst casino gamers.

Slot machines may be a simple game to enjoy, still, inexperienced players can still make a mistake and fail to make huge cash-ins. Read on below to learn more about our essential tips for playing slot machines.

Tips for Playing Slot Machines

Learn How Slot Machines Operate

In order to beat the game, you have to learn how it works. Having a deeper understanding of its mechanism will allow you to plan your next move.

Slot machines operate using a random number generator or RNG program to halt the mechanical wheels of a slot machine to find out the numbers of online slot machines. With this, you would already know that an online slot machine is highly similar to physical slot machines when they operate.

It is also important to note that each spin is a unique event on its own. Prior spins do not and will not affect future spins and wins. This means that winning from a previous spin will increase your chances of winning on your next spin and vice versa. Contrary to popular belief, slot machines have no “hot” or “cold” machines so it will not make a difference if the slot machine has previously awarded a jackpot and it is no use to rush into playing just because you think the machine is due to give a jackpot.

Never Play for Money

If you ask any slot machine enthusiast why they keep playing slots, they will give you one straight answer: They are having fun. One of the greatest wins you can get from slot machines is the joy and satisfaction. Playing slot machines is all about having fun. Choose slot machines with themes that you love. There are literally thousands of slot machines themes and features that will cater to every whim you have.

To do so, you can start by going to online casinos that offer free slots. Once you get the hang of it, you can slowly start playing with real cash responsibly. In fact, one of the greatest tips on playing slot machines is to play without thinking about money and the money will come naturally.

Do Not Play Beyond Your Means

When you start playing slot machines with real cash, never go overboard. Before going online, set a budget on how much you are only supposed to spend. It would be great to also put a limit on your winnings. By doing this, you are giving yourself the discipline when it comes to gambling. Make sure that your bets are always within your bankroll, especially for progressive jackpot games.

Progressive jackpot games may give you huge wins but you would notice that they award lesser small prizes. Ironically, payout rates go higher when the jackpot prize gets bigger so little wins are easier as the progressive jackpots accrue. However, this does not significantly increase the odds of big wins so be wary of placing huge amounts of money in the hopes of winning big.

This does not mean that you should not play progressive jackpot slot machines. You just have to be more careful and experienced enough to do so. In fact, sometimes it is better for a player to play on a machine with progressive jackpot since this can really award you with millions of dollars.

Understand Slot Machine Ways and Lines

Slot machines are all about ways and lines. It is important to know the lines and ways and the rules concerning these when playing slot machines so you can use them better. Slot machines that use ways allow you to win starting from left to right or right to left. On the other hand, a Lines Slot machine will allow you to place a bet on a combination of outcomes of the symbols or characters that would appear. In general, paying for more lines increases your chances of winning.

Whilst understanding pay lines and ways, it will be good to take extra time to carefully study the machine symbols and how much you can win for landing each or a combination of them. Take a careful look at the paytable and you will see that symbols come with different values. Understandably, rare ones award bigger prizes and once you place a bet on more pay lines, you can get huge payouts. Find out values for this symbol before you start spinning so you would have an idea on how much you can win.

Know the Bonus Rounds

Playing slot machines is really enjoyable that sometimes players keep on spinning without really understanding what they want to achieve. For instance, some players would unknowingly play a bonus round and not maximize it, especially for those who turned on the auto spin feature. Video slots are more entertaining when players hit the bonus feature as this would give them the opportunity for huge wins. Bonus rounds often award cash prizes or additional free spins. Be sure to check the pay table to know what you need to get to activate the bonus round.

Do note that awards for bonus rounds often depend on how much you bet on the previous spin. So if you bet on maximum pay lines, you have the chance to bring home more rewards.

Be on the Lookout for Freebies

If you are slot machine newbie, you can play in online casinos that offer free slots. Once you get the hang of it, research about the sites that offer a host of freebies for new users. This can include welcome bonuses, sign-up bonuses, and free spins for the first deposit. Freebies like this will give you extended play time without the added cost. Also, be on the lookout for daily promotions that you can exploit and use to your advantage. Online casinos often award loyalty bonuses and rebates if you are playing with them for quite some time.

Play on Classic Slots More Than Video Slots

Sure video slots are entertaining with its vibrating seats, amazing graphics, and outstanding sound effects but keep in mind that these machines cost a lot of money to operate. Therefore, these machines have a tendency to have lower payouts compared to classic ones.

If you are looking to cash in big, play on traditional slot machines. Go to a land-based casino with an old-school slot machine with weighted reels and moving parts and notice that they have higher payout frequency because they are cheaper to operate and maintain. Whilst they are not as entertaining as the more modern video slots, they pay out well and offer a nostalgic feel.

Slot machines have that unusual charm to them that seem to always invite you to take a spin. In fact, most casinos spend a lot of money on slot machines because they are huge crowd drawers. Some online casinos have websites dedicated solely for their online slots. If you are in Thailand, the best way to enjoy a game or two of slot machines and other casino games is to go online. There are a host of top online casinos that accept players with Thailand addresses.

Before spending a lot of money playing slot machines, be sure to read through all our tips to maximize your bets and winnings.

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