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Best Muay Thai Podcasts To Listen To Right Now

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Best Muay Thai Podcasts To Listen To Right Now

Podcasts are a good way to listen to the latest news and productive conversations as a means of inspiration. People living in Thailand spend a good deal of their time listening to podcasts depending on their interests. One group of individuals, specifically, are Muay Thai enthusiasts. They watch Muay Thai movies and often listen to podcasts to get updates and catch up on Muay Thai and to also get a better understanding of the sport. Individuals hosting the podcasts are great in giving their opinions about fights, insights on the lifestyle and maybe even a few tips on a fighter’s diet.

Why People Listen To Podcasts

Before listing down the best Muay Thai podcasts to listen to, let us answer the question of why people listen to podcasts instead of just reading about online or watching about it on the daily news. First, listeners love the fact that podcasts are convenient. They can listen to it whenever and wherever they like. They can even listen to podcasts on demand, only with a simple click on the smartphones. They also love the idea that these podcasts are time-shifted, meaning they can listen to their favourite programs at a time most convenient for them – be it an hour or at least three years after it was posted.

Podcasts are also a great secondary activity. It is an entertaining activity that they can do in the background whilst driving, cleaning, or cooking. Listeners also love the audio intimacy or the relationship they build with the host. Podcasts feel more personal than listening to a radio or watching a video. In contrast with radio where a more varied audience is catered to, podcasts are more targeted. They have a specific audience that they can engage, making them feel that the content is specifically for them. This is why the best Muay Thai podcasts are getting a strong following. They target Muay Thai enthusiasts looking for specific content like these best Muay Thai podcasts:

Best Muay Thai Podcasts to Listen to Daily

The K1Anoop Show

If you want to get the latest dibs on all things Muay Thai, listen to Anoop Hothi as he hosts the K1Anoop Show. Anoop is a kickboxing and Muay Thai reporter who often invites a selection of guests in his show. The podcast is an entertaining way to catch up on all the current tournaments and events in both Muay Thai and Kickboxing. Right now, the podcasts highlight the UK Muay Thai but also has guests from Lion Fight, Glory Kickboxing, Enfusion Live, and a host of international events. The show also provides listeners a great insight on the real stories the fuel well-known and newbie Muay Thai and Kickboxing fighters through interviews and coverage of their professional fights.

Muay Thai Blogcast

Muay Thai Blogcast powers the Muay Thai Blog UK, a podcast that showcases the best and brightest in the Muay Thai world. Although the podcast focuses on the local UK Muay Thai community, they have contributed greatly to providing newbie Muay Thai fighters the inspiration they need. The hosts interviewed some well-known fighters to give their listeners inspiration and entertainment.

The Striking Corner

Hosted by Vinny Scotto and Eric Rivera, The Striking Corner is definitely a Muay Thai enthusiast must-listen-to podcast. The two hosts have a very engaging and dynamic partnership that really keeps the fans wildly entertained. They have a nice list of guests including some notable Muay Thai fighters, mostly from the US Muay Thai scene. The podcast promotes to its listeners the tradition, culture, and lifestyle of both Muay Thai and Kickboxing to keep the fighting art alive. The Striking Corner also provides an in-depth analysis of the fighters, their trainers and promoters, and even their fans.

The Muay Thai Guys

The Muay Thai Guys is definitely one worth listening to. The podcast hosted by Sean Fagan and Paul Banasiak provides their listeners with a great overview of Muay Thai. They have not only interviewed some of the great fighters in the Muay Thai world but they have also do rousing conversations about training and fighting the Muay Thai way. Those thinking of going into Muay Thai would really find it useful to listen to the two guys give motivational and inspiring discussions.

The podcast also has fighting strategies and fight cards to keep any Muay Thai fan well-informed.

The Muay Thai Muppets

Now if you are into Muay Thai and would want to take a break from all the seriousness of the sport, listen to the Muay Thai Muppets. Whilst it is good to listen to podcasts dedicated to everything about the rising Thai fighting art, it never hurts to do with a little entertainment. This is what The Muay Thai Muppets give their listeners – an amusement filled podcast. Hosted by Ziggy Darwish and Jason Woodham, The Muay Thai Muppets has wildly entertaining and immensely creative tutorials that would keep you hooked for a long time.

Best Muay Thai Podcast Episodes to Listen to For Motivation and Inspiration

Fighting at 60 Years Old: Muay Thai Guys with Coach Jeff Smith

When you turn on to listen to The Muay Thai Guys, look for the one when they interviewed Australian Coach Jeff Smith particularly if you are beyond your younger years but still want to find out whether Thai boxing is for you. Smith takes you on his journey on how he kept a competitive mindset in Thai boxing. The coach also shares how age has become both an advantage and an inspiration and how choosing the best people to surround you can ultimately affect your success.

Dr. Doom, a Gold Medalist Thai Boxer with a PhD

Follow Erin Jimenez in her journey of realizing her life-long dream of becoming a boxer. Learn how the multiple World Gold Medalist conquered her dreams with a Ph.D. to boot. If you are a Muay Thai enthusiast without support from your family, get inspiration from Erin Jimenez. If you are keen on entering the Muay Thai industry but has a career to take care of, get motivation from Erin Jimenez. If you are a Muay Thai artist held back with injuries, get tips from Erin Jimenez.

Kevin Ross in the Ups and Downs of Muay Thai Life

Kevin Ross is a big name in American Muay Thai. His relentless fighting style and rational stance on combat sports will give any Muay Thai fan a much-needed inspiration to start their boxing journey. Having experienced dark days and losses is not enough to keep you down but instead can be used to become not only a better Muay Thai fighter but also the best human being one can ever be.

Thai locals would greatly benefit from listening to these varied inspirational and motivational podcasts since it will give them an overview of how the Muay Thai industry is doing in the international scene. It would aid them in becoming competitive as they work on making their skills superior to their counterparts. Muay Thai has a strong imprint on the locals and it would be of great national pride if Thai fighters would excel not only in their home country but also when they fight overseas. After all, Thai fighters should be proud of their fighting art making it big abroad.

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